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Ohio Woman Offered Bizarre Reward for Lost Dog – And It Worked!

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Miller'S Lost Dog Poster Described Zoro As &Quot;A Real Smooth Character&Quot; And Offered A Case Of Beer And A Pack Of Cigarettes For His Safe Return. Photo Courtesy Facebook.
Miller’s lost dog poster described Zoro as “A real smooth character” and offered a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes for his safe return. Photo courtesy Facebook.

When Abigail Miller’s two dogs escaped from their backyard and became lost, the Ohio dog owner offered a unique reward for their return – and it worked!

When her dogs, Ajna and Zoro, escaped through an open gate on January 2, Miller immediately set out in search of her beloved animals. She found Ajna at a local animal shelter a few days after the escape, but Zoro was still nowhere to be found.

So, she got creative.

Miller created fliers, offering a case of beer and a pack of cigarettes, for the safe return of her lost dog and placed them around town. While her reward was a little strange, it certainly grabbed attention – the exact attention she needed to bring Zoro home, just 10 days after he was lost.

The 23-year old Submarine House employee said she offered beer and cigarettes because it was a reward she could afford, but that she also knew would attract attention. And that it did.

One man spotted the flier at a local Kroger store and remembered recently seeing a dog that matched Zoro’s description and photo being walked by a Dayton, Ohio couple that told him they’d found the dog and intended to keep him.

He immediately contacted Miller who found Zoro exactly where the good samaritan described. Although the man turned down the reward, Miller says she will be treating him to Submarine House sandwiches as a thank you for finding her beloved Husky.

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  1. Avatar Of Patricia Nye

    patricia nye


    I didn’t know this commination was open to the public. I was just trying to get hold of the radio program people!

  2. Avatar Of Patricia Nye

    patricia nye


    Hi! My name is Patricia Nye, I live in the country so I am able to take in stray dogs/cats/etc. and have them vetted, vaccinated, neutered, and give them a home. I can’t give them a perfect one-on-one home because I can’t find good homes for all of them, but we do what we can. I can’t give them to my 2 adult children because (they live in the country also just so they can help unwanted animals) we all have about a dozen each. I haven’t worried in the past about the situation because I happily do what I can. This summer I nearly died from e-coili and it made me realize there would come a time when I would not be able to take care of all these animals and that my family couldn’t take them in because they already have too many. I don’t need help yet, just thinking ahead, but if you know anyone who needs a good dog I can find some. What I was really writing to you about was the caller, Kate, that you had on the radio this morning who is gifted with organizational know how. She sounded like such a special person. I was wondering if you could contact her for me and ask her if she could help me simplify my life by helping me organize my kitchen, closets, whatever she would be willing to do. Of course I would respect her by paying her for her expertise. I am trying to make things easier for me now and for my family after I am no longer here. You know: power of attorney, will, funeral arrangements, and taking care of things that would only be a burden to my family later. I live in Hillsboro, Texas near IH 35& hwy 77 and I was hoping that wouldn’t be to far for her. Sincerely, Patricia Nye – 254-582-0338

  3. Avatar Of Elaine



    The reward is not what got her dog home, it was the kindness of a dog loving good Samaritan!! To suggest that her reward of beer & cigarettes is what got him home is misleading and quite honestly to offer such a reward is tasteless.

    • Avatar Of Lynette



      Maybe the reward wasn’t in the best of taste, but it said that it was all that she could afford. And it got attention which was what was needed. Can’t you just be happy that she got her dog back without judging her for the reward offered?

    • Avatar Of Terri Crispin

      Terri Crispin


      Oh, shut up.

    • Avatar Of Barb Koehler

      Barb Koehler


      Whatever, princess sorry to affront your highest sense of propriety.

      Lay off.

  4. Avatar Of Elizabeth



    Whatever works, as long as she got her baby back….

  5. Thank god her babys are home and u would be surprised what people do for cigs and beer!!

    • Avatar Of Meg



      The man who found the dog did not accept the reward, so not all people are out for beer and smokes

    • Avatar Of Sherrie



      This story is about my daughter. She loves her dogs so much that she took a second job so she can keep them. She definitely puts every thing she has into caring for her animals and I’m so glad she found them.

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