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Off-Duty Cop Brutally Beats 3 Dogs at the Shelter… Before Adopting a 4th Dog!

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Rock, A 5-Year Old Pit Bull And A Shelter Favorite, Was Brutally Beaten At The Shelter By An Off-Duty Deputy.
Rock, a 5-year old Pit Bull and a shelter favorite, was brutally beaten at the shelter by an off-duty deputy.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an incident at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter that left one dog dead and two others seriously injured – at the hands of an off-duty MCSO deputy.

And this all happened just moments before the deputy left the shelter with a newly adopted dog.

On Saturday, the MCSO deputy and his family were at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas to adopt a dog. No shelter staff were present, and no one can explain why or how three dogs were all in the shelter’s exercise area with the family at the same time.

The Montgomery County Animal Shelter In Conroe, Texas.
The Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas.

When the three dogs began fighting, the deputy allegedly picked up a 2×4 and began beating the dogs in an attempt to stop the fight. Shelter staff cannot explain where the board used to beat the dogs came from.

One of the dogs involved, Rock, a 5-year old Pit Bull and a staff favorite, was beaten so severely that he suffered irreparable neurological damage and had to be euthanized. The two other dogs were described as “seriously injured” in the attack.

Volunteers at the shelter told The Courier that Rock was good tempered and non-aggressive. One volunteer, who asked not to be identified, said Rock had been at the shelter for about three months and had never been involved in any other incidents with dogs or people.

After the incident, the deputy was allowed to adopt another dog.

MCAS Director Dr. Todd Hayden said the front desk personnel who were processing the adoption paperwork were unaware of the situation unfolding at the back of the shelter.

“We are aware of allegations of animal cruelty against a customer or client at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter that was involved where he allegedly struck one or more dogs requiring at least one of the dogs to be euthanized,” said District Attorney Brett Ligon, who added that the investigation is preliminary.

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  1. Avatar Of Patricia Maureen

    Patricia Maureen


    “Rock and the other large pit bull were viciously attacking and mauling the smaller dog,” according to Berger’s statement. “They had their jaws clenched around the smaller dog’s throat and hind legs.

    “The volunteers were yelling at each other to run for help; they were using sticks and a water hose in an attempt to save the smaller dog from being mauled to no avail.”

    Berger stated the teen girl was “dangerously trying” to get between the two pit bulls and he feared she would be injured if the dogs turned their aggression to her. Berger, who was armed but opted not to shoot the dogs, stated he entered the enclosure and picked up a piece of “half rotten” 2×4 and hit Rock on the head. After Rock was hit, the two pit bulls released the smaller dog and began fighting each other. According to Berger, he did not hit Rock hard enough to cause serious injury and he did not hit the other two dogs.

  2. Avatar Of Denise Saad

    Denise Saad


    Why would there be three dogs out at the same time? Whom ever allowed this should be held responsible as well. The kennels are locked and only employees have a key to open them, at least here in California thats the way it’s done. It’s sad what happened to Rock. I really don’t believe that this individual went there for the sole perpose of beating a dog to death. Details would be greatly appreciated. Convicted only until proven guilty.

  3. Avatar Of Bonny



    Most shelters have cameras in the meeting areas,to be watched by staff when someone is interested in them,did this shelter have 1 anywhere in that room or where he got the dogs from there cages?

  4. Avatar Of Meg




  5. Avatar Of Brandon Kyle

    Brandon Kyle


    What a sorry a$$ piece of sh!t! On everything I love, I wish I could’ve been there.. I hate it and Lord forgive me but this so-called “officer” or punk a$$ b!tch would not have walked out of those doors, with or without a dog. Period. Nothing but pure evil, just so sick of it. Poor innocent babies, Unbelievable. But there’s no doubt about it, The Good Lord is holding li’ Rock man and has a healing hand on his other sweet pups. GOD BLESS what’s left of this cruel world and all that’s true

  6. Avatar Of Star Shelley

    Star Shelley


    I would like to know what the shelter is doing about or what have they done about that. Since when does a customer that wants to adopt a dog is left alone with any dog? I am a volunteer and I would never leave any customer alone with a dog. What is wrong with this picture. Just because he is a cop they did not do anything about it. I am so mad. So what happen now? I would love to have an update on this.

  7. Avatar Of Lynn Lynn says:

    That moron should be prosecuted to the hilt. Lock his ass in jail and beat him with a 2×4…. how dare you let him do this without punishment. I hope this stupid moron dies. He needs to go away. He needs to be beat to death by some thug. Then he will have his just desserts. Stupid piece of crap.

