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Online Dating… For Dogs!?

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New York City dogs and their owners are enjoying a new way to make friends and plan doggie playdates, thanks to an internet startup that helps connect them through their online dating service for dogs, MatchPuppy.com.

The site, which was originally created to connect dog owners that wanted to breed their dogs – real doggie dating – but evolved into more of a social networking and playdate planner when creators realized New York City’s four-legged residents just wanted to be friends.

MatchPuppy describes themselves as

a social networking site that help dog owners and their dogs meet new friends in their neighborhoods. Owners can arrange and join playdates, whether for finding matches for a quick stroll in the park or just meeting up with other dog owners and their dogs to play some fetch and sniff some butts.

So far, almost 2000 dogs have joined, with more joining the fun each day. For now, the site only connects NYC dogs and residents, but MatchPuppy hopes to expand into other cities, saying “it’s a dog-meet-dog world!”

Would you use a service like MatchPuppy to connect with other dog lovers in your area? Share your thoughts with us below!

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  2. Avatar Of Andi Lee

    Andi Lee


    I think its a great idea for a variety of reasons; one being NYC can be a lonely place. This is an opportunity to meet and make friends, or potential new partners that love their dogs.

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