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Moving Owners Literally Throw Dog Away

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Image Via Humane Society Of Westmoreland County.
Image via Humane Society of Westmoreland County.

A Somerset County, Pennsylvania sanitation worker literally uncovered a horrific case of animal abuse on Thursday. When Nathan Binnis lifted the lid off of a garbage can along the side of a road to dump it into the sanitation truck, he noticed one of the bags was moving.

What he found inside would shock him. Looking up from inside the can was a starved, emaciated dog. Binnis took the dog out of the garbage can, fed her his lunch, and called the Humane Society.

The dog was extremely malnourished, weighing only 17 pounds though her healthy weight should have been about 50. The Humane Society guesses that she spent at least 4 days – possibly 6 – trapped inside the garbage can.


Fortunately for rescuers, the dog was microchipped. She was discovered to be a 5-year old hound-mix, registered to Nicole Baker, a woman who lived in the home right where the garbage can, and the dog, were found. Nicole had just moved from Pennsylvania to Texas, and apparently left her sweet dog behind with the garbage.

Veterinarians say the dog was found in the late stages of starvation and, had Binnis not found her, would not likely have survived another 2 days.

Nicole Baker and her neighbor Brittney Booker, a secondary registrant on the microchip, are not yet charged with animal cruelty, but are being investigated. In one report, Baker is claiming her dog ran away before she moved.

For more information and photos – visit the shelter’s Facebook page.

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  1. Good Lord, what in the world is wrong with people??? Who throws out a dog in a garbage bag??? How could anyone be capable of doing this ~ I mean, really think about it, stuffing a dog inside a garbage bag and tying the bag SHUT. WTH?

    I sure hope the person associated with this act of cruelty will be charged with hefty fines, to include imprisonment.

  2. Avatar Of Annemarie Jordan

    Annemarie Jordan


    Not only should this monster – Nicole Baker – be dumped in a trash can. She should be shot for so cruelly mistreating her dog.

    The worse is that she admitted to being a “bad person”. What kind of statement is that????

    Only a half-wit and moron would talk like that.

  3. Avatar Of Sunny Cldrone

    Sunny CLdrone


    Why have they not charged the ones who are on the microchip.They should be thrown in a dumpster too and be left to die.

    • Avatar Of Christa Eversman

      Christa Eversman


      The owners of this dog should face the same treatment and be thrown in a dumpster and forgot about. I’m ashamed of the human race sometimes. God gave us the abilities we have so that we can take care of those who are less equipped. These “owners” should be punished to the full extent of the law, no questions asked.

  4. Avatar Of Kathy Wilson

    Kathy Wilson


    What a cold and dark heart it must take to put your dog in the garbage. A similar situation happened here at our local shelter. They were notified after a lady found a bag tied up on the side of the road. The bag was moving and inside was a little dog. That dog eventually found his forever loving home. I just can’t fathom how someone could do such an act against another living thing.

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