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Natural & Safe Cleaning Hacks for Pet Parents

Most people know that the chemicals in household cleaners can be toxic to humans, but many people forget that they can be even more poisonous to our pets.


The ASPCA reports that tens of thousands of pets are poisoned by household cleaners each year, and it’s one of the top pet toxins reported. Loving dog owners should want to keep their fur babies safe, and therefore avoid using products that can be harmful to their health.

For example, ammonia, which is found in glass cleaners, spot removers and carpet cleaners can cause respiratory damage, throat burns, and can even be fatal! Chlorine is commonly used in disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners and can damage dogs’ skin, eyes or other membranes. Glycol ethers, found in glass and carpet cleaners, can cause lung and kidney damage, and quaternary ammonium compounds can cause a whole host of problems.

Simply Self Storage put together an infographic that lists these common household cleaners and concoctions you can make yourself, at home, to replace them. It also features a ton of other pet friendly cleaning concoctions for any hairy (or sticky) situation your dog may cause.


Pull these out next time your dog makes a mess, has an accident or just replace all cleaning products that may come into contact with your pup!

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