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No Cruelty Charges for Man Walking Dog Alongside Moving Truck

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The Isanti County, Minnesota Sheriff’s Department has allowed a dangerous precedent to be set.

When the photo of a man driving a pick-up truck while walking his dog alongside went viral this weekend, local authorities investigated, but say they found no issue.

In fact, it is perfectly legal in Minnesota to walk a dog using a motor vehicle.

Katie Spychalla Bunes snapped the photo on Isanti County Road 20  on Saturday afternoon before confronting the driver.

“I asked if she was a stray and he said, ‘No she is not.’ I said, ‘is that your dog’ and he said, ‘Yes, she ran away,'” Bunes explained to KARE 11.

When Bunes posted the photo to Facebook, the image quickly went viral, with hundreds of concerned dog lovers angry and concerned for the dog’s safety.

When Isanti County Police investigated they found that the dog’s owner, who wished to remain anonymous, had been “walking” his 10-year old Australian Cattle/Lab mix, Blue, this same way for the last 5 years with no incident. He explained that the pair travel at about 5 miles per hour and that Blue loves it.

The dog’s owner is in his late 60’s and says he can’t keep up with his dog on foot.

The man will continue exercising his dog alongside his truck as he has done for the last 5 years.

Do you think he’s set a dangerous precedent? Will other dog owners follow suit, seeing that it’s perfectly legal to walk a dog in this manner? Do you think it should be illegal?

Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Lily



    It’s simply animal cruelty. It’s easy to go on a 5-mile walk sitting comfortably in a car. People who don’t know how to treat animals should not be pet owners.

  2. Avatar Of Mary



    Every day some ignorant idiot does something cruel to an animal, these people are just mean,
    Your not going to tell me with all the media services we have today they don’t know better, their
    just STUPID!

  3. Avatar Of Jessica Jessica says:

    I personally am an animal lover and am not defending anyone’s actions, but in my opinion the owner certainly could find a less trafficked area to walk/drive his dog. I find nothing wrong with him exercising his dog in this fashion. Many people scooter, bike and run there dogs, it’s really no different.

  4. Avatar Of Star Shelley

    Star Shelley


    Not sure if it’s right or wrong. It can be dangerous, but I know someone that has a golf card and she use to take her to GS one on each side and walk them down the street. She went real slow. Lots of other options. My concern would be as long as he is not doing it for punishment reason. I do have a concern with that.

  5. When a dog is in the road ,a car could come a long and hit the dog or he could let the leash go when a car came by, but In all if u can’t walk the dog get some one to walk the dog. I WOULD FINE HIM 500.00 and next time jail

  6. Avatar Of Stop Animal Cruelty

    Stop animal cruelty


    I don’t think it is ever ok. The pavement gets scorching hot for one, and what about other traffic? Saying it is ok is just giving the green light for the real screwball idiots to take advantage to abuse their animals by forcing them to run it heat and also possible dragging them.. I knew an old farmer that would make his pony run alongside the truck as punishment when he got out and ran off looking for a mate. The pony could barely walk by time he got back because he had no prior training and was out of shape. He was not worked every day to endure what he did to him. In fact, he was not worked at all. He was left in a pasture alone day and night. It was just cruel because the owner was pissed he had to go get him.

  7. Avatar Of Jeremy Jeremy says:

    Get over it people he’s walking his dog. He can’t walk but the dog is getting to walk. BUT OUT!!!! Seems people today want to get involved in senseless crap! Take care of your own house. Love isn’t always what you want it to be.

  8. Avatar Of Lucy



    Wow, you people are so negative, he was not trying to hurt his dog. Hire a dog walker? Please, you are so ready to condemn and punish. The negativity in the world today is what is going to be our downfall.

    • Avatar Of Marie



      you are so quick to judge this man,, he is older and can’t walk his dog, so you say hire someone to do that,, are you on SS??? if not check out what they get ,, I don’t think he could afford to do that,, and he’s being safe with his dog going slow and on the road edge. You kind of people are always judging others,, worry about your own faults and leave the judgement to God.

  9. I think this is inhumane and cruel, as if the dog knows it is being taught a lesson because it ran away.

  10. Lots of laws about driving, but not one while hanging your dog out the window. He is putting this dog in harms way. Another car can come speeding by or lose control then dead dog! If he can no longer care for this dog properly find someone that can.

  11. Avatar Of Jasmine



    So you people think he shouldn’t walk his dog anymore because driving while walking the dog is wrong? He’s going slow enough that if the dog tried going under the tyres he could stop in time to prevent anything bad from happening . I see nothing wrong with it along as he is taking safety precautions so the dog won’t get hit by any car….

  12. I think he is putting his dog in harms way. The dog is on a leash, but does not belong in the road. Also if he can no longer walk this dog, hire someone or give him to someone who can properly take care of it. If another car comes speeding by or loses control dead dog!

  13. IT SHOULD BE UNLAWFUL!!! Let me go walk the old bastard down the road for a half mile and he will change his tune!! That happened in Az. when I was living there. The man driving said the dog was walking because she ran away. He and his family went to look for her and when they found her they could not put her in the car because she was dirty and the family was dressed for church. So he drug her along on a chain. He faced all kinds of fines. What a sorry CHRISTIAN family they are! Same as this man!!

