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Poop Eating: How to Put an End to Your Dog’s Dirtiest Habit

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Really, it doesn’t get much more disgusting than catching your best furry friend in the act of eating his (or his doggie friend’s, or the cat’s) poop. Coprophagia. Yes, it’s common enough that there’s a word for it. And, there’s a perfectly logical explanation.

Poop Eating

You may not realize this (it’s probably not the topic of your everyday conversations) but dogs eating poop really isn’t all that unusual. Yes, it’s disgusting, but it turns out it is a natural behavior — and there are a number of theories as to why:

• Long before dogs became the couch-surfing companions we share our homes with, they were wild animals that often fell prey to other carnivores. A litter of pups was kept safe by her mother in many ways, one of which included ridding their scent from the area. And that meant ingesting her puppies’ poops.

• Certain diseases or illnesses might cause a dog to eat inappropriate items, poop included. That includes malnutrition…more on that later.

• A dog under a lot of anxiety, fear, and stress might be inclined to ingest his own stool as a method of self-soothing. If a dog is often punished for inappropriate defecation, he may eat the poop as a way to remove the evidence to avoid punishment.

• And, some dogs eat their doodie because they’re just plain hungry and they think it tastes good! While the thought may just make you queasy, you’d be hard-pressed to find a pup that won’t salivate at a protein-packed snack out of the cat litter box! 

Yes, dogs eating poop is perfectly normal — once in a while — but if your dog is constantly drooling for doodies, consider what Fido might be missing from his regular diet that’s giving him a palette for poo. 

Think back to those wild, pre-domesticated dogs we mentioned earlier. Back then, they used to hunt and catch their meals. They ate the whole animal – organs, meat, and bones. And it included all the nutrients and enzymes they needed to thrive. Today, most dogs are fed a highly-processed kibble diet that may be lacking the proper enzymes to help your dog absorb all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in his food. Guess where all those unabsorbed nutrients are going? That’s right… out with his poop. 

Your dog may be eating poop in order to get a second helping of those nutrients his body needs to survive.

Don’t worry! There’s an easy fix. You can boost your dog’s nutrition with a superfood topper, like TruDog’s BOOST ME. Just 2 tablespoons sprinkled over every cup of your pup’s food adds the boost of nutrition and raw protein that dogs need. But don’t take our word for it.

Poopboostme Beef Scoop

Read from real people who solved their dog’s dirtiest habit with BOOST ME:

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“Buster Brown has eaten his poop for 13 years. Buster stopped eating his poop after the FIRST Boost Me Package! Thank You!” – Lori A.

“We started getting Boost Me because our dog was eating poop. We put it on his food regularly and the situation has greatly improved!” – Denise W.

“Our dog Henry, a German Shepherd, does not eat poop anymore now that he has Boost Me. His coat is shiny and he is in excellent condition!” – Betty M.

“My dog loves this and I love what it has done for her. She has quit eating poop as well as a few other improvements. I will definitely keep her on this.” – Lena W.

“This stuff is the first thing I’ve bought that actually stopped two of my dogs from eating poop! The other products just didn’t work.” – Merrie D.

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