  8. Avatar Of Pam Whitmore

    Pam Whitmore


    Please tell me this idiot will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for what he did and the dog he was allowed (why?) to take home, returned to find a LOVING home

  9. Avatar Of David Kenmir

    David Kenmir


    Sick. Very sick individual. Regardless of the explanation, I would bet on several things. First, this second rate officer was looking for a fighting dog. Second, as a retired LEO, it is a known fact that nearly all people that kill other people have a history of animal abuse or cruelty. Like profiling a serial killer for example. Now, keeping that in mind, somebody has place this person in a position to kill the people that need to trust him the most. All hidden behind a badge and uniform. I think the Police Dept. needs to take a very careful look into the psych of this individual before something far worse happens.

  10. Avatar Of Magdalena Vera

    magdalena Vera


    This story has made me soo upset why did this so called officer get away with this, and let him walk away with another dog what kind of stupid people work or volunteer there, they should all be fired and that monster persecuted those people that let this happen are animal abusers I can’t even continue its so outrageous all I can say get that puppy away from this scum if the puppy is alive and shame on you all of you involved

  11. Avatar Of Vicki



    I have volunteered at a animal shelter…(for 2 yrs) there is no way a dog should leave his kennel without a volunteer for each animal in the play yard…(one on one – only) no excuse for the shelter NOT to have at least one volunteer in the play yard!! Shelters fault on this…but…this so-called peace officer is just using his title to get away with ‘dog’ murder and intent to harm (the other dogs)…there is no way in hell this so called peace officer should be allowed to adopt or pet sit a animal…GO GET THIS POOR DEFENSELESS ANIMAL before it’s killed at the hands of this cruel, hateful, self-centered, control-freak!! Then prosecute him to the fullest for cruelty to an animal…plant his butt under the jail!
    I support the police, the fire department and any or all first responders…but if they ‘think’ they’re above the law…hell no!

  12. Avatar Of Gidgetwitch




  13. Avatar Of Jay Jay says:

    I have volunteered at several animal shelters, and yes, dog fights do occur. HOWEVER,it’s NEVER appropriate to have shelter dogs in a communial area. Too many shelter animals really have unknown personality traits and sometimes it takes “nothing” to trigger a potentially fatal episode. So, eliminating group settings eliminates fights. When fights occur, workers, volunteers Must be TRAINED to intervene and stop the fighting. Using a 2″ x 4″ obviously is not an answer. This guy, as said previously should NEVER be allowed to own ANY pet, let alone a dog. And yes, he requires some form of prosecution. Community service – get real. He killed and maimed 3 animals. Yes, God forbid he is married!

  14. Avatar Of Kiley Baricevic

    Kiley Baricevic


    My thought is WTF? How did they let him leave with another dog after this all happened. Why didn’t they just say this needs to be investigated and we will get back to you????? WTF WTF WTF?????

  15. Avatar Of Joan



    I meant beat a human, an error in typing

  16. Avatar Of Joan



    Any and I mean any person that beats and animal will be a human. They are not fit for any kind of agency that is to protect lives. Shame on Texas!! This Montgomery County is NE from Houston. You would think that because of it’s proximity, this person should have had better training. Some people just fall thru the cracks. But, this person should be made to spend time in restitution in being fired, #1, but to be never to own a dog. Hope he does not best his wife or kids!!! The ultimate question!!!!

  17. That bastard should be prosecuted and the dog he adopted taken away from him. Where was the staff? Are they that indifferent to the safety of their animals that they left that criminal in THEIR exercise pen with them? Where did he get the board that he killed and maimed the other dogs with? If this isn’t handled as a criminal matter and he is not charged then the whole staff should be fired and compassionate people brought in.

  18. Avatar Of R. Kilgore

    R. Kilgore


    Someone should take a 2×4 and beat his sorry ass. F—ing Bastard. I’m sure because he is LEO, nothing will come of it.

  19. Avatar Of Anita Anita says:

    So are they going to go after this guy?? They need to take him into a cage and get the same 2×4 and beat the hell out of him….. I bet this police officer will get a slap on the hand and move on like nothing happened… Who ever allowed this to happen should be ashamed of themselves. Morans!!!!

  20. Avatar Of Janice Mcelveen

    Janice McElveen


    I would like to know 8f they took the dog he adopted back.

  21. Avatar Of Tina Rosas

    Tina Rosas


    I absolutely was so saden when I read about this even happening and that was so damn uncalled for anyone more less a officer of the law to do geez you think that the damn prick of a asshole would hv more common sense than that to beat or even strike a dog/animal or any living thing for that matter to of which it had to be euthanized to the severity of it’s injuries.The right thing for him would of been to gt help of personnel to handle the very situation where was his brains up his ass I assume and no way in hell can I believe that he was in fact allowed to even adopt an animal from the very same shelter on the very same given day or even at any time at all he should be forbidden to and not allowed to ever own any dog/animal at all.And what kind of thing is he so called teaching his children he should be absolutely ashamed of his damn self and have to as well lose his job for his wrongful actions.

