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Poisoned Meat Planted at Ormond Beach Dog Park

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Deputies are investigating after several pieces of meat and fat stuffed with ibuprofen tablets were found scattered around a popular Ormond Beach, Florida dog park.

Teresa Downey spotted the meat, thankfully before her Lab mix, Brody, was able to eat it. After spotting the raw meat on the ground, she took a closer look.

“It had like streaks in it, so I just started poking at it and sure enough it had five pills of what looked, to me, like ibuprofen,” she explained to WFTV News.

Another dog owner called police who confirmed the meat was stuffed with Ibuprofen. And, several more pieces were found throughout the park. It is not known how many dogs ate pieces of the poisoned meat, although one dog is known to have become extremely ill after eating the poison and may suffer permanent kidney damage, if he survives.

Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter pain medications are highly toxic to dogs. Even a single pill can cause irreparable damage or death, depending on the dog’s size and current health.

“You hear about people putting, I mean, from when we were kids, razor blades in apples or poisoning candy for children. I mean, it’s just as bad. It’s attacking the innocent,” Downey said.

A warning has been posted at the Michael Crotty Bicentennial Dog Park and dog owners are on high alert.

Police do not have any suspects in the case.

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