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Police Shoot Dog To Stop Horrific Attack On Owners

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Image via WA Today

Police shot a Perth family’s new dog to stop it from attacking its three owners on July 10. The family was rushed to the hospital after the incident.

Officers were called to the home of Stephen and Michelle Quayle’s Baldivis house on Vernon Gough Drive. According to WA Police, the dog’s extraordinary aggression compelled officers to fire him twice to end the attack and once again to euthanize him. Senior Sergeant Ian Francis, the officer in charge of Rockingham Police Station, described the situation as “horrible.”

Ms. Quayle stated that her husband was seated on the floor of his office when she opened the door and their dog, Ace, raced in and attacked his throat.

She told 9 News Perth, “I tried to pull him off, it took all my might, I got him out the office and we slammed the door shut, then my daughter came through and he jumped on her, he got her arm … we just said everyone go to your bedrooms and close the door.”

According to Mr. Quayle, the dog then attacked his wife as she walked to the front door to allow the police in.

“I had to come out and rip his jaws off her and then threw the dog in front of the police officer and said, ‘Just shoot him, shoot him, shoot him’ and he did. They shot him three times, he was that strong it was three shots to kill him,” he said.

Ace, the three-year-old blue heeler, had just been adopted by the family and had castration surgery a week before. The owners mentioned that the rescued dog had a terrible history but was generally a happy dog.

“We’re in so much shock because he just came through that door like he wanted to kill me,” added Mr. Quayle.

Sgt. Francis said, “I’m glad that we managed to attend so quickly and had a vehicle close by and managed to stop any further attack on the family.” 

“What may have saved him (father) and the family members was the fact that the dog had recently had surgery and had a cone around his head which reduced the bite marks or the ability of the dog to bite harder on the fella’s throat. That’s probably what saved his life.“

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