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Police Arrest Man Accused of Taping Caitlyn the Dog’s Muzzle Shut

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North Charleston Police have made an arrest in the case of Caitlyn, a chocolate Staffie who was found last week in critical condition with electrical tape wound tightly around her muzzle.

William Leonard Dodson, 41, is being charged with ill treatment of animals and torture after allegedly buying Caitlyn from her previous owners for $10 just two days prior to being found.

When Caitlyn was found, the images of her abuse quickly spread throughout the world, touching millions and spurring a nationwide manhunt for the person responsible. Caitlyn’s previous owners contacted Animal Control with information about the man that bought their dog.

According to the couple, the 15-month old Staffordshire terrier mix was too much to handle, destroying their property. For fear of being evicted from their home, they opted – instead of giving the dog the attention and training she needed – to sell her.

They sold Caitlyn, then named ‘Diamond’, to Dodson on Memorial Day for $10.

Two days later, when her previous owner stepped outside to leave for work, he found his former dog on the front porch, her muzzle taped shut. Apparently the dog had returned to the only home she knew for help.

Caitlyn’s previous owner asked a neighbor to call 911.

“I have a dog that’s here at my house that I found and the dog’s mouth is taped shut with electrical tape, tongue hanging out its mouth, bleeding, and his tongue is completely black,” WACH Fox 57 has reported the 911 caller saying. “I just don’t know what to do.”

Veterinarians believe Caitlyn’s mouth had been taped shut for two days, meaning Dodson would have done this to her shortly after buying the dog.

If convicted of ill treatment of an animal, Dodson could face up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

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  1. Avatar Of Barbara



    I am disgusted that this is all the horrible human gets: a possible 5 years and $5000 fine for torturing an innocent animal. The legal system is still not fair but at least starting to recognize what these poor living creatures are born to endure.

  2. Avatar Of Jill Jill says:

    What’s wrong with people? I’m So sad Caitlyn had to go threw that horrible ordeal. I’m happy Caitlyn will be okay I pray Caitlyn will find her forever home filled with love and kindness. The Person who abused Caitlyn I hope he gets whats coming to him!!
    I will never understand how someone can abuse a animal.

  3. Avatar Of Jill Jill says:

    What’s wrong with people? So sad What Caitlyn had to go threw I am happy she’s doing okay. Pray she finds a great forever home. ❤️

  4. Avatar Of Sharon



    My heart goes out to Caitlyn. That wasn’t abuse but downright torture! The dog has more brains than the offender. To destroy a dog’s unconditional love is inhuman. Tempting to do the “an eye for an eye” principle. 5 years in jail is not long enough. He’s obviously mentally ill – throw away the key. I pray Caitlyn fully recovers and then bites him in the ass!

  5. Avatar Of Brooke



    I hope that P.O.S. rots in hell!!!!!! Anyone that hurts an animal is so insecure about themselves that it must make them feel powerful to hurt/abuse an animal!!!!! He should be tortured with electrical tape around his balls and left to die and I hope it’s a slow painful one at that!!!!!!!!

  6. Avatar Of Christy Wilson

    Christy Wilson


    5 years is not long enough. There meeds to be stricter laws for abuse of animals. I would have taken & trained & loved her in a heart beat. People that want dogs should research the breed before taking the animal. They require love, care & exercise a bored dog chews. Cant handle it dont get animals. I hope he rots in jail plus 5000 fine & payment for any future medical needs.

  7. Avatar Of Mark James Mark James says:

    I just can’t believe a person can do this to a Dog he must be mentally ill sick of living inflict his pain on a animal, it’s not hard to train a Dog it just takes time and having fun with it along the way, I love Dogs a lot
    more than people,their love is unconditional, this fu__ing nig will get it in prison, no dog should go through that.

  8. Avatar Of Dirk Rogers Dirk Rogers says:

    Disgusting chain of people from the start.I can’t say how angry and frustrated that kind of unforgivable behavior makes me feel.20 years at least!!!

  9. Avatar Of Polly Polly says:

    This is why I am a firm believer in taking animals to a shelter. They screen their adopters. If a dog is unruly, they know who to get in touch with so the dog will be trained and adoptable. Rescues would also be an appropriate way to go. It’s a shame this happened. Am I surprised? Not really. Am I hoping he gets everything coming to him? ABSOLUTELY!!! She will find a great home with all this publicity. Good for her!

