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Mommy, Can We Keep This Doggie?

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If it is obvious you cannot find the owner and wish to keep the dog a trip to the vet is next for a complete check-up. The dog will likely need shots and possibly other medicines dictated by this examination. But before jumping into the car and going to the vet please feed and water the dog as he or she is most likely very hungry and thirsty.

Once it has become apparent you wish to keep the dog have a sit down with your family and decide who is going to be responsible for exercising the dog, feeding and water, bathing, and training. If your child is the one who really want you to adopt the dog this should be explained to he or she the care of the dog is going to be their responsibility. This is a great way for children to learn about animals, how to give them the care and love they require and is an excellent way to gauge the level of maturity of your kids.

Adopting a stray dog in my opinion is something all people who find themselves in this situation must seriously consider. If we don’t the dog is usually going to end up dying a miserable death, and nobody wants this to happen.

Have you ever adopted a stray? Please relate your experiences and tips for do so.

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  1. Avatar Of Jan



    This happened to my family 18 years ago. The female black lab-chow mix was watching my four boys play in our back yard, then gratefully accepted their invitation to play. She had no collar, was emmaciated,and full of fleas. I believe she was an angel, sent from God. From her behavior, we determined she had never had a bath, ridden in a car, or stayed inside a house. She was with us for another 11 years and was a therapy dog with Alzheimers patients. She was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had, and I know she is on the other side of the rainbow bridge, waiting for all of us. From that experience, I have devoted my life to helping rescues (training and finding homes for them).

  2. Avatar Of Mia



    My dad was on his way home from work and saw this little terrier wandering around the street. The poor thing looked disoriented. He called home and asked if I wanted it. He brought it home, it was missing some hair so we took it to the vet thinking maybe it had mange. Come to find out the vet knew this dog and who it belonged to. The dog belonged to a guy who owned a car lot across the road from the vet. The vet told us the dog did not have mange, but rather those were cigarette burns. The vet contacted animal control and asked if we could legally adopt the dog without any problems from the owner. The vet gave all the information to animal control who in turn talked to the owner and advised him that if we returned the dog to him he will face animal cruelty charges. He gladly relinquished ownership to us. I named her Brandy. She looked just like the dog Benji from the movies. She lived with me for the next 7 years until my moms boyfriend kicked her out of the house and she ended up getting killed. She was the best little dog I ever had. Miss that little thing to this day, this was more than 30 years ago that I adopted her.

  3. Avatar Of Joanne Hamel

    Joanne Hamel


    It was a cold winter day in Minnesota when I looked outside and saw a small white dog eating the spilled bird food at the bottom of my deck. I went outside to see it was an old Jack Russell Terrier who was shivering and eating frantically. When he raised his head, I noticed both eyes were white with cataracts. He was blind! I picked him up, brought him into my house and gave him some dog food (I had a dog). He was scared to death! I went door to door around the neighborhood asking if anyone knew him. No one did. Discouraged, I walked home when I saw a young boy looking for something. I asked if he was looking for a dog and he said YES! Petey was his dog! The amazing part is that we have busy streets all around us. I believe it was a miracle that brought Petey to my house that day. So many things could have happened to a blind dog! Petey went home safely with the boy.

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