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Ohio Cop Shoots Dog During Traffic Stop

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A Woodville, Ohio police officer is now under investigation after unjustifiably shooting a dog during a routine traffic stop along US 20 on Monday.

Lauren Meyer, an employee at Lockport Transportation, brings her friendly, happy-go-lucky chocolate Lab, Moses to work with her often. On Monday, he was with her as usual when an officer made a traffic stop right in front of the Lockport building. Curious, Moses wandered over to the police officer to greet him.

That’s when the officer pulled out his gun and shot the dog. The officer admitted that the shooting was unprovoked, that Moses didn’t appear to be a threat.

“I said ‘so why did you do it? Was he barking or growling at you’ and he said ‘no.’ So I said ‘why did you shoot it?’ he said ‘that’s not enough to tell me that he wasn’t going to bite,'” Lauren explained to KPHO News.

Five-year old Moses sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and is now undergoing surgery in an effort to save it. While veterinarians are expecting a positive outcome, Moses does not deserve the pain and suffering he’s now faced with.

Among witnesses to the shooting was a 2-year old child that was sitting in the vehicle the officer pulled over.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Heather Alam

    Heather Alam


    this appalling treatment of a harmless animal. What an earth is this man doing with a gun. Very gun ho. He should be charged with cruelty to animals and ban for life from keeping them

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