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Our Favorite Unsung Hero

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Last year, DogTime introduced the Unsung Hero Award, recognizing volunteers doing incredible work on behalf of homeless animals. This year, they are again asking the public to nominate those who are going above and beyond for shelters and rescues in their area. The recipient receives a trophy and a $10,000 donation to the rescue organization of their choice!

The Dogington Post wanted to take a moment to publicly announce our nomination for Unsung Hero of 2013, Theresa Strader, founder of National Mill Dog Rescue. We’re positive that after you learn about Theresa, you’ll be inspired to visit DogTime’s website and nominate her, too.

Watch Theresa explain how National Mill Dog Rescue was born:

From a brief history of National Mill Dog Rescue

The following is an excerpt from a letter Theresa wrote:
“February 17, 2007, I arrived at the auction site in Lamar, Missouri – all new to me, I was completely unaware of what I was about to see and moreover, what I was about to learn. Little did I know that on that very day, I would embark upon the most daunting yet rewarding experience of my life. I distinctly remember every thought and feeling I had as I witnessed the cruel realities of the commercial dog breeding industry.
At about noon that day, I laid my eyes on Lily for the very first time. As she cowered in the back of her cage, her jawless face staring back at me, I was overwhelmed by a flooding of emotions. I leaned close in beside her cage and made her this promise. “I’m going to take you from this hell and love you til you die.” I recall that moment as if it happened just today. In an effort to remain inconspicuous, I had to pull myself together and find the nearest exit. After a long walk, I found myself leaning up against the backside of an old barn where I slowly sunk to the ground in tears. I called my husband. I had so much to say yet nothing came out, nothing but tears. At that moment, I knew I would never rest again without taking a stand against the heartless cruelty put upon the animals that I have adored since I was a small child. The animals that throughout my life have never let me down. Man’s best friend. In that moment, on that day, National Mill Dog Rescue was born.”

Today, National Mill Dog Rescue is a thriving organization, with a network of volunteers working all over the world – dedicated to the memory of Lily. NMDR proudly upholds a no-kill policy, provides the highest level of veterinary care anywhere, operates with a 95% volunteer staff and is successful in finding permanent, loving homes for every single dog they rescue.

To date, NMDR, with Theresa at the helm, has saved nearly 8,000 dogs from the horrors of puppy mills. 
Very recently, Theresa and her family lost their home on the very first day of the Black Forest fire in Colorado. Theresa, her husband and daughter were able to escape with all their animals and the server that hosts the National Mill Dog Rescue’s Website. Although displaced by the fire and living in temporary housing, Theresa went immediately back to what comes naturally to her – caring for the dogs at the rescue and saving more dogs from abuse and neglect.
There is no one more deserving than Theresa Strader for DogTime’s Unsung Hero Award. If you agree, click here and tell DogTime why YOU think Theresa should be recognized and awarded a $10,000 prize for National Mill Dog Rescue!

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  1. Avatar Of Ruby Barry ruby barry says:

    thanks to your work to help animls such a need for it

  2. Avatar Of Diana Anderson

    Diana Anderson


    In order to nominate Theresa Strader, you need to have her email address. Could you post that please? thank you.

  3. Avatar Of Sandra Slack

    Sandra Slack


    Love Theresa!! She is truly a hero in my eyes and the eyes of thousands, pups included! <3

  4. Avatar Of Wanda Anderson

    Wanda Anderson


    Even though Theresa and her family lost their home in the recent CO fire, she never missed a beat to continue her passion and dedication to save as many pets as possible. If ever there was a person and/or time to be of help to someone…it is now.

  5. Avatar Of 4Skwirt



    Unsung Hero of 2013, Theresa Strader, founder of National Mill Dog Rescue. God bless you Miss Theresa for all you do.

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