  10. Avatar Of Maxine



    So people who hurt defenseless people should be put down also. George Zimmerman

  11. Avatar Of Jlp jlp says:

    Prayer for maximum punishment you asshole!!! Now take it like the dog did!!! Maybe duct tape around your testicals for five years 2ill do some justice for the dogs pain and suffering

  12. Avatar Of Jlp jlp says:

    Hope you feel the pain of the poor dog!!! Now go rot in jail and pay the fine!! I pray you and up getting the maximum punishment !!!

  13. Robert Pavlick, you’re an idiot. Someone should do the same thing to you that was done to this dog. At least then, you wouldn’t be able to make stupid comments like this anymore.

  14. Avatar Of Robert



    What a sick bastard!!!!!

  15. Avatar Of Sandie Gill

    Sandie Gill


    What an awful thing to do. Hurt my heart.

  16. Avatar Of Jude Young

    Jude Young


    The previous owners should be held responsible to an extent. You cannot know what is in someone’s heart when they adopt or purchase a dog. However, selling her for $10.00 is unconscionable. This guy deserves so much more than five years in prison. Hopefully when the Federal law goes into effect next year scum like this will receive harsher sentences. In the meantime, I hope Caitlyn can survive this brutal attack. The people who sold her should have taken the time to train her. Any breed of puppy needs socialization and training. You don’t throw a dog away because you don’t have the time or skills. Make the time and find an appropriate way to train. I realize economics plays a part in everything today. But if you cannot devote time and resources to your pet, don’t adopt one.

  17. Don’t get me wrong, I love dogs and do not condone animal cruelty, but I am getting the impression that many did not closely read this article. Some have said: “Why would you sell your dog to just anyone for $10?” The article distinctly said that they could not handle the dog and that it was destroying the property and the owner was affraid of being evicted. So apparently this dog was destructive and possilby wouldn’t stop barking either. So even though what the second owner did was inexcusable, I can sort of see how it could have come about. What he should have done was bring the dog back or take it to the pound. But if this dog is loud and destructive, I don’t think that anyone will keep it and it will ultimately be put down.

    • You can sort of see it? you obviously didn’t pay attention to the article either. According to the time he bought the dog he did this “shortly” after. It takes more then “shortly” to train a dog and to know it’s faults. What ever this dogs faults or habits are this man did not try long enough to work with it. No excuse, no matter what the dog is doing, to tape it’s muzzle shut so tight that it cannot eat, drink and restrict breathing. I hope it’s next home will have a heart, love and patients. Hopefully not some one like you that obviously is quick to put the animal down.

    • Its called training. The first family most likely didn’t use a dog trainer. I have noisy dogs but if I hadn’t done any training they would be crazy. Patience and time.

    • Robert Pavlick, Are you serious? You’re an idiot and need your mouth taped shut and your fingers broken so you can make anymore stupid comments.

    • Avatar Of Julie Julie says:

      First, I’d like to know how the dog is doing. The article does not say how her outcome is. Did circulation return to her tongue? I am happy to see the man arrested and charged, and I hope he gets the whole five years as at prison. When inmates find out what he did to a dog, the inmates will teach him a valuable lesson. He should be afraid, much like the terror the Caitlyn felt. (Sorry, This is being written by a retired law enforcement officer, now a dog trainer.) It’s a shame that the family did not do training but it is often the case. People think they can train the dog themself and then the dog becomes a teenager and they don’t know what to do. The $10 sale does not bother me, dogs are often traded for free. But I would like clarification as to the destructive behaviors. These usually can be changed and likely won’t be put down Robert, when trained properly. Constructive exercise of the mind and body of a dog is key. The barking can be taken care of too with consistent training. Hopefully the dog will be placed with the right family so she can live out her life without fear and know love.

  18. Avatar Of Maureen Kopper

    Maureen Kopper


    This scum should be shot, period.

  19. Avatar Of S



    What can we do to ensure justice is brought to this bug-eyed blight on humanity?

  20. Avatar Of Ina Knierim Ina Knierim says:

    My opinion is there is no excuse what so ever for this man’s action for what he did to the poor dog. I just hope the dog is going to be okay….

  21. This guy should get the max with no mercy as he gave no mercy to that poor dog.He shouldn’t be allowed to be out to do this again. Hope he rots in hell.

