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Owner Leaves Dog At Burger King Dumpster With “A Good Boy” Note

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A woman found a dog on a dumpster at Burger King on Tuesday, February 28, with a note attached to its collar.

The dog, named King, was spotted tied to a dumpster outside Burger King, 5801 W. Monee Manhattan Road.

The woman who spotted him went back to look for him again, and saw that King has broken free from his leash. Once she saw this, she immediately brought the dog to the Monee Police Department.

The police department posted about King and the note attached to him on their Facebook page and said it broke their hearts.

The handwritten note read, “Hi I’m King. I’m a good boy [and I] love to hug & kiss. Birthday July 22 2018”.

According to a report, when they took King, he had clean fur and freshly cut claws. “Someone definitely loved him.” Detective Evie Lazzaroni said.

Lazzaroni said King was super sweet, and true to what the note said, loves kisses and hugs. “He licked me all over my face, he just wants to sit and be loved by you.” said Lazzaroni.

The Monee Police Department’s post about King has gone viral, and just two days after, King’s pet parent came forward.

In a post made by the South Suburban Humane Society (SSHS), the pet parent said she’ll try to look for a new place so she can take care of King again.

The owner also explained what happened. According to the SSHS post, “After suffering a major medical event, she [the owner] had moved in with family and has been trying to get back on her feet. Her family member abandoned King without her knowledge and she is devastated.”

In an updated statement, the Monee Police Department said, “Based on these circumstances it was decided between us and SSHS that we should try to keep King with his owner because the love between them was very evident!!!”

In addition to this, after the SSHS’s tearful conversation with the owner, one of the staff members agreed to foster King for a month and hopefully reunite King and his owner.

UPDATE: King and his owner are finally reunited! SSHS posted a video of King and his mom on Facebook on March 6 and said, “She [the owner] was able to find some temporary living arrangements where she could bring him and we were overjoyed to reunite them today!!”

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