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Police Respond to Man’s Facebook Threats to Kill Dog

This screenshot of Mark Joiner II’s Facebook post prompted an entire nation of dog lovers to contact the Ceres Police, prompting an investigation.

Mark Joiner II explained to police that he was “just venting” when he posted an ominous Facebook status claiming that if no one took his dog, Stella, by the end of the day, she would be shot and put in a hole.

The post, which included a photo of the adorable dog, read, “This stupid little dog s— on my bed last night. Anybody want her? She’s cute but she’ll eat your shoes and everything else she can get a hold of. She’s FREE. Pick her up today or she’s will be shot and stuck in a hole buy (sic) 9pm. Actually I’ll give anybody who takes her 20 bucks.”

After several concerned dog lovers captured screen shots of the post and sent them to the Ceres Police Department, an investigation was launched. Police say screen captures came from all over the country, many several states away. With news of a recent arrest when one woman bragged about killing her dog on Facebook, officers took the threats seriously.

When police arrived at Joiner’s house, they were assured that the dog was safe, doing well, and was in no harm.

“He was venting about his dog and he made those comments …. that’s all it was — a vent,” said Deputy Chief Mike Borges. “The dog is not in danger.”

Threatening to kill a dog is no laughing matter. To joke about it, with animal cruelty and abuse cases rampant, is distasteful. Dogs are meant to be cherished and loved, even when they make mistakes (usually due to lack of proper training!).

Perhaps Joiner should spend a little less time trying to shock friends on Facebook and a little more time loving the dog in his care.





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