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Nursing Home Staff Step In to Save Patient’s Four Dogs from Euthanasia

Staff at an Oklahoma nursing home stepped in to save four dogs belonging to a new resident after discovering the dogs were going to be euthanized.

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Alan Kilburn was taken to the hospital a few weeks ago and eventually moved to the Arbor Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Sapulpa, Oklahoma where he became the nursing home’s newest resident.

When he learned he would not be returning home, Kilburn worried about his four dogs, Sparky, Lady Bug, Whitey, and Blue. No longer able to care for them, a relative took all four dogs to the Tulsa Animal Shelter where they were scheduled to be euthanized.

When nurses learned about Mr. Kilburn’s dogs and the tragic loss he would soon face, they stepped in to help.

Tesa Slater, an employee at the Arbor Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center contacted the Tulsa Animal Shelter and not only saved the lives of Kilburn’s four dogs, but had them special delivered right to the nursing home.

Lady Bug will be allowed to live at the center with Kilburn while Sparky, Whitey, and Blue were all adopted by different staffers who promise to bring them by for weekly visits.

“If even in just one little moment, one piece, we can make their world better, then we’ve done something good,” said Danielle O’Leary, a nurse at Arbor Village who adopted one of the four dogs.




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