  22. Avatar Of Sondra



    I was mortified when I saw what that man did to this beautiful animal. I cry every time I see a picture of this dog like this. 5 years will not be nearly enough of a sentence to teach this horrible human being a lesson. Ten years maybe, and I mean a full term of ten years, not 50%. He deliberately disabled this animal from being able to eat, drink or breathe. This man had intent to cause potential death to an innocent animal. Animals give 100 percent unconditional love. They only fight back if they have been abused or are scared. What an evil disgusting POS. May he get the karma in spades for doing this.

  23. Avatar Of Samantha



    there were tears in my eyes as I read this, how can people be so cruel? If someone were to do this to a defenseless child, they would get a lot worse than 5 years in prison. It should be no different here, Caitlyn is a defenses animal. She didn’t deserve this no matter what his so called reason would be. I think we should pull out his tongue and tape HIS mouth shut over it. Then lock him up for good.


  24. Avatar Of Richard



    Five year sentence is not enough for what this Evil Thoug did!
    As much as I disapprove of Iran, we need to implement Iranian Law; Eye for an Eye Punishment! I guarantee we would not see or hear of animal brutality!

  25. Avatar Of Bethann336 bethann336 says:

    The really scary part is, in my experience, the way a man treats animals is the way he will treat his wife and children….

  26. Avatar Of Dr D Leddon

    Dr D Leddon


    Maximum penalty for this confirmed cowardly sociopath.

  27. Avatar Of Erik Kidd

    Erik Kidd


    He deserves to be in prison for 10 years + an pay the fine when/if he gets out there’s no words that can describe people that are so cruel to animals you deserve a lot worse but legally he beds to go down!

  28. Avatar Of Rosemarie Roberts

    Rosemarie Roberts


    Jail must be the minimum for this person. Chances are he will or has hurt others, including humans.
    I can’t tell you what I would like to do to him.

  29. Avatar Of Gigi Harmon Gigi harmon says:

    why would anyone even consider selling their dog to some complete stranger, without knowing that person will be good for the dog.

  30. Great, now that damn bastard must pay this horrendous action that has made the puppy, hopefully in prison he must  being violated this bastard fucking…………. Que bien, ahora ese maldito malnacido debe pagar esta acción horrenda que ha hecho al perrito, ojalá que en prisión sea violado este maldito malnacido

  31. Avatar Of Deborah Schrowang

    Deborah Schrowang


    Please does anyone know what happened to this dog???

  32. Avatar Of Deborah Schrowang

    Deborah Schrowang


    PLEASE convict him…….PLEASE!!

  33. Avatar Of Deborah Schrowang

    Deborah Schrowang


    OMG….OMG…..OMG….Vile, sick, disgusting piece of scum!

  34. Avatar Of Sophia



    This deserves no mercy at all. Anyone who would do what he did to this dog deserves the death penalty. But since this is not on the table he needs a long prison term where he can be taught a lesson. This dog suffered beyond belief.

  35. Avatar Of Seth Tyrssen Seth Tyrssen says:

    I can only echo every hard-core, unkind sentiment expressed here.

  36. So, is the asshole who sold this dog for $10 going to get the $6000 reward? I hope NOT! After all they are somewhat at fault here. Makes you wonder is they somehow planned this to make some money????


  38. Avatar Of Alexandra Dmitrenko

    alexandra dmitrenko


    Hope that this monster will go to.jail and that somebody will kill him there !! (Even some criminals love animals!)

  39. Avatar Of Liza Pate Liza Pate says:

    He should have the same done to his genitals. If found guilty And they should.!

  40. I feel like the people who originally had the dog are at fault. Who gets a dog with no desire to train and love them?? What I always say, don’t get an animal if you can’t treat them like a family member! I hope that dude gets raped in jail.

  41. Avatar Of Susan Stephens

    Susan Stephens


    I am so relieved this monster was caught. Too bad the most he can get is 5 years in jail. I bet if those
    prisoners that are going to be his room mates find out what he did,he will have a rough five years.
    They don’t take kindly to prisoners that have hurt children or animals.

    Anyone who will do this to an animal will hurt a human in the same fashion.

    I fault the owners for selling this dog for only $10. and not checking out the buyer.

  42. I have learned over the years. Even if you are choosing to give an animal away for free. Do your human duty as a pet owner to make sure the home is a good and proper home for your animal. Go to their place and check it out and make sure they have the facilities and the means to care for the animal. If they don’t then find another who is capable and has the means to take care of the animal. It is obvious by what happened here that the person did not live that far away and no one bothered to check out the place the animal would be kept. This man has some serious issues going on beyond animal abuse.Shame on the people who gave him the animal in the first place.

