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Now There’s No Excuse Not to Neuter

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Despite a widespread understanding of the importance of neutering to prevent unwanted litters and overpopulation, low-cost spay/neuter clinics available in nearly every major city, and educational programs encouraging pet sterilization, a great number of pet parents are still hesitant to have their pets neutered. Of the 4 million dogs that enter shelters and rescues each and every year, only about 10% are spayed or neutered. And, among family dogs already living in a home, only about 80% are neutered.

Among those reasons for not neutering their pets, owners of intact dogs said they felt it was unnatural, they didn’t like the change in their dog’s physical appearance, or they didn’t want to put their pets through the trauma of waking up post-surgery to find a healthy body part had been removed. Of those surveyed, these types of answers account for more than 20% of owners of unaltered dogs.

These pet owners account for millions of intact, un-neutered dogs nationwide.

Gregg Miller, Inventor Of Neuticles, And His Bloodhound, Buck, The Inspiration Behind The Innovative Implant That'S Changing The World For Dogs.
Gregg Miller, inventor of Neuticles, and his Bloodhound, Buck, the inspiration behind the innovative implant that’s changing the world for dogs.

It was this very issue that prompted inventor Gregg Miller or Kansas City, MO to develop an alternative for pet owners that were hesitant to have their dogs neutered. Miller was opposed to the traditional form of neutering (developed more than 200 years ago!) which involves the permanent removal of the pet’s testicles, leaving a male dog female in appearance. Miller also maintained that the male pet does know he has been castrated and, in some cases, suffers post-operative mild to severe trauma over the loss.

So, Miller invented Neuticles, the world’s first and only canine testicular implant.

In 1993, Miller assembled a team of veterinarians which began development of the surgical procedure and Neuticles product line- dubbed the CTI (Canine Testicular Implantation) Project. The cost exceeded one-half million dollars for molding of parts, research, legal and medical investigations. On December 20, 1995 the first commercially “Neuticled” canine was a nine month old Rottweiler named Max- owned by Independence, Missouri Police Officer Mike Pyle.

Neuticles were granted patent and trademark rights in 1997. After its introduction, a number of organizations worldwide endorsed the product, including the ASPCA which said ” Who can argue with a perfectly safe procedure which encourages pet owners to alter that simply would not have before.” (Animal Watch- Spring 1997)

Gregg Miller and Neuticles were awarded the IG Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine in 2005.


One model was initially created- the NeuticlesORIGINAL which uses FDA Medically approved polypropylene as its material. Five sizes were available. Pet owners expressed concern over the rigidness of the material which resembles plastic.

In 1997 when solid silicone was invented, Miller created the NeuticlesNATURAL in 11 different sizes which replicated the pet’s testes in size, shape, weight and feel.

Ultra Plus Photo

In 2003 Miller developed the UltraPLUS with ScarRetard which feels liquid filled but is still solid material therefore cannot leak. The ScarRetard feature includes a textured exterior which eliminates risk of scar tissue formation and hosts qualities not even available on human implants today.


In 2004 the Neuticles UltraPLUS with Epididymis was created which restores previously altered, monorchid (having only one testicle) or cryptorchid (when one or both testicles fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum) pets to anatomical preciseness.

Neuticles for Pets maintains an active referral database of over 20,000 participating veterinary clinics and hospitals in all 50 states and 49 countries worldwide. Tens of thousands of pets have been Neuticled since 1995.

There has not been a single complication or complaint as a result of Neuticle implantation in 20 years of performing the procedure worldwide.


CTI Corporation is the World’s only company which specializes in the creation, development, manufacturing and marketing of pet implantation devices including not only Neuticles but PermaStay Ear Implants for pets with broken ears and CT Eye implants for pets who lose an eye. The company also has created other products including ScarGon Gel to remove scars on pets and iStainGon which eliminates eye tear stains on any pet.

With unparalleled innovation in the veterinary surgical industry, pet owners can expect to see a lot more from CTI and Gregg Miller who says, “Stand by to see what we will create for the pet in the next 20 years because we will be here forever.”

If you or someone you know is hesitant to neuter your pet, talk to your veterinarian about Neuticles, or visit www.neuticles.com for more information.

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1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Jean



    Neuter is a gender neutral term and applies to female and male dogs. Female dogs will look silly with neuticals. Neuticles do not replace testosterone which is lost when male dogs are neutered. There are many studies to show the benefit of testosterone for male dogs. There's a list of good research articles here: lab-retriever.net/board/dog-health-and-nutrition-faq-s-and-reference-guides/287-neuter-spay-pros-cons-risks-benefits-research-article-links.html

    Vasectomy would be a better alternative to preventing an unwanted litter while at the same time preserving the health benefits of testosterone for the male dog. Or, simply look after your male dog properly and don't let it run loose. Neutered or not, dogs running at large can be hit by cars, poisoned, shot, get into fights.

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