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NASCAR Cup Series Director Arrested on Multiple Animal Cruelty Charges

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NASCAR Cup Series Director Jay Fabian is facing a misdemeanor and two felony animal cruelty charges related to the death of one dog and severe neglect and suffering of two more.

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Jay Fabian has been a star in the racing industry for many years, but he’s now stepped away from duties as the director of NASCAR’s top series after being arrested on three animal cruelty charges. Fabian is accused of purposely starving and withholding water from his dogs Jasper, Roscoe, and Aubrey. His actions resulted in the death of Jasper and unimaginable suffering for Aubrey and Roscoe.

According to a police report, officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were called to Fabian’s North Carolina home on July 21st regarding suspicion of animal cruelty. Of Fabian’s three dogs, one was dead and two others were severely malnourished, near death.

According to an August 20 arrest warrant for the first felony charge, Fabian, “did, intentionally and with malice, deprive his dog, Jasper, of all necessary sustenance in which to live, causing the animal to suffer unjustifiable pain, suffering, and death in a torturous and cruel manner.”

The warrant for the second felony animal cruelty charge states that Fabian, “did cause torment and unnecessary suffering (extreme dehydration and starvation almost to the point of death) of his dog, Aubrey, by the malicious and cruel omission of care and neglect.”

The final warrant for the misdemeanor animal cruelty charge states that Fabian, “unlawfully and willfully did intentionally torment and deprive of necessary sustenance an animal, a dog named Roscoe owned by Jay Fabian.”

In a statement, NASCAR said, “NASCAR takes the situation seriously, and will continue to gather information as it becomes available. Jay Fabian will step back from his role until this matter is resolved. NASCAR will have no further comment.”

Fabian has a court date set for the morning of September 27. This is an active investigation by Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

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