  43. Avatar Of June Cleaver 2.0

    June Cleaver 2.0


    Check his background. He’s a serial killer.

  44. Avatar Of Shawn Armstrong

    Shawn Armstrong


    He’ll get a slap on the wrist. Bring him on down my way, I’ll make sure he never abuses another animal. You can’t do it too well if you can’t walk. How we treat other species, shows why the human race needs to go away, and it will, it’s called evolution. I only hope, the next incarnation, is smarter than this one.

  45. Avatar Of Suzy suzy says:

    To the filthiest human parasite to live on this planet may the apparant thought of what you did get caught in your throat like the nasty juices coming from all of the dog lovers in this world…as time goes by you will be amazed at how cretins will break the law just for s crack at you…personally i would gouge your eyes out and stuff you in with the gorillas…just you and your trusty duck tape…chances look good the gorillas could have you up their tree in no time and make you beg for more bananas…

  46. Avatar Of Cassandra



    This is a horrible story of animal abuse. She’s on the mend thankfully. And this national attention should help in finding her a permanent home. The owner who sold her to a stranger for 10 bucks is a POS, and the dude that did this is a POS, but now what? They lock people up for having a gram of weed for longer than they’ll send this dude to jail. And why aren’t they holding the original owner accountable for this as well??? He’s just as guilty in my opinion. He went on record saying “let me find you, this was my family you messed with”. If this was your family bro, why the fuck you sell her for 10 fucking dollars to some mother fucker you didn’t even fucking know????

  47. Avatar Of Bg Hedrick BG Hedrick says:

    I totally agree with Barbara Baxendale. This a**h*** shouldn’t be allowed to take up space on this earth. 5 years and $5,000.00 is not enough for what he has done to an innocent animal.

  48. Avatar Of Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:


  49. Avatar Of Suzy suzy says:

    The evil done to this beautiful canine should in every way possible be repeated on a regular basis as to allow said evil to experience benefits of torture relative to body parts needed for survival. BUBBA IS WAITING AND HAS TALKED TO HIS FRIEND AROUND THE GLOBE…NOT A SAFE H

  50. Avatar Of Pesky Vrmt Pesky Vrmt says:

    I’m thinking some 17th Century “eye for an eye” would suffice.

  51. Avatar Of Diane Clair

    Diane Clair


    I sincerely hope this monster of a human gets punished to the fullest extent of the law in that area. I also hope that during the time he is thrown in jail he gets punished even more by the inmates. He deserves no less than the worse treatment possible.

  52. Avatar Of Mary Ann

    Mary Ann


    Any one that would do something so cruel deserves to experience the same as a punishment. Lock him up and throw away the key. If he would do this to a dog he would do this or worse to a child. Perhaps if we had greater penalties for animal crimes we could deter some of this crap. Besides adding classes in school to teach children to get along with other races, perhaps we need to teach compassion and responsibility for animals.

  53. Avatar Of Kathy



    Someone should tape his mouth AND nose shut!

  54. Avatar Of Diana Robinson

    Diana Robinson


    There is no excuse for not giving this man the maximum sentence, and hopefully they can find more charges to add. if the judge doesn’t give him the max, he shouldn’t be on the bench.

  55. So grateful to all who posted, responded, prayed, treated this beautiful dog! Thanks to Animal Society and especially your police dept. – you weren’t too busy to help! One monster down, millions to go! This taping thing seems to be spreading, as are the “animal bordellos”. Be alert to evil.

  56. I posted my comment but you didn’t print it

  57. So lets get this right, what this story is telling us is that a fat evil moron named Dobson bought this poor dog with the sole intent of torturing it by taping it’s mouth shut. This fine figure of a man (he thinks) probably can’t get a job, a woman or anything else for that matter so he’s taking his frustration out on poor innocent animals, I doubt if this dog is the first he’s tortured & it certainly won’t be his last. If convicted he could face 5 years in prison & a $5,000 fine. Not nearly enough, a better idea would be to tape his head up so he couldn’t breathe, leave him, let nature do the rest, job done one evil bastard off the streets !!