  22. I hope they thoroughly investigate this shelter, they should know whats going on and not let a brute like that have a dog. Why were they unsupervised and have 3 dogs in the yard, why was there a 2 by 4 in the yard. What does that teach his kids about how to treat animals? The whole situation is horrifying!

  23. Avatar Of Shana Smith

    shana smith


    What is wrong with the world that officers get away with shooting, beating and killing dogs with no repercussions at all. These incidents are happening more and more and nothing is done because they are cops big deal you still need to be responsible for your actions. Kind dogs with no history of aggression are suddenly vicious give me a break these guys just want an excuse to kill dogs and they keep there jobs with no pay loss to supposedly “protect” the community that is bullshit. I would never call them to my home without holding my dog in my arms and only in an emergency for fear they would hurt him.

  24. Avatar Of Michele Hammond

    Michele Hammond


    That poor excuse of a so called police officer needs to be kicked off of the force, he is dangerous to animals, women and small children and should never be allowed to
    own an animals. He should be put in jail and his duty should be to clean the inmates toilet, he is not fitted to do anything else.
    How does he treat his wife and children behind closed doors.
    The people at the front reception desk should be investigated also and fired and if they are volunteers never be allowed to volunteer at another shelter. Of course they knew what was going on. Dogs bark loudly, if you ever visited a shelter you never can get away from the barking no matter where you are. The dog he adopted should be removed immediately or he will not live long. I hope there is an update about this atrocity.

  25. Avatar Of Patti



    How could that facility allow such a human to adopt after hurting 3 dogs? What kind of a place are they running? Family or no family that man (if you can even call him that) should nevertheless have been allowed to adopt!!! If the DA allows this man to get by with killing 1 and hurting seriously 2 other dogs, then, the DA is no better then the one doing the abusing!!!l
    Not only that but, there should have been a staff member with them! This just makes me sick!!!

  26. Avatar Of Brian Burke

    Brian Burke


    The Officer should not be allowed to EVER own an animal, I personally think he should at the very least made to serve maybe 6 months to a year of unpaid suspension and a whole shitload of community service talking to children at schools about the evils and the wrongs of animal cruelty. He should also be charged with a felony charge of animal abuse and animal homicide or murder, if convicted of a felony his career on the force would be over. I don’t know Texas Law concerning animals, but up here in New York where the people are a bit more civilized for the most part, I think he would be charged with a Felony. I also think that if he has a wife and or children that child protective services and family services should do a thorough investigation of how he conducts himself at home and see if there needs to be some sort of intervention take place. I further think he should be evaluated by a non-police force psychiatrist to see if he is mentally qualified to be a police officer or to even carry a gun of any sort. I can imagine reading about him gunning down a group of kids at some movie theater because they were laughing at the movie and he couldn’t make them be quiet.

  27. Avatar Of Aurora Madrigal

    Aurora Madrigal


    He’s a police officer ……#alllivesmatter. The fact that everyone in that shelter including the officer were not arrested says it all. And if ge is capable of doing this, he will do it to a person in a heartbeat. Someone should rescue the dog he has and his children

    • I absoslutely agree that the dog that he ultimately adopted shuld be taken away from him because he will most likely end up maiming or killing it too. No one should ever be allowed to take animals out of their cages when there isn`t a qualified sheltee personnel present…in this case, one dear sweet Pit ended up dying and two injured…just what the hell do you thinkg this `SERVE AND PROTECT`mentally challenged police officer is going to do to this newly adopted dog and to any other dog that he may come across in the course of his job…or humans for that matter. He is a dangerous bastard should sure should never be having a gun in his possession.

    • Avatar Of Denise



      What the hell kind of place are they running there if no employees were in the exercise area with people who are looking to adopt. I don’t give a flying fig if he is or isn’t a cop. He needs to be fired immediately and banned from adopting any sort of animal. Get the one he recently adopted away from him immediately! As for the employees, fire them, and get some who care about working there, and know where they’re supposed to be. I don’t know of ANY shelter who just lets people run wild through their facility without some sort of employee nearby. This whole situation is just awful.

  28. Avatar Of Lori



    The animal shelter needs more supervision. The front house needs to know what’s going on in the back. I think the people going in to adopt the dogs need to be supervised. They need to earn the right to adopt a dog. They just let any piece of trash take those dogs??? They need to take that dog from that idiot and put him in jail! I hope to hear something was done about this!

  29. Avatar Of Ly



    . “No shelter staff were present, and no one can explain why or how three dogs were all in the shelter’s exercise area with the family at the same time.”

    Starting the investigation at the wrong place.

  30. Avatar Of Casey Spinelli



    Why the hell would you let him adopt a dog. He should have fired. He needs to be kicked off the force. What kind of idiots do you hire to let them beat dogs and adopt them. Wake the hell up.

  31. Avatar Of Holly Hermans

    Holly Hermans


    The one that he adopted should be removed and charges brought against this prick. RIP Rock. You didn’t deserve this. For the other 2 babies, get well soon.

