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Police Enter Home Without Knocking, Shoot 16-Year-Old Senior Dog

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Angel Fretwell describes her family’s 16-year-old senior dog, Belle, as gentle, with a caring soul that would never hurt anyone and never has. Now the family are looking for answers as to why their beloved furry family member was shot by Baldwin County Police at their home in Rabun, Alabama.

Last month, four deputies from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Department were serving a warrant at Fretwell’s brother’s home. Upon entering the home, unannounced and without knocking, they were met by Belle, the family dog.

Belle is a 16-year-old senior pit bull, she has no teeth left in her mouth, and can barely get around in her old age. She’s lived to see generations of the family grow up and now the family are hoping she’ll live through being shot by police.

A spokesperson for the Baldwin Country Sheriff’s Department says Belle “came after them” and that “they feared for their lives” when she was shot. But, Fretwell told WPMI 15 News that Belle was actually trying to run away from them when she was shot in the shoulder.

What’s more, after Belle was shot, police would not let the family enter the home or provide care to the dog for another hour while the senior lay bleeding.

Belle was eventually taken to the nearby Bay Minette Animal Clinic for surgery, where veterinarians said she may survive, but will lose her leg.

Baldwin County Sheriffs are investigating the incident. Fretwell’s brother has yet to be apprehended.

It’s clear that police nationwide have little-to-no training in animal behavior and handling. This “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality so common with law enforcement that encounter family pets on the job MUST stop.

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  1. Avatar Of Loopchoke



    I would have ended up in jail and AT LEAST 3 cops would be in the hospital with my dog if they did that to my dog….. Why can’t people see where we are heading???? We are heading for a police state with NO repercussions for the police when they do wrong……

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  3. Avatar Of Frances



    This is getting way to common, police entering homes with out knocking or through open windows and killing and wounding dogs. It is getting so you have to fear the police more than you do the bad guys.

  4. Avatar Of Kim



    These cops suck! Really a 16 year old toothless dog lunged at them. Can we say, “Bullshit!” These cops should have to pay for all of the medical and therapy the dog needs and lose their jobs! They should also be shot and left to bleed with no help coming! It’s cops like them, that give real cops a bad name!

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  6. Avatar Of Bectinced Bectinced says:

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  7. Avatar Of Peggy



    Standards must be put into place! What kind of punishments are being doled out to these officers shooting family dogs? Standards must be put in place to prevent further loss of life of our precious pets!

  8. Avatar Of Gen



    I totally agree, Cops are just PIGS. Senseless, worthless and NEVER your friends. Entered without knocking…mm isn’t that considered Breaking and Entering? Something that CLEARLY is against the Law. But I guess they are above the law. What bullshit!!!! If I were that family I would absolutely sue the shit out of them. I would have their badges!!!!!
    You can prove she is toothless, very old and wasn’t attacking them, and even if she was, IF they entered without knocking she is only protecting her home and her peeps. They should fear for their lives as they were in the wrong. But as anyone with a brain can see that this dog is far to old to do any kind of damage, Pit Bull or not.

  9. Avatar Of June Barker

    June Barker


    The gun mentality in America is out of control. In a so called civilised society guns are not necessary, obviously it is not yet civilised. For the Police Force to show total disregard for animals in their own home is atrocious. This is not the example they should be setting. This could never happen in the UK as our Police are not armed, there are strict gun laws and the ordinary person does not own a gun or keep one in the home, totally unnecessary. We do not live in so much fear that we feel the need to own one. Anyone harming a dog, or any other animal in any manner, while it is in their own home would face serious charges and rightly so as would anyone harming an animal anywhere in this country. I doubt the American authorities will do much about this but I do know what i would like to say to those big, brave courageous officers who hide behind guns and go around shooting helpless dogs! I doubt they would like it.

  10. Avatar Of Linda Mussa Linda Mussa says:

    So sick of these pussy cops shooting dogs,train these idiots not to be so dam afraid of a dog.16 yrs old no teeth what was the dog going to due gum the guy to death,,,geez

  11. Avatar Of Dnth8Cait



    interesting how this article omits any information about the warrant. If the son had a violent past with police, and they entered the house to act apron said warrant; maybe a young cop jumped the gun? I can not for the life of me see why a officer would shoot a toothless senior animal. I can say that that if I were the family I would be suing for vet costs, BUT for the life of me I am more horrified at these comments. The police were there to serve a warrant, to some one who had been arrested, given a court date, and choose not to go to court. The police were at the house because someone broke the law, the police didn’t know the Pit was a old lady with no teeth, and maybe she growled and started to get up… So much hostility, maybe this is the initial problem?

