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Need-to-Know Information on Canine Leg Injuries

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Dog leg injuries have different symptoms, such as lameness, a prominent limp or the inability to walk. These symptoms can be present in the most common cases of dog leg injuries and the main cause of the leg injury varies from dog and breed. Information on canine leg injuries and treatments for these different kinds of dog leg injuries is also different from each other.

Information on Canine Leg Injuries

If you are a pet owner and you notice a slight limp in your dog’s legs, you should take your dog to a vet immediately for a physical examination and information on canine leg injuries. If the leg injury stemmed from a bone fracture, you should not let your dog move much to avoid any more injuries. They need to be in emergency care right away and should be treated kindly and carefully.

Different parts of a dog’s body can trigger the source of the leg injury, including the joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and the foot. Many of these injuries can be treated with enough rest and mild medication. But there are also some cases in which the injuries can be severe, and may require your dog undergo surgery and be confined at the vets for a few days. In this article, we are going to give you information on canine leg injuries, some common types of dog leg injuries, their symptoms and how they are treated:

  • Muscular Sprains in Dogs – they can develop in your dog due to any damage (by accident) to the cartilage or the joints, and can probably stem from your dog being overactive in playing and could have sprained his joints and slipped while playing outside. Swelling is the most common symptom for this, and it should be examined by a vet if it does not disappear within 2 days or 48 hours.

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