    • Avatar Of Bella Labastida

      Bella Labastida


      I remember Rock, he was a quiet, gentle pup. I’m so furious! I don’t believe a fricken word ghat they did not knw what was happenjng. 3 dogs fighting, poor babies scream as that price beat them! No way I don’t buy it! God will punish all of them!

  32. Avatar Of Kayla



    Where is the justice for these dogs? This officer should have been trained to handle such a situation! He needs to be charged with animal cruelty and SEVERELY punished!!! Outrageous!!

  33. Avatar Of Sara Daugherty

    Sara Daugherty


    Updates: will this ass hole get what he deserves?

  34. Avatar Of Rhonda Atwood

    Rhonda Atwood


    I hope a pack of dogs Kills that bastard they better do something about this and not give him time off with pay while they investigate he’s a fucking asshole he does not deserve to be in any job not run if he does that to a dog he’ll do it to a woman or a child I guarantee it …piece of shit motherfucker

    • Avatar Of L



      I hope they got that other dog off of him. And he should kick him off the force. Report him, like he hurt à person. He’s no good. If he is doing that to a poor défenseless animal, then think about what he does to the people he arests. He should be pünished..

  35. I can’t believe they let him adopt a dog are they fucking nuts. Cops have a definite problem with the power they have. You need to send these cops to some kind of school that teaches them they are not God. When I was young the cops were different the cops today just think they deserve to do anything they want.fand it’s ok well sorry to tell you are NOT above the law. should be fired for what he killed one dog and injured another one. Why in Gods name would let this man adopt adopt dog however runs this place needs to be fired and he should be it’s jail. All because one dog died 2 were hurt and you gave this scumbag a dog. How do you know what he will do with the dog he took. I would get the dog back. Grow some balls and get the dog back

  36. Avatar Of Linda



    This is too stupid to even reply to. Who let’s someone adopt after they beat three dogs and where was the staff. Etc

  37. Avatar Of Patricia



    That’s what I was thinking, the cop definitely needs to pay for the crime but the shelter too for not protecting this poor dog..that poor animal.

  38. Avatar Of Amy Chastain

    Amy Chastain


    Are you fucking kidding me? This pig should be in jail. Idgaf if the dogs got in a fight! Beating them with a board & one gets beat to death???? Who the hell let’s 3 dogs out at a time anyway? And then letting this fuck adopt a dog?? Are you serious? He should be arrested for animal cruelty. This shit with cops killing dogs needs to seriously be looked into. It is happening all too often. If you can shoot or beat an innocent animal to death, then you really shouldn’t be in a job of power supposedly protecting ppl.

  39. Avatar Of Amanda



    People shouldn’t be left alone with dogs they don’t know for one where was the staff or volunteers and the front desk lady and cop should be arrested for animal crulity or worst .from exsperince this animal shelter dose not supervise u or anyone that that walks around to see the dog there’s no one to help u transfer the dog from cages. U could problem let all the dog out and know one would know BC they don’t keep a volunteer in every section and theres like 5 big rooms including cat room ,this is so sad for the dogs that don’t disserve what happened to them by being mixed up together by a stupid pig cop that don’t know how to pair dogs !!

  40. Avatar Of Millie



    Let me get this straight. COP out of control beats one dog near to death, two other severely injured and he is allowed to adopt another from that shelter? The entire staff of the shelter should be fired as well as the Director. This COP has a real problem and I would guess his wife could speak to his temper. Get the adopted dog back and put the COP on the National DO NOT ADOPT LIST.
    He is a walking time bomb.

  41. Avatar Of Annette



    Why did let that Pos adopt a dog, that dog should be taken back before he does something horrible to the dog!

    • Avatar Of Conor Conor says:

      Only cop sociopathic behavior would kill dogs(and unarmed citizens) to keep them ‘from killing each other). More than 300 family dogs killed past year by HPD and Deputies

  42. Avatar Of Julie F.

    Julie F.


    Hang him high!

  43. Avatar Of Thurman Freelander

    Thurman Freelander


    Had to laugh at this, sorry.

    An Animal Shelter then allows this person to take an animal home with him? To me, that’s more fucked up then the guy beating to death some animals. Holy shit, the district attorney should motion to shut this fucking place down.

  44. Avatar Of Sam Bittle

    Sam Bittle


    How can you not hear a dog fight with several dogs and someone beating them?? Was no one yelling? Were the dogs not barking or growling or crying in pain? Why was there no staff supervision at this meeting? That “man” should not have been allowed to adopt a dog.

  45. Avatar Of Mary



    WTF kind of place is this!?! I mean no disrespect to Rock, RIP angel.

    Should be called:
    The Helter Skelter Shelter

    It’s Civil Servants like this moron, that give Law Enforcement a bad name.

