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VIDEO: Neighbor Caught on Tape Putting Dog in Garbage Can

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A Houston area family is furious – and thankful their dog is alive – after a neighbor was caught on surveillance video throwing their dog into a lidded garbage can like a piece of trash.

Disputes between League City, Texas dog owners, Amanda and Brandon and their elderly neighbor have been ongoing, but Amanda and Brandon never thought the neighbor, who had complained about their fencing and dogs for years, would take it this far.

Amanda says her little dog, Bentley, is like one of her kids. So, naturally, she was horrified to learn what he’d been put through at the hands of her neighbor.

Somehow, 7-pound Bentley escaped beneath his fence and entered the neighbor’s yard. Instead of sending him back home, or alerting his owners, she picked up the dog and tossed him into a garbage can and closed the lid. When Bentley tried to jump out of the garbage can, she placed a heavy recycling bin on top to prevent him escaping.

“The fact that her answer to [the dispute] was to put a seven pound dog and put him in a trash can, it’s rather cruel or no thought at all, either way it’s ridiculous,” said Amanda.

Thankfully, another neighbor captured the entire incident on surveillance camera.

When the elderly woman realized she’d been caught on tape, she removed Bentley from the can where he’d been trapped for an hour or two.

“In a trash can, in the middle of the day, a hot, closed, confined space, there’s no need for a dog to be put in a place like that,” Amanda told KHOU, horrified over what her dog must have endured during that time.

Despite being caught on tape, the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office says the woman won’t be charged with animal cruelty. League City Police believe the woman is suffering from mental health issues and are working to provide her with the help they believe she needs.

Amanda and Brandon say they’re considering moving to somewhere that their dogs will be safe.

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  1. I know dogs break camp – some more than others. But, as they say, once is an accident, twice is a pattern.
    The owners need to make their yard inescapable. And, yesterday wouldn't be soon enough.

    As for the elderly neighbor, mentally ill or not, the woman's actions were deliberate & therefore criminal. She should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law….maybe more.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Avatar Of Asham Escobar

    asham escobar


    what is our society coming to? kids and pets are not wanted any more wtf.

  3. Avatar Of Vickie



    This woman, mentally ill or not, is a danger to society. What would she do if a neighbor's toddler wandered onto her property??

  4. Avatar Of Jean



    GEt real, this went on for years and the dog's owners didn't protect it by keeping their fence secure? I bet it barked too, and they didn't teach it not to. We have to protect our beloved pets from crackpots like that poor mentally disturbed lady. ONe way we do that is to maintain secure fencing to keep them safe in their own yard.

    • I agree that more should have been done to keep the dog in its own yard, but that does NOT excuse the neighbor's actions. There is NO circumstance under which throwing a live animal inside a garbage can and pinning down the lid is ok. None.

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