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Planning a Road Trip with Your Dog

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Before embarking on a road trip with your pooch, it is crucial that you have done all the necessary planning to make the journey both fun and safe for your dog.

About a month before the scheduled outing, make sure you’ve already secured your dog’s ID tag with his name on it as well as your contact information. Getting a first aid kit and buying a dog harness for riding in the car are also crucial so he remains safe during the trip. Aside from that, making a trip to your vet is also important to ensure that your dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date and that he’s fit enough to come along with you.

How to Prepare for the Road Trip

· A few days before the trip. Ensure that you have packed all the necessary items to keep Fido safe and sound. These include bringing sufficient amount of food and water, dish and bowls, snacks and goodies, leash, toys, brush and comb, towels to clean his dirty paws, plastic bags for his poop, and even dog booties for rough or cold/hot terrains. Packing some medicine will also be highly recommended, and before heading out, don’t forget to put on Fido’s seatbelt harness.

· During the trip. While on the road, always try to keep your car cool and well-ventilated. If you can, stop at least every couple of hours so your pooch can relieve himself. Offering your dog some water during these stops is also advisable. Even in the shaded areas with the car window cracked a little bit open, never ever leave your pooch alone in your parked car. Remember that your car can still heat up to 160 degrees in just a few minutes during a hot day. And this can cause your pet life-threatening conditions such as heat stroke, brain damage, and worse, death.

Other Road Trip Reminders

· When walking your pooch. As a responsible owner, it is important that when you walk your pooch, you use a leash to keep him restrained. You don’t want your pup to get harmed, get lost, or hurt anyone. In addition, try bringing a flashlight for evening walks. Use of bandana can also be helpful for easy spotting particularly during the hunting season.
· Reassuring Fido. As much as possible, set your dog’s mind at ease by bringing along items that he’s familiar with such as his favorite toys, bedding, and other objects.
· Accommodations. You’ll likely need to do a bit of research about your lodging options. Ensure that you find dog-friendly accommodations along the way. And, never leave your dog unattended in a hotel room. Even if you know he can behave well at home, remember that a pooch that feels threatened or abandoned can cause him to bark relentlessly or frighten housekeeping personnel.

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  1. Avatar Of Kristene



    We drove 2000 miles twice with our doxie mix and he was awesome! We stopped frequently and offered him water during the drive from a cup we kept in a cup holder he could reach. We also brought his favorite pillow and blanket and made a nice little “bed” for him on the floor board in the back! Windows down to enjoy the fresh air! He loved it!

  2. Avatar Of Trisha



    National mill dog rescue is made up of an amazing group of people led by Theresa Strader who I honestly believe is one of the most inspiring people on the planet. I live in Massachusetts and have made two trips out to Colorado to volunteer at NMDR. I will go back every chance I get because seeing the amount of care, compassion, and just plain old hard work these people put into rescuing and rehabilitating these dogs, has, quite frankly, stunned me. I have been involved with various rescue organizations for the past twenty years and have never seen a group like this one……not even close.

  3. Avatar Of Nona



    Was pleased when I read this and learned we did all the correct things! We took our 2 doxies on a 2000mile road trip and it was a great time for all of us!!!The girls got out of the car every 2 hours and walked and had a drink of water from home! and we also took bottled water in case that ran out got a bite of food and were good to go again! We crated them so they could move around some and we locked it with the back seat belts!

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