  58. Good work to the police department for capturing the man who did this. His punishment will not be enough to give justice for Caitlyn. Let this be a warning to all that when you feel you can no longer keep your dog, and you have no time or desire to train your dog, be extremely choosey when rehoming. Do not EVER let your dog go to the first person willing to “take the dog off your hands.” Never give your dog away for free and charge more than $10. People who want cheap or free dogs either can’t afford one to begin with, or have intentions of selling them for profit. If you cannot be a forever home to a cat or dog, a loving one that is, then don’t have pets. And you can always turn to shelters and rescues for help in placing your dog into pre-screened homes. This should never have happened. I can’t say it enough, “be choosey when rehoming a pet.” ccccccccc

    • Avatar Of Sheila Loe Sheila Loe says:

      better yet, get a rescue organization to vet potential owners. There should be a national file of animal abusers, torturers, and dog fighters and keep it updated so the potential owners can be vetted even better. Do a home check after a week and over the next couple of months…if things don’t look right, get your pet back and or call the police. People who do this are sick. People who dog fight are sick. No one with a conscience can do these things to any life forms. He needs to go to prison as if he did it to humans. There people in prison who would not tolerate do this to children or animals. There is empathy missing and when that is missing….it is only a mtter of time they do it to humans.

  59. So what this story is actually telling us is that a fat ugly coward called Dobson bought the dog just so he could tape it’s mouth shut, in other words this Cretin Dobson or whoever probably can’t get a job, a woman or anything else for that matter so he takes his frustration out on a poor defenceless animal & he might get 5 years prison & a $5,000 fine, not good enough. A better idea would be to pull his tongue out then wrap tape tightly round the morons neck so he can’t eat, drink or breathe, that’s one evil bastard out of the way !!!!

    • Avatar Of Becky



      Totally agree. Anyone who hurts children or animals aren’t worth a thing. God will get them in the end.

  60. Avatar Of Jennyfer D. Eyre

    Jennyfer D. Eyre


    I hope this evil will get what he deserves.. I adopted my dog 6 years ago .. she lost her one of her eyes because of a similar evil..

  61. Avatar Of Ruthinthemidwest



    If he is found guilty, the same thing should be done to his man parts. You know what I mean.

  62. Avatar Of Ruthinthemidwest



    If he is found guilty, the same thing should be done to his testicles.

  63. Avatar Of Sharlene Harrison-Hinds, Canada

    Sharlene Harrison-Hinds, Canada


    We can learn much from this story. That the dog was probably not mistreated where it was originally as it went there for help — circumstances do change and it is understandable that the people gave the dog away — HOWEVER — the fact that they did not check out the new ‘owner’ is unforgivable; they should have surrendered the dog to a rescue or shelter. Anything would have been better than the pain, suffering and fear that this beautiful pup endured because of an ignorant sadistic cruel person. Justice will be served in some way — if hopefully he is sentenced to jail time, and has to serve it in general population, justice will be delivered by his fellow inmates. All we can offer this dog is prayers and perhaps contributions to the medical fund for him. If there is a petition started to make sure the maximum sentence is delivered, then we can sign that. Animal abuse is now a federal FBI indictable offense so let us hope that justice will prevail in any way, shape or form possible. The more I know of people, the more I prefer my dogs.

  64. Avatar Of Isabella isabella says:

    He needs a longer jail time . this poor baby . please know who your giving or selling your animals too.

  65. Avatar Of Bess



    Hang the bastard!! The previous owners aren’t much better!! $10.00. Omg!!’

  66. I agree-5 years isn’t near long enough for what he did to this poor dog. I don’t care what the dog did, he didn’t deserve to be treated this way. If he didn’t want the dog then give him to somebody else, this is insanely cruel. I hope somebody gets to him before the judge does and we won’t have to waste our taxpayer money with sentencing and prison time.

  67. Avatar Of Cathy Cathy says:

    Anyone who tortures an animal, particularly in a case where a the poor animal was purchased for the sole purpose of brutality, needs to be viewed as a risk to society – both human and animals. And needs not only to be locked up for a long time, but fully evaluated.

  68. Avatar Of Virginia



    This man has no soul. He needs the maximum penalty and to be shunned for the rest of his life. I hope and pray he will never have another animal to abuse and torture. This beautiful dog deserved much better than this. I pray she will survive, be healed, and adopted into a loving, caring family who will treasure her.

  69. Avatar Of Judy



    This monster needs his mouth taped up as tightly as humanly possible and see how he likes it. I hope he gets life imprisonment and the key thrown away. Prayers for the poor pup

  70. Avatar Of Darlene Darlene says:

    He needs to get a longer sentence than that and how about a little physical pain done to him…..
    This has made our whole family sick…..I hope they put him away for a long time…..

