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Need-to-Know Information on Canine Leg Injuries

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  • Paw Injury – a paw injury may be characterized by the dog not wanting to apply pressure when he uses his paw on the ground to step. It could also be when your dog’s paw is somehow hurt when touching an object. Nail tear or bleeding may also occur in your dog’s paw. These symptoms should be a good reason to ask for veterinary help and reduce your dog’s pain.
  • Ligament Injury – also known as ruptured ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), this is another common type of leg injury for dogs and for pets. The joints become swelled and sudden lameness occurs. It develops when the dog puts too much pressure on his knee joint and makes the ligament tear apart. The way to treat this is by surgery, also to prevent arthritis. Rottweiler’s and Labradors have greater risks of this injury.
  • Bone Dislocation and Fractures – your dog may be unable to stand with fractured bones and do not exert pressure or effort onto his legs. Owners should call for medical assistance so that open wounds would not be greatly affected. The dog will be x-rayed and will go under surgery to suture together broken bones. Dislocation in dogs is also quite similar to fractures and can most likely be caused by getting hit by vehicles.

We hope this information on canine leg injuries will come in handy for those owners who have a dog with an injured leg.

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