  14. No, this should not be allowed. Very dangerous to the dog. Could get hit by another vehicle. In extremely hot weather, who knows how long this guy drives. Could be hours. Same thing in extreme cold weather. He shouldn’t be allowed to keep the dog.

  15. Avatar Of Furby



    what the hell is wrong with you ppl that condone this??? Any number of bad things could happen to that poor creature, the old man could hit the gas by accident, drag the dog , hurt it… it could get hit by another car, it could stumble, trip or fall and regardless of how slow the guy is going could get hurt, or dragged, jesus no brains ppl, none what so ever….be resourceful for Christ sake, ask a friend or family member to help with walks, hire a neighborhood kid for a small fee, contact your local church see if you could get a volunteer thru them or someone needing to complete community service…go on Craigslist on the “barter” sight and trade for another favor or for something you are good at…. people who are ok with this are either not pet owners or they are as stupid as this pet owner… prosicute him? No, but put a stop to him doing it, hell yes!!!

  16. Avatar Of Diana Deville

    Diana DeVille


    We have all seen the danger from dogs being dragged behind cars, and the fact that these people are allowing it to continue is a danger to society. If the man can’t walk his dog, then hire a dogwalker! Forcing an animal to run alongside a car is a heinous act, and anyone who supports that is just as guilty as the horrid man who owns this dog. Please at the very least take the dog away from him, since he admits he can’t properly care for the dog.

    • Avatar Of Cheri cheri says:

      No, this should never be allowed. Another car or vehicle could hit the dog. As someone else said, let him hire a dog walker and the dog should be taken from him. I feel this is dangerous to the dog, definitely.

    • Avatar Of Jasmine



      The dog was walking not running

  17. Avatar Of Unbelievable



    MN Statutes
    Subdivision 1.Reckless driving.
    (a) Any person who drives any vehicle in such a manner as to indicate either a willful or a wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving and such reckless driving is a misdemeanor.

  18. Avatar Of Jo



    These yahoos who don’t care about the well being of ALL animals should be voted out of office or kicked out of their power position and humane and kinder people need to be in. For so many reasons they would be better for all animals and people in your area!! Get rid of the bad guys who make very bad decisions and put in the ones who will make your city proud. What a bad decision they made. RIDICULOUS

  19. Avatar Of Guy



    Stupid people, mind your own business.

  20. Let’s just wait for “significant injury or death” before there is a ruling on the safety issue here…..! How can this be legal according to state highway or county road guidelines. This man is an idiot.

  21. Avatar Of Cheryl Anderson

    Cheryl Anderson


    I think it’s terrible, awful and downright stupid……………..

  22. Avatar Of Cheryl Anderson

    Cheryl Anderson



  23. Avatar Of Barbara White

    Barbara White


    This guy specifically says he “can’t keep up” with his dog on foot. Anyone else who decides to do this because “it’s legal” is the lazy one. Not him.

  24. Avatar Of Sharon Howard

    Sharon Howard


    This is a dangerous way to wslk a dog. If the dog ran away, it sounds more like punishment. 5 miles an hour for a 10 year old dog that looks a bit over wright isnt gealthy. Besides, as far as the tongue is out indicates a heat issue.

  25. Avatar Of Melissa



    ASSHOLE! The person video tapping is an ASSHOLE too for not stopping it!

  26. Avatar Of Sharon Savage

    Sharon Savage


    whatever happened to the saying dog,,mans best friend,,well I don’t see it with that driving and the dog on leach and the owner holding onto to it,,what if a car was to pass and the dog’s life would be ended.

  27. Ridiculous! Lazy man and a potential danger to the dog!

  28. Avatar Of Teresa Gennett

    Teresa Gennett


    if take dog for walk on roads during hot summer roads tends t be very hot can burns their paws..so why now owner use tractor or bike to ride on it along dog on right side where grass are??

  29. Avatar Of Beth Knuth Beth Knuth says:

    This is ignorance at its best by everyone but the woman who snapped the picture, lazy officers don’t want to be bothered with a cruelty case, evil owner changing story knowing full well he was punishing dog, enabling neighbor who is lying as well. It is a felony in every state now for animal cruelty, the police have laws to back them up, like I said, lazy officers, maybe stupid too?

  30. Avatar Of Kaye Lewis

    Kaye Lewis


    This is dangerous and absurd. Needs to be stopped before the dog is injured or run over and killed. Walk the dogs means just that. Walk the dog.

  31. Avatar Of C.k. Reddekopp

    c.k. reddekopp


    i think its allright for someone to do that . let the dog get a good walk in . then after give the dog cold water to drink and food. there was no hurts on the animal and that neighbor said he is well taken care of. so whats the problem??

  32. Avatar Of Chris Tarris

    Chris tarris


    This should never be allowed as the norm, we all know the cruel idiots that are out there will, injure dogs like this, STOP IT

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