  46. Avatar Of Ron Donaho

    Ron Donaho



  47. Avatar Of Teri Dean Teri Dean says:

    ALL staff at this shelter needs to be fired immediatley! This loser cop needs to be proscuted to the full extent of the law and fired! The poor dog he adopted needs to be rescued Now! This subhuman is beyond dangerous!

  48. Avatar Of Vickie Kessler

    vickie kessler


    the animal control is no better i was attack monday by big dog in my back luckly wasnt paralze and they still havent caught him he runs away and they said well we cant catch them they dont try so he roams in my yard still no leash and nothing is done i called animal control and police there is no doubt about my attack marks in my back still rushed to er and no one even cares there is elderly and children who around and i live near a school zone people walk their kids to and from school and the near by park i am afraid he will attack again

  49. Avatar Of Gentry D Gary

    Gentry D Gary


    What a sick SOB! Fire his ass and prosecute him. No animal deserves to be treated like this. But I wouldn’t complain if someone beat his ass to death.

  50. Avatar Of Janet Canary

    Janet canary


    This shelter needs to be shut down.any Shelter that doesn’t know what’s going on in their own building,shouldn’t be allowed to be open.all staff involved should be fired n this cop charged with animal cruelty and the dog he adopted taken away from him.i smell rottin-ness at this shelter.

  51. Avatar Of Betty Gibson

    Betty Gibson


    Well Spoken Diane Bender! A man of this temperament should seriously be reviewed as to whether he needs a job working with animals or protection of people in that county, representing that county for police protection ! Makes you wonder , what in the name of God he would do to a human being. People like this are a liability to this county, or any county for that matter, and should be eliminated from employment, working directly with protection of humans or animals. There is enough bad publicity already in regards to police brutality, and this might be your warning how to handle this behavior of this off duty cop, before you may be facing something so much bigger in your county! My question, was he the ONLY person in that building that could not have assisted in breaking up the fight? Something is missing in this story, it definitely seems like.

  52. Avatar Of Shelley



    The cop needs to be busted, the dog taken away.

    More importantly, this shelter and its practices need to be investigated. Someone failed badly here.

    • Avatar Of John Smith

      John Smith


      I want some answers. And this cop needs to be incarcerated. And I hope someone dies with him what he did with these defenseless dogs. Beats the ever living shot out of him. Soon

  53. Avatar Of Dianne



    Why in the hell was this POS allowed to adopt any dog after killing one and injuring two more? Absolutely unbelievable.

  54. Avatar Of Toreka



    This guy should be charged with everything he can be charged with. The shelter should be charged as well. This is outrageous. He should be stripped of his badge. I can only imagine how he treats people.

  55. Avatar Of Karin



    Why would anybody let that man adopt a dog. The shelter should have called the police and had him arrested. But never ever given this so called police officer a dog. Shame ,shame shame
    No wonder not many people like police.
    A few bad people in the force make the rest look really bad.

  56. Avatar Of Sandy




  57. Avatar Of Jane



    Sounds to me like he was like many cops trying to throw his weight around showing his family what his power can do,some how he convinced someone to go beyond the normal and get a feeling he knew the out come,then to leave with an adopted dog…He just left feeling like he owns the fucking world cause he’s a cop

  58. The officer should be held accountable for his actions. Just because he is law enforcement doesn’t me he should get away with his actions.

  59. Avatar Of Louise Burch

    Louise Burch


    Euthanize him! He’s a sick bastard. Beat him until he has to be put down! Why was he allowed to get away with this??
    He’s not fit to be a cop!!
    He’s not fit to be a dad!!
    He’s a misfit and a disease
    He’s not fit to be around children!!

  60. Avatar Of James Marthaler

    James Marthaler


    monster among you

  61. Avatar Of Dottie Spiares

    Dottie Spiares


    I fail to see why it was his responsibility to stop the dogs from fighting. Was he an employee and authorized to get involved like that? And how in the world was he allowed to adopt a dog after all that happened? He needs to be made to return the dog and then be charged with animal abuse.

  62. Avatar Of Sheryl Gallien

    Sheryl Gallien


    If he abuses animals then most likely his wife & children. After all they teach this in the police academy.

  63. Avatar Of Eileen Sedlacek

    Eileen Sedlacek


    Disgusting and unforgivable!!! I hope with everything within me you find this ass hole and take the dog from him and make him do some serious time behind bars and he should never own another dog ever!!! Please do it….don’t let him away with this terrible deed!!!!!!!

  64. Avatar Of Lynn



    He needs to be charged with animal cruelty just like anyone else and the dog he adopted taken away from him!!! Start a petition and charge him!

  65. Avatar Of Diane Bender

    Diane Bender


    I fail to understand why there were more than one dog in the greet area. This is NOT common practice in any shelter due to the possibility of fighting. Who screwed up? As for the cop, he may have been off the clock but they are never off duty and certain standards of behavior are required at all times. I don’t believe the citizens need a person of his temperament.

