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Police Enter Home, Shoot and Kill Family Dog

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While responding a burglar alarm at the home of Russell and Hope Lane in Round Rock, Texas, police shot and killed the family dog, an 8-year old Rottweiler named Bullet.

The family’s surveillance video shows the home alarm system was accidentally set off when the front door was not shut all the way. Russell Lane de-activated the alarm from his cell phone, but police entered the home to investigate anyway.

Russell explained to KXAN News,

“They said they came in and said ‘Round Rock Police, Round Rock Police,’ they said they cleared this room, they cleared this room. My dog still hadn’t moved at that time, because he’s a real gentle dog,” Russel said. “They said they got here and one officer turned and looked to this room he looked this way and my dog was standing up on the futon…and they said at that time he jumped off the futon and they shot him seven, they shot him seven times, hitting him five times. But ironically, if they shot him here, there’s two bullet holes at the bottom of the baseboard where he usually lays.”

The Lanes believe police entered their home and murdered their baby, the dog they’ve loved since he was only 8-weeks old, without cause.

A “Beware of Dog” sign was posted at the Lane home before police entered.

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  1. Avatar Of Barbara Crank

    Barbara Crank


    I have to agree that this is happening all over the country and far too often. Police departments need to train their officers how to deal with dogs. Scares me just to think that my dog could be shot for no reason.

    I’m truly sorry for this family’s loss .

  2. Avatar Of Anna



    I am so very sorry for your loss . This is a tragic story and it is happening all over America , and it needs to be stopped . These gun happy Cops need to realize that these pets are family , our children . I have a Belgium Shepherd , very well trained , an angel of a pet ( my furbaby ) but very aggressive when it comes to strangers in the home and I have notices posted because of these kinds of things . I would probably be in prison if Kassie or Prin ( my lil 15 yr old blind pom / poodle ) was harmed in any way ….My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss , this is so tragic …. please find a way to use this baby’s death to change the laws in Texas … don’t let this go …. stand up and fight !!! You are in my prayers and thoughts !!!

  3. Avatar Of Elisabeth Ellgen

    Elisabeth Ellgen


    First of all, I am so very sorry about their beloved dog.
    Secondly, this happens way too often theses days.
    Police need to be trained how to deal with animals. This has to stop!

  4. Avatar Of Anna Biebl

    Anna Biebl


    Omg. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’d be devastated. My dogs are my children. I still mourn the loss of my rottie…Harley. If I ever find out who killed my heart and left him on train track I think I would have no problem doing the same to them. My thoughts and prayers and tears are with you. There is no monetary figure that can take that pain away. Find peace in knowing that Bullet had a wonderful life loving and being loved by you.

  5. Avatar Of Gillian



    I am aware that rotties are really dangerous dogs, so many people I know have one and many people walk them in my local park and none have ever bitten anyone! In fact, they run away from my dangerous 15 year old virtually toothless rescue Border terrier. It is time that policemen were trained to recognise a dangerous dog or to have animal control or handler with them should they need to enter premises with a dog. Even dogs that bark, like terriers, are not dangerous. The police waving a gun and desperate to use it are.

  6. Avatar Of Stephanie



    I believe that the police had no right to enter the Lane’s home because if Russell disarmed the alarm from his cell then he felt safe enough NOT to go one step further and phone police to check into it.

    Why did the police department question that the alarm was disarmed and contact the owner before making such a hasty decision. The police searched around the house and saw NOTHING…they went inside and saw NO ONE…they had NO RIGHT to kill their dog. Even if “Bullet” DID charge them, he was protecting himself and his home from strangers. The poor precious boy was probably so frightened by their aggression. Who the hell do these police officers think they are??? It is out of control and innocent people are suffering. My heart breaks for you both Russell and Hope. May Bullet live on forever in your hearts and your memory. And take solace in knowing that he is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge with all of our other loving pets. My condolences to you both.

  7. Avatar Of Rhonda



    This happened a few weeks ago in my area too. Several officers responded to a call about barking dogs and entered through a gate, saw the beware of dog sign and when Odin came around to the front yard from the back, a trigger happy cop shot her dead. Her family was inside the house. He said he was fearful that she might bite him. If cops today are so fearful that they have to shoot first and ask questions later, then they are in the wrong business. We need officers that are not scared and are willing to do their job. Not murder family members.

    • Avatar Of Stephanie



      I totally agree with you…if they are THAT fearful of a family pet…how are they facing criminals…are they just going to start shooting at everything that crosses their path because they think they have the authority to…im sickened by the police of today.

  8. Avatar Of Christina



    I agree Jill. They are too gun happy. It makes me not trust cops anymore. It’s like them going into someone’s home and killing a kid. My dog has a fierce bark because she is protective but she never bites. I hope police never come to my house.

  9. Avatar Of Jill jill says:

    This has got to stop. This is happening way too often. Cops need to stop killing and/or shooting and injuring family dogs because they are afraid and don’t react or know how to react. This is sickening. Just sickening.

    • Avatar Of Colleen Colleen says:

      I agree that is one of the more sad stories, brought me to tears.The real shame is that our BELOVED DOGS have no rights,as they are considered property,not family members. We all need to help change that, ENOUGH is ENOUGH with these amateur police people harming our babies 🙁

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