  71. Avatar Of Teena Webster

    Teena Webster


    Hey, Mr. don’t get to win today…CAITLYN WINS TODAY!!! and every day after this…she is going to live a life that will be wonderful and you will never get another chance to abuse her again. Or the previous owner that sold her to you, to begin with!!…she is receiving wonderful care and has so many friends and followers, it is almost overwhelming. Hey, when you get to jail, maybe “Big Bubba” will be your “friend”. Be careful when he is “following” you, you never know what someone’s intentions are. Enjoy your stay!

  72. Avatar Of Cynthia



    Hope he get punished to the max…

  73. Avatar Of Patricia



    Tape that BASTARD’s mouth shut than tie him up so he can’t move at all.
    That’s the only punishment he deserves

  74. Avatar Of Heidi



    Pay attention judge! This kind of behavior by humans towards other animals spreads to other humans. Mr. Dodson seriously needs help and society, especially our children, needs protection from people who behave in this manner. 5 years and $5,000 is not enough.

  75. Avatar Of Susan Susan says:

    Well that was a recipe for disaster, wasn’t it?? Poor darling Caitlyn! All that abuse and damage took place in the first 48 hours! That’s all it took! This trash looks sub-human.

  76. Avatar Of Janet Campbell

    Janet Campbell


    NEVER MIND 5 YRS! If I could get my hands on him……. Nothing gets my dander up like animal abuse! Would tear him limb from limb and I am sure there would be plenty of volunteers to help!

  77. Avatar Of Km



    5 years is not near enough punishment for what this man put this beautiful animal through! I agree, he should have his mouth taped, be kept away from food and water for 2 days and then offer no medical care, let him get better on his own!!!! There is “no” excuse for being mean to animals!

  78. Avatar Of June June says:

    What a pathetic excuse of a human being. My heart breaks so for poor Caitlyn. I pray he gets the maximum sentence possible which is not nearly long enough. I do believe that there’s a special place in hell for those that abuse such loving creatures who depend, sometimes with dire consequences, on the “goodness” of man to care for them.

  79. Avatar Of Saz



    i want someone to tape this guy’s mouth shut for a week – with his tongue sticking out and see how he likes it. what a sicko. i hope the dog will be ok – poor baby

  80. Avatar Of Kim



    He also has two cases pending – for possession of cocaine and a weapon. He has bonded out for animal cruelty charge: Surety Bond – Cash Bond $50,000.00 “def can not have poss of any animals. north charleston will pick up any animals that is in the def possession.” Next court date – Oct. 9 for animal charge. Also due back in court for other charges. Hope there is no plea deal…

  81. Avatar Of Veda Wolfe Veda Wolfe says:

    Lock him away without parole.

  82. Avatar Of Imogen



    No one else disgusted in the previous owners of being irresponsible and selfish enough to give away a young healthy dog to a complete stranger for just $10 ?! Don’t buy a dog if you can’t be assed to train it and look after it properly ! Ofcourse a puppy is going to tear up the place if it will get away with it. She should never of been put in that scums hands in the first place, completely irresponsible.

  83. Avatar Of Kj KJ says:

    evil bast**d I think they should put tape tightly on his you know what and tie his hands behind his back until it falls off.. he’s evil incarnate. Prayers for this sweet innocent doggy soul. She did NOT deserve this treatment.

  84. Avatar Of William Whitler

    William Whitler


    He bought this poor dog just to do this. Two days, put him away

  85. Hope he gets maximum and someone in jail tapes his mouth shut and tapes his hands behind his back so he can’t undo the tape for the same amount of time he taped the dog’s mouth. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  86. Hope he gets the maximum and someone tapes his mouth shut and binds his hands so he can’ undo the tape. Keep him like that for the amount of time he kept the dog’s mouth taped. Let the punishment fit the crime.

  87. Avatar Of Elaine Van Aarde

    Elaine van Aarde


    may justice prevail!

  88. The judge better give that bastard the 5 yr sentence as well as the maximum fine!!! Too bad he couldnt get more for he deserves all and any punishment that can be dealt out. That was totally uncalled for and a cruel act to anything living!!! Give him hell!!

  89. Avatar Of Salvatore



    5 years isn’t nearly long enough for this scum. He gives no value to society. Take him off the streets, throw him in jail until he withers and dies. Oh, and tape his neck as tightly as possible, withhold all food, drink and medical care for 2 days. And feel free to let the general population know exactly what he did.

  90. Avatar Of Ma



    make sure he don’t get away with this hes an evil person and has to be punished if not what will he do next time , whatever it is it will be worse then this and this is already bad enough

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