    • Avatar Of Linda Long

      linda long


      ummm did you really read the article? it was a brother~NOT a son. Also, no where does the article say he had been arrested or missed a court date. I guess you dont know the definition of “serving a warrant”. I’m happy you live in a world of fantasy where everyone provokes the police and excessive force doesnt happen or dosent exist. I guess you can justify the “shoot first ask questions later” attitude until it happens to you.

  12. Avatar Of Delia



    these cops nowadays don’t know what they’re doing, they’re shooting first and not even asking questions later….dogs, humand,,,it doesn’t matter to most of the anymore….what about that college student who got pulled over for speeding and, yes he got sarcastic with the cops, saying “what you gonna do, shoot me?” and they emptied the clip on this 23 year old…so many horror stories out there..what is this country coming to? i’m disgusted and ad as a hatter….i love my country, but i hate my government….no excuse for this….

  13. Avatar Of Pamela Mcmillen

    Pamela McMillen


    These police are just as bad as the ignorant assholes that fight dogs this needs to stop and stop now. They are getting way out of control 16 years old come on you stupid jerks.

    • Avatar Of Pink Flamingo

      Pink Flamingo


      Not only just as bad, but more than likely paid off to look the other way, if not actually involved in the fighting, gambling, drug running & anything else illegal & immoral you find at dog & cock fights.

  14. Avatar Of William Gibson

    William Gibson


    Cowards. And stupid ones at that. Not qualified for the job.

  15. Avatar Of Cathy Divine

    Cathy Divine


    With out knocking? Even if she did come after them they were on HER turf. No teeth? 16. Oh yeah. They feared for their life alright! Please! Give the American people some credit for having some common sense.
    Where are the damages to the family? The monetary offer for the vet bills! Assistance with rehab so she can keep her leg? How about a public apology?

  16. Avatar Of Vicki



    what sissy, pussy cops they must have been ” she came after us “? Really? The cops should be punished !! Shoot one of them in the shoulder. Then left to lie there bleeding for an hour before seeking medical attention.

    • Avatar Of Daniel Simpson (@Scruffypup98)

      Daniel Simpson (@Scruffypup98)


      Fucking chickenshit cops. That’s all you can say about them. And the best lie they can come up with was “she came after us and we feared for our lives”??? You fucking dumb sonsofbitches, I pray somebody shoots you in the back you gutless motherfuckers. Every goddamn one of you are so gutless. OMFG, I hope you sonsofwhores get what’s coming to you. Godfucking damn you pieces of shit.

      • Avatar Of Daniel Simpson (@Scruffypup98)

        Daniel Simpson (@Scruffypup98)


        AND…the family should sue you bastards for every goddamn dime you have AND for every goddamn dime you will ever have. How chickenshit can you be? Well, pretty bad looking at this example. She was running away and you STILL shot her???? I hope somebody makes you beg for mercy like a damn sissy. There is absolutely 0, none, nada, excuse for this kind of mistreatment to animals. Wish I was a judge in Alabama right now, you sonsofbitches would be under the jail. Probanly just a bunch of fucking Forrest Gump chumps, and that is giving a bad impression of Forrest Gump. Yeah I get pissed when I read how cops think they are immune to the regular people’s laws, and can just run amok and shoot everything they want to. This speaks volumns about just how ignorant you motherless fucks are.

  17. Avatar Of Diana Diana says:

    WTH! They shoot the dog and will not let the family help her!! Shooting a toothless old dog is such BS! Like shooting one of the officers grandmother because she got out of her rocking chair! A dog IS a family member…so senseless…I hope they get prosecuted!!!!!

  18. Avatar Of Breanna



    The Officer’s actions make me sick! enough said.

  19. Avatar Of Laurie



    I am so tired of dogs getting abused in so many ways that are just rediculous what ever happen to mans best friend for gods sake I can tell from the picture that she is an old dog take a second to find out before you jump the gun people !!!

  20. Avatar Of Lbowbeer



    I am so sick of hearing these things. We have a militarized police force in this country that is out of control. If they can’t shoot the people, they shoot their dogs. Enough is enough.

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