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UPDATE: Owner of Dog Chained to Top of Crate Traveling 70MPH Fined $35

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Authorities launched an investigation after a video was posted to Facebook of a dog chained to the top of a crate being towed by an SUV traveling at least 70 mph on a Florida interstate.

Palm Coast, Florida resident, Brenna Cronin recorded the video as she and her boyfriend were driving southbound on I-95 toward Daytona Beach. In the video, a dog is seen standing on top of a crate, which contained at least one other animal, while a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled the trailer at high speeds.

WARNING: This video contains language that be be offensive to some viewers.

The dog seen in the video is an American Pitbull Terrier named Zeus, who, according to his owner who did not want to be identified, does not like to ride inside the crate.

As shocking as the video is, traveling with a dog in this manner isn’t entirely illegal. A county ordinance allows people to travel with a dog in a truck bed or trailer as long as the animal is either in a crate or pen, or is tethered twice to the vehicle.  (No. 93-15 S 4, 11-15-93 of the Flagler County Code of Ordinances).

Because Zeus’ owner only used one chain to tether the dog, he received a citation for improperly transporting an animal. The citation carries a $35 penalty.

Authorities performed a wellness check on the dog and found him, along with several other dogs owned by the same family, and found the animals to be both well cared for and not involved in any illegal activity.

Animal cruelty charges are highly unlikely but are possible if the owner is found to have had criminal intent to harm the dog. The dog remains in his owner’s custody.

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  1. […] UPDATE: Owner of Dog Chained to Top of Crate Traveling 70MPH Fined $35 […]

  2. Avatar Of Martha



    The laws need to change. This poor boy looks petrified! A $35 fee is nothing. He probably tied him up there for punishment because he didn't want to go in the crate…he's a monster…the owner that is. Even the dogs in the crates could get injured by flying debris like stones plus if it's storming they'd be soaking wet besides scared. That creep who didn't want his name disclosed shouldn't have any dogs. And the FL laws need to change to protect animals. Other states also need to get tougher with the cruelty laws.

  3. Avatar Of April




  4. Avatar Of April



    ARE U F'N KIDDING ME!!!!! 35$ Ain't shit that ahole to my house so I can strap home down and go 75-80 mph down the road with NO PROTECTION and see how that bastard likes it. I'M MORE THAN WILLING TO DO IT!!!!,and on top of that I'M A PITBULL MOM!!!!!

  5. Avatar Of Libia Johnson

    Libia Johnson


    This is criminal ,put him on jail for 3 most and $1000.tike,no respect for any one.

  6. Avatar Of Eileen



    How dare they do this to a family dog…This is very bad!! Would they tie up their kids to this cage and travel at high speed?
    It's the same thing!! Jerk!!

  7. Avatar Of Sandy Middleton

    Sandy Middleton


    This law needs to be changed. That dog could have fallen off of there and hung himself. This is so ridiculous. I don't care if the dog likes being in a crate or not he should've been in the crate for his own safety. This owner is an idiot.

  8. Avatar Of Linda



    $35 is nothing. If they had fined him at least $100 or more, then it would have hurt his pocketbook worse, and they would 'THINK" for sure next time. Even if the dog did not like to ride in the pen/cage—for the dog's safety, you will need to make the dog. Would anyone chain they child on trailer if the child did not want to ride inside the vehicle?? Children are innocent and do not know what is best for them, so we are responsible to look out for them. Well, it is the same when it comes to our pets. They are innocent animals, and count on us to do the best for them. We have so many 'stupid' people. No, people that are lazy and stupid!

    • Avatar Of Rachel Rachel says:

      I completely agree with you! There is SO much ignorance in the world, on both sides, the legal and the owners. It neanderthal. Come on people! Get your heads out of your asses and try, please, just a little bit to see the ignorance and stupidity of these actions!!

  9. Avatar Of Trish Trish says:

    This state needs toake this act totally illegal & punishable with jail/prison time. The person filming this is just as guilty of animal cruelty as the owners. Have the people in charge lost their minds or what not to have already put severe animal cruelty laws into effect

    • Avatar Of Wendy Green

      Wendy Green


      The person filming it did the RIGHT thing-how are they "guilty"???? They turned this video into the authorities-what do you mean????? The tragic thing is that the only thing wrong was that this jerk only had one tether on the dog-you must have two tethers-I can't believe this is legal……..

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