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Oregon Dog Solves Age Old Mystery of the Missing Sock

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Image via DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital

For anyone that’s ever hypothesized a theory on where those missing socks end up – an Oregon family finally found the answer… in their dog’s stomach!

When a Portland-area family’s 3-year old Great Dane began gagging and vomiting throughout the day, they took him to the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital for help.

When veterinarians took abdominal images of the pooch, they were shocked to discover a quite large mass of foreign material and the dog’s stomach slightly distended. During exploratory surgery, they discovered 43 and a half of the family’s missing socks inside the dog’s stomach! (no word on whether any of those socks had matches…)

After a successful sock-extraction surgery, the dog recovered and went home, happy and healthy, the next day.

Veterinary Practice News recently held a nationwide contest for veterinarians called “They Ate WHAT?” in which veterinarians sent in radiograph images of the strangest things their clients have eaten. The sock-eating Great Dane was one of the top finishers, along with a frog that ate 30 rocks and a German Shorthaired Pointer that swallowed a kabob skewer (yikes!). All animals recovered from their surgeries. Check out these, and other honorable mentions, here.

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