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PetChatz: Watch, Talk, and Give Treats to Your Dog…Remotely!

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By now, if we haven’t all used a video chat at one time or another, we’re at least aware that the technology exists that allows 2 or more people from different parts of the world to interact face to face. Well, Anser Innovation, LLC has taken the video chat to the new level – an innovative new video chat system that allows you to be with your dog, even when you’re not home. PetPR announced the Minneapolis-based company’s planned launch later this fall.

Using PetChatz, people can watch, talk to, and even “feed” their pets through a Skype-like videophone. The device that stays in the residence/home is plugged into the wall and is equipped with a webcam, speaker phone, and microphone, as well as scent and treat dispensers.

Pet owners can also use a Web-based app on their computer or mobile device so that they can “watch” their pet remotely. They can watch in a spy-like mode or press a call button to signal dogs to the device, where they can watch, talk, and feed them.

While other video monitoring and chatting systems exist, that could potentially be used to communicate with your dog while you’re away, nothing on the market exists with scent and treat dispensers, developed specifically with dogs in mind.

The University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine is currently using and testing the device and how dogs interact with it.

According to their website, Anser Innovation, LLC plans to market it’s PetChatz system to “pet parents”, as opposed to regular pet owners, as this segment spends, on average, up to 66% more on their pets. And, they claim peace of mind for pet parents is the main motivator to buy.

I guess that makes me a pet parent, since I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these! What do you think about PetChatz? Will you buy one and be with your dog even when you’re not home? Tell us your thoughts!

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1 Comment

1 Comment

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    I believe I read that dogs vision being different from ours means that they don’t see video the same way we do and that the images do not appear to look like anything dogs would recognize. I guess the voice and scent would work for them. Is there any info on that?

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