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Police Need Your Help Finding This Animal Abuser

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Do You Know This Dog? Photo Via Austin Police Department.
Do you know this dog? Photo via Austin Police Department.

The Austin, Texas police department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating the person responsible for severely injuring and abandoning a dog in Northeast Austin.

The Austin Police Department said officers picked up the badly injured 2-year-old pit bull around 3:30 a.m. on Friday, July 11, abandoned in the 2200 block of Investment Drive.

According to reports, a witness spotted the dog, with brutal injuries, sitting outside of a wire cage in the industrial park area. The dog was friendly, but was in a lot of pain and suffering greatly. Police took her to an emergency veterinarian who deemed her injuries and pain too severe and humanely euthanized her.

According to KVUE News,

The doctors believe she might have been dragged by a car or possibly burned with some kind of chemical. The person who called police found the dog outside a cage, so officers believe someone dumped her, that she didn’t just run away. They checked the cage for fingerprints but weren’t able to find anything. If police could prove that the injuries were done intentionally before the dog was abandoned, it would be classified as torture, a felony in Texas.

Austin police hope that someone sees the dog’s photo, recognizes her, and can provide additional information.

Anyone with information is asked to call Austin Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Tip Line at (512) 978-0523.

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    This person has neighbors or family members that know. They need to get in front of this and come forward and let the police know who did this. You are either the problem or the solution, the cure or the disease. You decide!!

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