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Phoenix Police Searching for Suspects that Shot, Killed Dog at Park While Children Played Nearby

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Phoenix Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and locating two suspects that, they say, shot and killed a dog in a park in front of children playing on a nearby playground.

Phoenix Police are hoping someone will step forward with information about a shocking case of animal cruelty that ended in the tragic death of a dog, while children innocently playing nearby watched.

It happened on January at the West Plaza Park in Phoenix, Arizona. At about noon, several children were playing at the park’s playground and having fun with an off-leash dog. Nearby, two men were playing football.

Witnesses say the two men playing football approached and began taunting and provoking the dog. Then, one of the men picked the dog, described as a black Rottweiler type dog with white spots, and the second man shot it in the head, killing it. Both men then fled the scene.

“My little brother came to the house. He was in the park and told me someone shot a dog,” 14-year old Carlos Garcia told Fox10. “Saw a black dog with white spots next couple days. He was in a garbage can.” 9-year old Max Garcia was at the park playing when the shooting occurred.

Carlos’ father, Edmundo is understandably concerned. “I think it is something that needs to be clarified,” he said. “My kids play in the park, walk the dogs. I want to know about it.”

Phoenix Police are urging any witnesses to step forward with information. Those wishing to remain anonymous can leave a tip by calling Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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