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181 Pets Rescued From Path of Hurricane Isaac

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At least one valuable lesson was learned after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf states 7 years ago: to include pets in emergency plans. That’s why the SPCA transported 181 dogs and cats from Isaac’s path in Louisiana to safer grounds in Texas.

An SPCA of Texas volunteer comforts one of 181 frightened shelter pets being moved from Louisiana and Mississippi shelters to safer grounds in Texas. Photo credit SPCA of Texas.

The SPCA of Texas received nearly 200 sheltered pets from both the SPCA of New Orleans and the Humane Society of South Mississippi, two areas that were particularly battered during Katrina. The pets were moved in advance of Hurricane Isaac’s arrival on Tuesday.

The SPCA of Texas is also offering adoptions at 50% off to make room in their shelters for these and any other pets that are displaced by the storm.

My San Antonio reported,

“As we approach the exact anniversary of Katrina’s landfall just seven years later, we have learned many lessons,” said Tara High, executive director of the Humane Society of South Mississippi. “One of the lessons was to have a plan—and have partnering shelters and organizations on our side, ready to help if ever we need it. We know that our planning and our partnerships mean less lives are lost and happier endings for displaced shelter animals.”

While advance preparation for animals already in shelters has given a new chance at life to nearly 200 pets already sitting in shelters, rescue organizations expect another wave of homeless pets after the storm has passed.

Sadly, so many pet owners are unprepared for an emergency and as a result, any time there’s a disaster, it’s the pets that are left behind. At a bare minimum, every single family dog should be microchipped and an evacuation plan should be in place and practiced ahead of time.

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