    • Avatar Of Michelle



      Find out what this fucking assholes name is!!!!! I’d LOVE to give him a tast of his own medicine!!!! BITCH ASS COWARD!

  66. Avatar Of Patricia J Langhurst

    Patricia J Langhurst


    Please confiscate the adopted dog at once! The dog is in grave danger. Then prosecute the policeman.

  67. Avatar Of Nancy Beaulieu

    Nancy Beaulieu


    The dog he took with him needs to be rescued immediately. This is not a good person and that dog is definitely in harms way. Hiw in the world could anyone allow him to ever ever leave the shelter taking an innocent dog eit him. Rescue the dog now. Death is inevitable if you don’t. Prosecute this pos.

    • Avatar Of Jodi Stevens

      Jodi Stevens


      WTF??? This dog needs to be removed immediately! It sounds like the cop has some serious issues that need to be addressed! Not all cops are good cops! Poor dogs they should have never had to go through that horrific abuse! Sick just sick! Hope his children don’t get the same abuse!

  68. Avatar Of Sarah



    The name of this “off duty” cop needs to be public.

    As for the Shelter? Well… it is a DISGRACE — lay it at the feet of the Montgomery County Commissioners (esp Jim Clarke) who are supposed to be “fixing” it. We are now on Shelter 3.0, I believe. I wouldn’t take a stray to that place for any amount of money.

  69. Avatar Of Haul



    What kind of people let an asshole like that adopt a dog?? Take the dog back and fire this idiot because he probably does the same thing to people!

  70. Avatar Of Jossie



    This POS needs to be prosecuted like any other animal abuser and criminal…How is it possible that he can get away with this…he deserves jail for a very long time…the SOB didn’t have the right to kill ANY animal…he should NOT own a dog in his miserable life..!

  71. Avatar Of Heather Watterson

    heather watterson


    He should be banned from ever owning a pet again, the vicious piece of shit……as for the so-called animal-shelter carers……’I don’t know whare that board came from’ yeah right!

    • Avatar Of Haul




    • Avatar Of Linda Patton

      Linda Patton


      How was he allowed to adopt another animal? He’d already beaten and caused the death of other innocent dogs, he should have been denied any adoptions!!! He must be charged, arrested, and inprisioned for what he did. Or are they going to sweep it under the rug because he’s an officer? That has no bearing on his crimes. It should make his sentence harsher as he is sworn to protect and serve those within his community. It makes no difference if it’s human or animal. The district attorney, ASPCA, and shelter must file against him and ensure he is properly charged. This crime goes beyond words, it is horrific!!! Send this person to prison and strip him of his badge, his authority to be a public servent. He must be forbidden from ever holding the title of police officer for the rest of his natural life! Any and all animals living within his household must be removed for their safety, vet checked and rehomed.

  72. Avatar Of Izabela Bartoszuk

    Izabela Bartoszuk


    Absolutely right! But no worries, he’ll get off with a minimal investigation being performed simply because he’s a cop. When I used to volunteer at the SPCA of TX in McKinney, TX the investigators told me themselves that they had not been able to bust a huge dog fighting ring in Dallas for over a year because there were Dallas police officers involved in that dog fighting ring so the ring was always one step ahead of the SPCA investigators.

  73. Avatar Of Norma Hurt

    Norma Hurt


    So right and sounds like dog needs to be removed from him and him investigated completely

  74. Avatar Of Tamara



    Stop giving these POS little puke cops a free pass to commit crimes like this! Get the dog back if he hasn’t murdered that one by now. The director needs to be fired for stupidity in allowing an abuser to leave with a dog! Fire and charge the dumdass cop!!!

  75. Avatar Of Monica



    A “customer allegedly struck one or more animals”. Seriously? What kind of adoption clinic are they trying to run ? Even if it is “allegedly” there should be no adoption allowed until it is proven or disproven without a doubt. I have family members who have been denied adoptions because they have other dogs present or the agency doesn’t believe that a working dog should be a working dog and here we have an abusive man Who has somehow been allowed to be with multiple dogs and with out workers were volunteers present and multiple dogs are injured and one needs to be euthanized and he still gets to go home for the fourth ! Sounds to me like this animal clinic needs as much help as the psycho who caused the harm . This is outrageous and not only should he be charged with cruelty and the death of all involved , his professional status needs to be looked into because it’s highly likely that he’s taken advantage of his power there as well . I’m sickened that this was allowed to happen . And allowed is the correct term in this situation

  76. Avatar Of Lillian Aponte

    Lillian Aponte


    WaitTFup!!! He was allowed to adopt a dog?? after beating 3 severely? one had to euthanized?? is this insane!!! someone better get that 4th dog!!! that pos cop is no fucking good!!!! this is the most insane ef’n story that i have ever read!! what kind of shelter allows anyone to adopt after some bullshit like that??

