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Outfitting Your Vehicle for a Road Trip with Your Dog

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Whether it’s heading up to the mountains for a creek-side picnic or a trip to the coast for a day on the beach, taking our pets along on the road trip is half the fun!

Road Trip

The number one cause of traffic accidents is distracted driving. Whether you’re pushing your dog back into the seat behind you, fending off kisses, or worried about what your dog is doing in the back seat, you are posing a serious threat to your pets, yourself, and others on the road.

Here are some ways you can make traveling with pets a whole lot easier.

Travel Crates & Carriers

Road Trip

The safest and most effective way to keep your dog restrained during road trips is in an appropriately sized, secure travel crate or carrier. In sizes to fit any dog, with safety features for added security, a crate or carrier inside the vehicle can serve double duty outside the car, too.

Backseat Barriers

If you don’t want to crate your dogs in the car, you should, at the very least, choose a backseat barrier to keep your pets where they need to be. Of course, your dog should always be wearing a harness and seatbelt, but if that’s impossible, a backseat barrier will help. Whether it’s a pet net or a fixed barrier, there are options available for any vehicle type.  

Zip Lines

If you have a dog that likes to roam the entire car while you’re driving, that creates a huge hazard. Fortunately, there are ways to keep them in the back, but still give them freedom to move around. Zip Lines can be attached to the inner roof of your car or SUV and attach to your dog’s collar or harness via a leash hooked onto the zip line. This helps keep your pets secured and still allow them to check out what’s happening on both sides of the vehicle.

Road Trip

Booster Seats

It hardly seems fair to make your small dog lie on the floor or have to climb and scratch up your doors to see out the window. Booster seats are great for dogs who are small but still want to see where they’re going. They simply attach to the seat and provide an elevated view of the world to smaller dogs and cats.


There are many dog harnesses on the market, but only a few that have been properly crash-tested for automotive travel. When buying a harness, be sure to research the company and the safety rating the harness has earned. You’ll want to be sure it was tested at an established testing facility using the same Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that is used for child restraint systems. Make sure your vehicle harness is properly fitted and securely fastened to your car’s safety belt before putting the key in the ignition.

No matter which equipment you pick up, you and your pet’s safety should be the number one concern. Taking a few safety precautions before hitting the road will ensure you reach your exciting destination without a hitch!

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Road Trip

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    Yikes! Two pics of dogs with their stuck out the window. I was taught that was dangerous as the dog might have dust or something bliw into the eyes.

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