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Police Using Taser, Catchpole to Capture Dog Proves More Training is Needed

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Police in Roseville, Michigan are under investigation after video footage showed the officers using a taser and catchpole to capture a dog that escaped his home on Sunday. After viewing the video footage, many agree that the use of force was excessive and unnecessary and that police training in dealing with dogs is very much needed.

The dog’s owner called 911 when the family’s newly adopted terrier escaped the home and began running through the neighborhood.

“Hi, I need help from somebody to try to get my dog,” the owner said on the 911 call. “He snuck out through the back door. He just will not come home. And I don’t want him biting anybody. He doesn’t bite, but he’s pretty intimidating. He likes to run up on people and bark.”

Two Roseville Police officers were dispatched to the neighborhood where they quickly located the loose dog. A neighbor, who did not want to be identified, began recording video.

In the video, one officer is seen struggling to keep a catchpole securely on the dog’s neck. At one point, the dog escapes the pole and is shot with a taser by the second officer. Once he’s tased, the first officer is able to fit the catchpole over the dog’s head.

The officer can be overheard saying “I don’t know how to lock this!” in reference to the catchpole around the dog’s neck. Because he doesn’t know how to properly operate a simple catchpole, the second officer continues to taser the dog, repeatedly, until police have eventually led him to their vehicle, where the dog jumped inside.

According to the Roseville Chief of Police, the video is being reviewed and an investigation will be launched. He has watched the video, but would not comment further.

“They had to stop the dog somehow,” said the woman who recorded the video. “I understand that, but to continue to taser him after hew as on the catchpole was just unnecessary.”

She described the incident as horrifying and posted the video to bring the issue of police and their lack of training in dog handling to light.

“I’m not out for blood with the officers. I want to see better training.” she said.

What’s your opinion? Were police justified in repeatedly tasing the dog? Do you believe police need better training? Weigh in with a comment below!

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  1. Avatar Of Lynda



    Amazing. It was a terrier not a damn dinosaur!

  2. Avatar Of Cheryl



    More training is needed. Why continue tasing after dog is on catch poke?? Why do they not know how to use a catchpole?? So many questions…

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