  77. Avatar Of Brenda Hewitt

    Brenda Hewitt


    This man does not deserve to adopt regardless if his family was with him or not…Get the dog back now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Avatar Of Catseye



    I totally agree with you. First thing that came to my mind!!!!! Damn it. Dies anyone live there that can get up in his shit and look into a pro bono investigator or something!

  79. Avatar Of Mike O'Key

    Mike O'Key


    Steroid abuse by cops is. At an epidemic level. People are being killed by the thousands every year in this country due to steroid abuse. The police in thi s country a re a complete disgrace. Not a single by thing will happen to this steaming pile of human waste. ” We investigated ourselves and found we can get away with murder “

  80. Avatar Of Eva Morgan

    Eva morgan


    Get the adopted dog back. Something seems very wrong here and A thorough investigation needs to be done BEFORE the deputy gets an animal. I hope we are kept up to date on this and that it doesn’t get lost!! What a horrible thing.

  81. Avatar Of Julie Lostocco

    Julie Lostocco


    Red flags??? C’mon he should never have been permitted to leave the shelter with a dog. He shouldn’t be trusted at all.

  82. Avatar Of Amy Baxter

    Amy Baxter


    Fire him, press charges, remove animals from his home and council his family. Animal abuse escalates to family violence.

  83. Avatar Of Carrie



    This is absolutely sickening!!

  84. Avatar Of Debbie Magnin

    Debbie Magnin


    this cop needs to be fired and brought up on charges and the dog he adopted needs to be removed from him immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. The shelter doesn’t know where the board came from? The shelter doesn’t know why 3 dogs were out together in the exercise area? Ok…let’s go with that. WHY don’t they know? How about Mr Big Shot deputy flashed a smile and his MCSO badge, causing MCAS to trust him alone with the animals. After all, who would think a sheriff’s deputy with his wife and children in tow would beat a dog half to death in front of them? Did he bring his own board too? I’m leaning toward forgiving MCAS for trusting him alone with the dogs, BUT, WHY is the fourth dog still in his custody? What do imagine will happen to #4 if he makes a potty in the house or some other infraction? WHY is this deputy still wearing a badge and a gun? WHY is he not on administrative leave, far less jail? WHAT investigation? Ya think the kids beat that Pit Bull to death? How heavy of a blow does it take to cause neurological damage? And what kind of idiot breaks up a dog fight by getting into the fight himself? I think there is much more to this that we don’t know, none of it is excusable, and that Patty Myown may be on the right track.

  86. Avatar Of Dana Gee



    This idiot needs to be prosecuted for animal cruelty and get the worst penalty he can get!!! OMG. Why don’t they let a few people get a 2 x 4 after him??? Dogs are so innocent. Even if dog was aggressive which he wasn’t he should’ve not just beaten the dog to that state. And sounds like didn’t even bother him one bit.

  87. Avatar Of Vici Menzel

    VicI Menzel


    He’s aware. Doesn’t say a single about investigating.

  88. What a fuckin scumbag hope you got the dog off of him

  89. Avatar Of Bonnie



    Oh no no.

    This is not right…something is fishy..go get that dog from him

  90. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    Why is the dog he adopted not being rescued and charges pressed against him? How is he allowed to keep this dog and not get into any trouble? Who is there to contact to complain to…we need tonight their phone up ASAP at this injustice and save that other dog!!

  91. Avatar Of Delphine Pillar

    Delphine Pillar


    This is such a gross abuse of animals and how in the world did staff there allow all these dogs in a common area together with this man. HOW!!! did they not see this before this man left the premises and I use the word man lightly here and stop him. I would have called the police on him and certainly not let this dangerous animal in human form leave with a dog. The staff of this place should be fired if they are collecting a paycheck, dropped the ball does not even cover this. OMG!! The man who did it should be in jail or in mental health treatment. he is dangerous.

    • Avatar Of Brigitte St Jean

      brigitte st jean


      Staff should be fired. Fucking bastard sissy cop should be fired too and should not be allowed to own a dogs. I would love to hit this sissy cops with a 2X4 and make sure he’s dead.

  92. Someone needs to go get the fourth dog before it is abused

  93. Avatar Of Lisa-Marie Laurin

    Lisa-Marie Laurin


    Unbelievable that no staff member would of heard the commotion. I cannot phantom the reason these dogs were left unattended and they allowed this abuser to walk out with another dog. The Shelter along with the Deputy should be prosecuted. Shame on everyone involved.

  94. Avatar Of Blakbart



    There was a time incidents such as this would have been ignored. Kudos to the DA’s office for opening an investigation case. This is an extremely conservative and largely rural community and it takes time to dismantle “good old boy” networks. Thank goodness the process has finally started. RIP, sweet Rock.

