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Police Warn: Poisoned Hot Dogs Scattered Around Dog-Friendly Maryland Neighborhood

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A morning walk with the dogs in an Anne Arundel, Maryland neighborhood ended with one of the dogs being rushed to the veterinarian after he swallowed what appears to have been a hot dog stuffed with poison.

Now, Anne Arundel County Police and animal control are investigating whether someone intentionally left poisoned hot dogs scattered around the Crofton Meadows neighborhood.

Nikki DeBrouse’s dog, Roux, ate something during their walk. Concerned, but not overreacting, she continued walking. A few feet further, Nikki spotted a piece of hot dog lying in the grass beneath a street lamp.

As soon as she got home, Roux began vomiting pieces of hot dog. Nikki’s boyfriend Reid returned to that street lamp to pick up the other hot dog she’d spotted. The hot dog appeared to be hollowed out, filled with some type of chemical that smelled like cleaner, and fragments of metal and staples, with cheese plugging the ends.

Now police are warning area residents to be on the lookout and to always closely monitor their dogs during walks.

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