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Missing Florida Dog Turns Up 2-Years Later in Michigan!

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It was an incredible, emotional, and heartfelt reunion when Debi Petranck of Florida was reunited with her dog, Zeus, in Dearborn, Michigan after a 2-year search for her beloved pup.

In August of 2014, Zeus, a black and white terrier mix climbed the fence and escaped his backyard. Debi searched far and wide for her best friend, posting signs and putting ads in the newspaper every week for almost two years, with absolutely no response.

That was until this week when Debi got a call from the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

As it turns out, after Zeus escaped his yard, he wound up at a nearby fast food restaurant where some kids found him. A man at the restaurant learned that the kids would be taking him to a shelter and, instead of risking him being euthanized, the man kept him. He moved to Michigan shortly after taking in what he assumed was a stray dog.

About a week ago, Zeus, the escape artist that he is, once again escaped. Only this time, the 4 to 5 year old pup ended up at the Dearborn Animal Shelter who scanned him for a microchip and discovered he had an owner desperately looking for him in Florida.

With the help of some local businesses donating a rental car and hotel stays, Debi immediately headed for Michigan to be reunited with her long-lost dog.

The reunion was nothing short of beautiful, Zeus leaped straight into Debi’s arms, showering her with kisses, his tail wagging uncontrollably. The pair were equally happy to finally be together again.

As for the good-intended man that took Zeus in the first place, he called the same shelter looking for “his dog.” That’s when he learned the dog he cared for for nearly two years had a family desperately looking for him.

Had Zeus not been microchipped, and his microchip not kept registered with current contact information, the duo would likely have never been reunited.

Let this happy ending also serve as a reminder to anyone that finds a lost or stray dog – someone out there may be looking for their best friend. A quick trip to any shelter or veterinarian would have saved a lot of months of grief for one family and their beloved lost dog.

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