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Pet Parents Demand Healthier, Safer Treats for Dogs

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In response to the ever-growing demand by dog parents for pet food companies to provide healthier, natural and safe treats for their dogs, Castor & Pollux Natural Petworks, a leader in organic and natural pet products, launched ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies.  The all-natural dog biscuits are wholesome, meaty treats, which are oven-baked with organic whole grains and protein-packed jerky chips. And the taste? That’s right, they’re as good as homemade…but for dogs.

Todd Martin, vice president of sales and marketing for Castor & Pollux, said:

We strive to create nutritious recipes for pets and we’re thrilled to offer pet parents a healthier, natural treat to share with their dogs. Our new cookies uphold our tradition of innovation by delivering a meaty and delicious experience in a crunchy and wholesome biscuit.

ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies are oven-baked with organic whole grains — organic oatmeal, organic barley, organic brown rice, organic oat flour — and protein-packed with jerky chips from high quality proteins like chicken, salmon, beef and lamb. The cookies also contain organic fruits and vegetables including organic peas, organic apples and organic carrots, and contain no corn, soy or wheat.


The cookies are available in four new flavors, including Oatmeal & Salmon, Oatmeal & Beef and Oatmeal & Lamb, as well as Oatmeal & Chicken that is made with 95 percent organic ingredients (including organic chicken) and bears the USDA Organic logo on the front of the bag.

Martin added:

What’s more, our cookies are made in the USA and don’t include ingredients from China, which we believe is especially important given recent pet parent confusion about the safety of jerky treats. We can’t wait to hear what pet parents have to say about them.

ORGANIX Jerky Chip Cookies are available in 10-oz. bags, and are available to purchase at more than 400 PetSmart stores nationwide and via select online retailers for about $7.99.

The good folks at Castor & Pollux are so confident your dogs will love their new cookies that they’ve asked the pet parents to sound off on social media with hashtag #ASmartCookie.

They are also giving away 100 free bags to fans and friends of The Dogington Post! Simply enter to win by posting, tweeting or tagging with the hashtag #ASmartCookie. Use the form below to enter daily. After you enter, Visit the Castor & Pollux Hashtag Gallery to see your entries and others by clicking here.

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  1. Avatar Of Bess Moore

    bess moore


    Which treats are safe?? So many from China and other countries I WON’T buy!! Please help!!! Bess Moore

  2. Avatar Of Angie Degennaro

    Angie DeGennaro


    I have two XXL fur kids, Bastian & Sicily. They are pampered pooches, for sure & they are finicky eaters with sensitive tummies. They told me that they want to try these treats & I haven’t seen them in any local stores. We would love to win some!

  3. Would love a safe treat for my Jenna(rottweiler) & Buddy (black labrador)

  4. Avatar Of Jenniferlewis



    My dog deserves to win because she is the sweetest puppy anyone could ask for. She came from a rescue and was found on the streets at three months old. We all know the streets are a scary place for a little puppy.she is a treasure and so soft.

  5. Avatar Of Jeanette



    I rescue animals. I have 2 feral cats and I have had them on other foods which made them look sickly and unhealthy. Since feeding them Castor and Pollux they look very healthy.

    The dogs I rescue only get fed this food and I try to find the best treats and they get sick from them and I try to stick to Castor and Pollux treats when I can find them. Usually the stores don’t have them. My dog only gets fed Castor and Pollux food.

  6. Avatar Of Melissa



    Would love for Eli to try these natural treats. Any flavor is good.

  7. Avatar Of Pklo



    Would love a safe treat for my pups

  8. Avatar Of Elizabeth. Bizich

    Elizabeth. Bizich


    We need more reasonable priced treats for our babies. I won’t buy anything made in china

  9. Avatar Of Amy Mccualsky

    Amy McCualsky


    Make sure no pet food products you buy are manufactured or packaged in China. China allows too many plastics into dog food and treats. Specifically the combination of melamine and cyualic acid (sp) together are lethal to dogs. Our sweet doggie, Barney, a lab mix, passed away in his sleep a year ago April 3 from this heinous crime from China. Demand to know where the dog treats and/or food are made, manufactured and packaged, and BOYCOTT ALL PET PRODUCTS FROM CHINA!!!! Our dogs’ lives are too precious to chance from greedy companies in China who allow plastics in their food!!! The US FDA needs to OUTLAW DOG FOOD AND TREATS FROM CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Avatar Of Jen Schneider

    Jen Schneider


    I love feeding my dogs Organix treat! I buy them at Vitamin Cottage here in Monument, CO!

  11. Avatar Of Jennifer Van Den Langenberg

    Jennifer van den langenberg


    I only want the best for my pets and if you can provide that, your my stars!! P.s any flavour will do. 🙂

  12. Avatar Of Gigi Fratus

    Gigi Fratus


    Cloudstar treats!

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