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Nuisances During Dog Walks

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Many lawn owners are also complaining about yellow spots, which they say are caused by our four-legged pets. This is not always true, as those spots can sometimes be caused by other factors, such as drought or using too much fertilizer. Also, if they wash the lawn daily, then animal urine will not damage it. But if you do come across such a situation, the best way is to just respond calmly then walk away; never argue with them.

Litterbugs who leave trash (even hazardous ones) all over the street.

Good citizens of a neighborhood should know their responsibility in keeping people and pets away from danger. One of the more dangerous nuisances during dog walks when  happens if you encounter some dangerous pieces of trash like broken glass, plastics, and others that can potentially harm your pet. These people need to learn how to take out the trash properly.

Irresponsible owners of free-roaming dogs.

Dogs that freely roam around the neighborhood can be dangerous, especially if they are not disciplined well. They can randomly attack other dogs, and even humans. This reason alone  is why owners should be responsible and limit their dog’s actions for the sake of the neighborhood. If you ever come across them, walk calmly in a slow pace and do not run. Running will only trigger the dog to chase you.

Dog owners with aggressive dogs.

Some owners have dogs that terrorize people who pass by the home. Bad luck for you if you live near these people. Know where such houses are and warn your friends, especially your kids, of the dangers. Children and even adults should stay away from bigger, vicious dogs that are prone to aggression.

Exaggerated dog petting from people.

Some people like to pet all of the dogs they meet, but always ask permission before doing so. Never pet a strange dog as this can lead to nasty bites or transmission of diseases. Remind the person not to pet him over the head but under it instead, because some dogs feel uncomfortable about it.

Use common sense so nuisances during dog walks are not a problem.

How do you deal with these problems when walking your dog? Tips and advice are welcome below.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of T.m T.M says:

    So true. I always pick up after my dog but there are joggers and people just talking away on their cell phones or texting, a big surprise that do upset me.

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