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Nuisances During Dog Walks

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Dog walking is a healthy habit to build with your dog. It helps them keep in shape and forms a stronger bond with their owner. And there is no better time of the day to do this than during a fresh and bright sunny morning. Occasionally nuisances during dog walks will happen, so how do we deal with them?

Nuisances during Dog Walks

First of all, dogs are curious by nature; they like to investigate things, probably things you are not interested about or can cause mayhem. They might also jump around in excitement or just want to take off while still on the leash. Always keep a firm hold on your dog’s leash so he does not break free and lead you on a wild chase.

Second, there are also neighborhood nuisances during dog walks that simply break the beautiful atmosphere of walking your dog around the place. The following are the general types of people (and dogs) who can make your walk in the bark a very unpleasant experience.

Verbally abusive people who complain about dogs eliminating on their grass or yard.

While it is true that dogs cannot always control their eliminating habits, all you need is a responsible owner who will clean up the mess and the problem is solved. Never allow your daily walks with Rover to become nuisances during dog walks for your neighbors.  There is no need for verbal abuse, as long as the owner is completely responsible for things that can happen. After all, eliminating on the grass is still better than having to do it on the sidewalk.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of T.m T.M says:

    So true. I always pick up after my dog but there are joggers and people just talking away on their cell phones or texting, a big surprise that do upset me.

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