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Missing Dog Returned Home After 9 Years!

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The Goldstone family’s Boxer, Boozer, was just 8 months old when he went missing from his own backyard nearly 9 years ago.

Lloyd Goldstone and his two kids never really knew what happened to Boozer, if he’d escaped or was stolen, but never forgot about the puppy they’d loved so dearly.

For almost a decade, they had no answers. Until they got a call last week from an animal shelter in Golden, Colorado.

Boozer had been surrendered by his owner at the Foothills Animal Shelter. His owner claimed he could no longer care for the senior pup. Although he was an owner surrender, the shelter scanned Boozer for a microchip and discovered a family had been looking for him for nearly 9 years.

The Goldstone’s cried tears of joy and, without a second thought, loaded into the car for the 18-hour trip from Tennessee to Colorado to pick up their long lost family member.

There’s no doubt Boozer remembered his first family, jumping for joy to see them again at the long-awaited reunion.

“After all this time to see him again; he was just a puppy and now he’s this old guy, both of us have gray hair now,” Goldstone explained to Fox31. “It’s like getting a family member back. It’s that level of emotion.”

While they’ll never know exactly what happened to Boozer that day he disappeared, the family are thrilled to have him back home where he belongs and thankful that whoever had him all these years took great care of him.

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