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New Fragrance Promises to Deliver the Sweet, Mythical Essence of Puppy’s Breath

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Demeter Fragrance, the folks that bottled such unique scents as Kitten Fur, PB&J, and Crayon, have found a way to bottle the magical experience of meeting a new puppy for the first time in their newest scent, Puppy’s Breath!

Puppybreath Min

At a time when comfort is at a premium, and people are adopting pets in record numbers, Demeter Fragrance Library chose this time in particular to launch their newest, sweetest scent, Puppy’s Breath.

While the fragrance, which is available as a cologne spray, shower gel, body lotion, massage oil, mini splash, and atmosphere diffuser, doesn’t smell exactly like puppy breath, it’s reminiscent of meeting a new puppy.

According to their website, Puppy’s Breath is a revelation of warm, wet and wonderful comfort. Slightly sweet, and undeniably organic and alive, this fragrance captures the experience of meeting that new puppy for the first time, up close and personal, a rainbow swirl of happy feelings and memories. It remains transparent, even as is full, rounded and transparent, mystical, like the breath itself.

If dog is man’s (and woman’s) best friend, than the relationship with a puppy is near mythic. Which is why this fragrance took over 20 years to perfect, because good was not good enough. This fragrance had to be mythical.

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