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Pharaoh Hound

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The Pharaoh Hound, also called as Kelb Tal-Fenek, is a breed of tall, slender dog that originated in Malta. It belongs to the hound breed family which is remarkable for their exceptional hunting skills magnified by their incomparable scenting power, speed, and or stamina. Pharaoh Hounds have been bred to become reliable sight-hounds and rabbit hunters. Their short, glossy coat usually comes in tan or red color with some white markings.

Height and Weight

The male members of the Pharaoh Hound normally stand a height of 23 to 25 in at the withers, while bitches tend to have a standard height of 21 to 24 in. Both have a common weight of about 45 to 55 lbs.



Pharaoh Hounds, in general, are well-behaved, pleasant, and independent dogs. They are calm and peaceful at home. The breed is also loyal and loving towards its family owners. They get along well with children, though may become rather aloof around strangers. Giving the breed adequate exercise is important to keep them calm and stable-minded. Pharaoh Hounds are brave, intelligent, and easy to train. Early socialization is necessary to keep the breed from becoming timid. Pharaoh Hounds bond fairly well with other animals, though can be quite dominant toward other dogs of the same sex. Because of their strong hunting instincts, they are rarely trusted with small non-canine animals. The breed basically needs an owner who can display firm yet gentle, consistent leadership over them.


Pharaoh Hounds are easy to groom. They only need to be brushed every few days. Handlers can get rid of their shedding hair by making use of a hound glove to smooth their coat. Bathe the breed as needed. Because some members of the line tend to acquire skin allergies, use of mild shampoo is recommended.

Health Concerns

Pharaoh Hounds are generally a hardy breed. In fact, they have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Nonetheless, like any other canine, the breed is also prone to a few health issues such as oversensitivity to anesthesia and other medication.

Best Environment

Members of the Pharaoh Hound breed generally do well as apartment dogs. Like most sight-hounds, these canines are normally calm at home. Most members of the line sleep during daytime if they get to receive ample exercise. Access to a large securely fenced yard is ideal. Because Pharaoh Hounds love to be with their family owners, kennel-living is not good for them. These dogs have been bred in a warm climate so dwelling in areas with cold weather conditions would be devastating.

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