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Police Officer Shoots Pit Bull Puppy, Reloads and Continues Shooting

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The Cabrera Family'S Dog, Gotti, Was Shot And Killed By Police Last Wednesday.
The Cabrera family’s dog, Gotti, was shot and killed by police last Wednesday.

Police in Elkhart, Indiana were called with reports a dog running loose in the street last Wednesday. When they arrived, officers spotted Gotti, a 10-month old Pit Bull, loose in the Cabrera family’s front yard.

The officer spoke with Raul Cabrera, explaining to him that the dog, who was normally leashed when outside, but had slipped from his collar, could not be running loose outside. Cabrera, who was in the process of building a fence for his dog, led Gotti back inside, but the dog turned and sprinted back into the yard before he closed the door.

Gotti didn’t make it far. The officer, who said in his report that the dog charged him viciously, fired multiple gunshots at the dog.

Neighbors and witnesses say the officer fired at least 10 times, possibly 13. The officer was seen at one point reloading his gun before continuing to shoot.

The Elkhart Truth reported:

The first round of fire was two to four shots, according to the Cabreras and neighbors who were watching from their yards. Neighbor Angie Castillo yelled at the officer to stop.

The pit bull stumbled in a leaf pile in the middle of the yard and the officer fired three to four more shots at the yelping dog, then walked up to him and shot four to six more times, the family and neighbors said.

Neighbors, still in shock and scared for their own safety, said Gotti wasn’t even running toward the officer, but was playfully running toward the driveway, on the opposite side of the yard.

Police are investigating the incident.

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  1. Avatar Of Laura S.

    Laura S.


    I would have shot the cop, claiming self-defense. Anyone crazy enough to kill a tiny puppy in this way is too unpredictable.

  2. Avatar Of Carol Hulbert

    Carol Hulbert


    This happens way too much and although it seems to be mostly Pits, plenty other breeds have scared a cop to where he was “scared for his life” which is a joke 99% of the time. I’ve never actually seen a case where the murder of someone’s pet by police wasn’t a joke. These cops that can do this shouldn’t be cops, nor should they carry a gun. They’re wimps and quick on the draw to murder when they figure they’ll get away with it. This dear puppy was NOT aggressive, if you know dogs at all you can tell that. He obviously turned and ran back outside to play, going the opposite way from where the cop was….must be the dog running at his own driveway that scared this cop so much. I don’t feel very comforted if people like this are defending me!! If you’re this mean and stupid, how would you handle a criminal VS. a puppy? Anyone, cop or US president should be prosecuted for senseless murder like this.

  3. Avatar Of Factcheck



    What they failed to mention was that this dog was bought for protection after several drive by shootings at the house. They also failed to mention they sell drugs out of the residence hence why they needed the dog for protection. The dog was not friendly and neighbors backed what the officer said. They just want one less officer on the street so they can sell there dope.

  4. Any officer that fires that many shots is a threat to us….to shoot a dog that many times to is going in the opposite direction is a sick son of a bitch….FIRED HIS ASS….he should not have a gun….and definitely not a police officer.

  5. Avatar Of Robin



    What an idiot police officer! Really you were that afraid of a puppy, hate to see what you might do if a women walked up to you. What a wimp and I am sure must other officers would agree. You do not deserve to where the uniform. Your an embarrassment!

  6. Avatar Of Michelle



    Hope he go to Jail or death row….
    The police there post to protect but most of them know how to kill becouse they have a Gun….

  7. What the Hell is wrong with him? Please someone from that area start a petition the get this asshole fired!

  8. Avatar Of Chris Chris says:

    That officer should be fired. No damn wonder cops get no respect. They are power hungry crazy people. A PUPPY? Seriously and he feared for his life right? Shame on him.

  9. Avatar Of Patel Savita Patel savita says:

    Stop killing dog

  10. Avatar Of Owlisen



    Unfortunately this will surely come down to the cop “feared for his life” so he had to shot the extremely dangerous puppy…

    Disgusting behavior of an officer of the law…

  11. Avatar Of Eve Ozack

    eve ozack



  12. Avatar Of Gaile Kaiser

    Gaile Kaiser


    This is plane out murder and it needs to be addressed as such.

  13. Avatar Of Nicko



    This is the kind of evil that makes me want to not be a part of community. Seriously these sociopaths need to be put in institutions. No wonder people don’t trust and fear police. If it isn’t another human they are shooting, maiming, harassing and ruining the lives of non-violent drug offenders they run off and shoot the hell out of peoples closest friends like poor Gotti. So utterly sick and tired of hearing cops say “i feared for my life”. Guess what I fear for my life when I’m near a cop because it seems you don’t have to be doing anything wrong to get a damn bullet in your skull.

  14. Avatar Of John Archer john archer says:

    this cowrdly cop,needs to be tried for felony animal abuse. there is no way this dog attacked him. this punk will get off because of cops protecting cops.

  15. Avatar Of Margaretta Bir

    Margaretta Bir


    It want bring him back but pursue the officer. Start a Gotti site on Facebook and tell the story. It’s the least that can be done.

  16. Avatar Of Kelley King Kelley King says:

    Hope the heartless cop loses his job. This was totally unjustified.
    A puppy for God’s sake! What is wrong with you!

  17. Avatar Of Frances



    My heart breaks for what that puppy went through at the hands of that “officer”. Sadly it he will probably get off with his brothers in blue saying it was justified.

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