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Off-Duty Cop Shoots Neighbor’s ‘Aggressive’ Dog – But His Story Doesn’t Quite Add Up

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An off-duty Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office sergeant, C. Bradley Shivers, shot a neighbor’s dog on Friday after he says the dog wandered onto his property and became a threat to his family.

According to police, Sergeant Shivers and his family, including 2 young children, were outside in the backyard when Goose, a recently rescued Basset Hound mix came through a hole in the fence and began circling the family in the pool, barking.

Shivers explained to police that he’s had ‘run-in’s’ with Goose in the past, but normally just chased him off with a rake.

This time, Sgt. Shivers ran inside his home and grabbed his gun, loaded with Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office-issued rounds.

He claims to have then tried to chase Goose out of the yard with the rake, but fell to the ground. That’s when Goose lunged for him, causing him to fire a single shot, hitting the dog in the head.

When she heard the shot, Goose’s owner, 23-year old Chelsea Pavish, ran to the Shivers’ backyard and rushed her dog to the veterinarian where he was pronounced dead.

Although a police report was filed, Pavish fears the incident will be “swept under the rug,” as no charges have been made and animal control did not feel it necessary to visit the scene.

She says, there are holes in Shivers’ story. For example, if the officer feared for his life, how did he have time to go inside the house and grab his gun? Why not just take the family inside and close the door, then go next door and let the neighbor know her dog was in their yard?

JSO spokesperson Melissa Bujeda told FCN, “Although the officer was on his personal property, off duty, and used his personal firearm, the JSO will be looking into this complaint.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Ma



    it don’t ADD up its a bit fishy cop or not this needs to be looked into and not PUSHED UNDER THE TABLE BECAUSE HE IS A COP no COVER UP

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