  95. Avatar Of Jan



    This is the second time lately that this shelter has had problems all of which were caused by Jim Clark commissioner of Pct 4 in Montgomery County. There is no reason for this to keep happening

  96. Avatar Of Krisi Allen

    Krisi Allen


    It would seem that the shelter staff dropped the ball twice. Once when they allowed their dogs to be abused to death, second sending the a abuser home with a dog he can torture at his leisure.

    All I do when I read these is shake my head. I wonder how these people make it through the day..

  97. Avatar Of Cindy Cindy says:

    A lot of people are at fault here. The shelter staff for not being with them when they were with the dogs. The cop should be in jail. Very sad situations. Someone better to some checking into this shelter and the cop. Why they let him adopt a dog is beyond me.

  98. Avatar Of Lee



    Bring that adopted dog back and never allow him to have another animal. What a flaming a-hole and terrible parenting example.

  99. Avatar Of Sandra



    Shelter should be shut down and crimanal charges should be brought aganst him and they do need new staff

  100. Avatar Of True Texan

    True Texan


    Fuck that cop, and I hope he burns in hell. I hope he gets what he deserves soon. He doesn’t have the right to be on this planet anymore.

  101. Avatar Of Lori Domoracki

    Lori Domoracki


    For one thing…you just don’t go wondering around a shelter without somebody that works there. If nobody was at the desk…then they should have left and went back another time. That stupid cop had no business taking his family through the place and then beat those poor dogs killing one that we know of. He should have charges brought against him for trespassing.. Cruelty to animals and I hope to God they took the dog he adopted back or he will just beat it too.

  102. Avatar Of Terry Golz

    Terry Golz


    And they let him adopt a dog, something is not right here, killing a dog what???????? And his family was there so they are shown how to be mean to dogs. Something happen to provoke these dogs and where was the shelter people. Policeman or not should not get away with this!!!!!!!!

  103. Avatar Of Deborah Lynch

    Deborah Lynch


    He better be in jail. He should hope there was video. POS.

  104. Avatar Of Jb



    He needs to face penalties to the max and have the dog he adopted taken away from him!!

  105. Avatar Of Fran



    This animal shelter sounds like it’s run by a bunch of freaking retards who don’t give a flying crap about the dogs or their well-being. How could you let somebody severely beat and kill multiple animals and then in the same breath let them adopt another? He should’ve never been allowed to adopt on till this incident has been thoroughly checkEd.
    Nobody in the shelter can explain anything. Maybe all of those people need to lose their freaking jobs too. Maybe just maybe the wavy shelters in the south are run are despicable

  106. Avatar Of Dan Law

    Dan Law


    There’s too much left unexplained here.

    “No shelter staff were present, and no one can explain why or how three dogs were all in the shelter’s exercise area with the family at the same time.”

    “Shelter staff cannot explain where the board used to beat the dogs came from.”

    What really sickens me is this:
    “After the incident, the deputy was allowed to adopt another dog.”

    I’d say the shelter needs new staff. Every one of the people present should be looking for new positions.

    • Avatar Of Leland Johnson

      Leland Johnson


      This was my take. I wouldn’t let any family interact with animals without any supervision or at least observation, much less multiple animals at the same time. As a pit bull owner and with the little info is given, the picture painted is multiple unfamiliar excited animals (never a good idea) competing for attention. I think the deputy definitely went too far but the staff set up a “perfect storm” and bears the bulk of the responsibility.

  107. Avatar Of Patti Zelewicz

    patti zelewicz


    someone needs to be present with the animals when someone wants to adopt

  108. Avatar Of Rie A

    Rie A


    something sounds like bullshit.. and that piece of walking shit off duty pig needs a beating rot in hell trash with any luck you will get killed on the job

    • Avatar Of Parker



      yup. 🙁

    • Avatar Of Chelle



      Neither you or I were there and your comments are disgusting and out of line. Read the few facts: the deputy was in a pen with 3 dogs that starting fighting with his CHILDREN. Where was the staff? We don’t know what really happened. Did they attack his child? He should not of tried to break up the fight but the shelter staff needs to take some responsibility here.

      • Avatar Of Mf



        Typical of both Texassholes and cops.

      • Avatar Of Darlene



        Get your ass out of the sand. The dogs were not fighting with his CHILDREN. They were in the play yard fighting each other which I dought
        No one should have been in there unattended. An employee should be there at all time when someone got to look at the dogs to adopt one. After investigating this he should be up on animal cruelty charges and the dog he adopted be taken away from him before it is hurt or killed at the hands of him or his family.

      • Avatar Of Karen Douglas

        Karen Douglas


        No one said anything about children. You are inflaming the situation, chelle! They attacked each other, not the child or children. Get a grip! And he should never have walked out or that shelter with a dog in his possession. I hope the dog has been returned to the shelter and out of the hands of this moron!

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