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Oklahoma Family Dog Tortured and Killed, Reward Offered

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Dog parent, Melony Patton and the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office in Oklahoma need your help! On Saturday, the lifeless body of Melony Patten’s beautiful dog, a black lab named Jetta, was found lying on the side of the road in the Rogers County town of Winganon. A $4,500 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of whomever killed this sweet family dog.

Oklahoma’s News9 reported that the Pattons thought their dog was outside. But, when they called for her, she didn’t return. Searching for the dog, Melony Patton’s brother found Jetta’s body about a mile from home, on the side of the road. Jetta had just given birth to nine puppies just a few weeks earlier.

Rogers County Sheriffs say the dog was shot and dragged behind a car after her rear legs were bound with steel baling wire.

“Someone took her back legs and wired them together and drug her a mile away from her home,” Melony Patton told News9. “We don’t know if she was shot first or she was still alive when this happened.” Patton reports that Jetta’s nine puppies are doing well. But, they are desperate to find the person responsible for killing their beloved family pet.

“We’ve had Jetta since she was about 8 weeks old. My daughter got her for her third birthday, so she was about a year and a half old. She was a very friendly dog; she’d lick you to death before anything,” Melony said.

If you have any concrete information about this crime, call Rogers County Sheriff’s Office at 918-341-3620 or 911.

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  1. Avatar Of Wayne Paul Liles

    Wayne Paul Liles


    I and my furkids had the misfortune of having a step-family memeber sociopath murdering them and torturing..his mother works in the judicial system wher I live so he did as he pleased and no one ever made him stop..one day he will kill a peron or persons because he has never been stopped.Thes kinds of people need to be incarecerated for life and kept away from People and animals…I pray God open the door on the psycho wh did this..and they get put away…

  2. Avatar Of George



    That poor dog, my heart goes out to the family. Those responsible must be found!

  3. Avatar Of Bikey



    Anyone who would do this to a dog will probably “graduate” to doing things like this to people..he/they must be found and punished.

    • Avatar Of Susan Scullin

      Susan Scullin


      Agreed- most escalate and the next thing is people. Horrible and Boy, heaven help you if I ever catch you doing anything to an animal. I will call the police after I am done with you. You will be glad they came to save you. Just sayin’

  4. Avatar Of Lance



    I hope whoever did this has the same thing done to them.

  5. Avatar Of Donna Cox Donna Cox says:

    If the person turned himself in ,why aren’t they putting him in prison ,if they would do that to a dog what would they do to a person .it’s a shame someone doesn’t drag him around a bit with his feet bound .

  6. Avatar Of Donna Cox Donna Cox says:

    I hope they find whoever did that ,we used to have a black lab ,she was the sweetest dog .I don’t understand the sickness of people that would do that to a sweet beautiful dog like that .i hope they rot in Hell for what they did . i know you miss her so much .

  7. Avatar Of Dana



    I would gladly torture the monster or monsters who did this to this poor soul until they were begging to die. But death is too good for them. I can’t believe how many animals out there are treated so inhumanely. Has anyone checked Michael Vick’s whereabouts? That sociopath should be in prison for life too as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Avatar Of Lisa



    My guess would be look to the neighbors. The dog was probably barking and some redneck a**hole got annoyed and felt this was appropriate response. Hope when they find him, he gets the same “escort” to jail.

  9. Avatar Of From Ok

    From OK


    I read a report recently that the person who committed this crime turned himself in and was not arrested by authorities.

  10. Avatar Of Pat Dodson Pat Dodson says:

    I hope they find this person/s and do the same thing to them as what was done to this dog. It sounds to me like the dog was in her own back yard, not bothering anyone, and someone/s just picked her up and done these horrible things to her for no good reason. She looked like such a sweet dog and did not deserve this. I’m glad the reward has been upped to $10,000.00.
    I hope and pray whoever done this is caught very soon.
    My prayers are with the family. I know how you must feel. You can all email at: [email protected] I live in Kansas.

  11. Avatar Of Lucy



    Whoever did this needs to have it done to them. What other animals have they done this too? Assholes probly thought it was fun

  12. Avatar Of Michele Matthews

    michele matthews


    I can’t believe that people would hurt an innocent animal. Burn in hell you bastards. They will find you and make you pay. What comes around goes around.

  13. Avatar Of J O'Neill

    J O'Neill


    The only true justice in cases where harm is done to the helpless is for the perpetrator(s)when found to be treated in like manner. This act was presumably committed by someone to whom the governing body has issued a driving license which carries a responsibility. Clearly the individual(s) are not worthy of such public trust. I hope they are found and dealt with equally harsh treatment. There is no way to forgive this kind of behavior.

  14. Avatar Of K.vedrinski



    I can only hope that there is truth to what is said about there being a very special place in Hell, for whoever did that to that poor dog!!

  15. Avatar Of Marti L

    Marti L


    For updates, check out the Facebook page of Wild Heart Ranch in Claremore, OK. The reward is now $10,000 thanks to a big boost from Barry Switzer.

  16. Avatar Of Sharon Smith

    sharon smith



  17. Avatar Of Susan



    So sick of hearing these horrible things happening to poor animals….What goes through a persons mind to be able to do such a horrible thing. I hope some how, some time, something happens to these people/person and they feel pain beyond belief……

  18. Avatar Of Jen Book

    jen book


    The police better find this sick person and treat that person like they did that poor dog. Poor innocent dog has to die for no reason. That’s just wrong.

  19. Avatar Of Bonnie



    Is there a way of donating so the reward can be upped?
    I am willing to donate…to help caught the ^%$#%@#$@ who did this!

  20. Avatar Of Dan



    Let me get my hands on the person(s) who did that.

    • Avatar Of Anne Dodds anne dodds says:

      How horrifying—my God what is wrong with people.
      A simple creature-loved by a family and cruely killed for no humanly reason.
      EVILNESS–hunt them dowm–forget the cuffs—bind them with wire and drag them to jail.

  21. Avatar Of Lucie



    I hope they are caught and the same done too these murders people like this if they do something like this too a wonderful animal then doing it too humans is not far beyond their ways obvisously they don’t believe in a higher power or they wouldn’t do this sicko demented murderous stuff but I beleive even the devil would turn his back on these fools and send them too a far worse place then even eternal burning forever they deserve worse on top of what they do too these poor mumma and babies suffer too I hope they get their ten fold !!!!

  22. Avatar Of Renee



    I hope they catch the a-hole then do the same to them!!! If this world was an eye for an eye, alot of idiots would think first before they tortured anyone!

    • Avatar Of George



      OMG…. I am totally with you. If you torture, beat, belittle, or mutilate, you should be hung from your feet in the town square and slowly beaten to death!!!! If you rob or steal, you should have your fingers chopped off!

      If you disrespect someone or bully them, you should be slapped silly!!

      This makes me SICK! May God’s wrath be felt for future generations for this horrific killing.

  23. Avatar Of Shay Isaac

    Shay Isaac


    Oh my word, this is just too terrible for words. This is murder! It is an outrage. Hope they fimd the ppl or person who did this! He/they are going to HANG!

  24. Avatar Of Brenda Cox brenda cox says:

    they really need to find who did this to a helpless dog it could be a person next time for people that hurt helpless animal has no feeling for anything

  25. Avatar Of Linda



    I hope you find this sick-o. Someone who would do such a horrible thing, would stop at nothing, hurt anyone or any creature. They need to be stopped.
    I have 4 dogs and can only imagine how this must feel. I wish I could do something to help. God Bless You!

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