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Practical Pampering Tips for Your Pooch This Winter

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The winter months come hand in hand with cold, wet weather and lots of mud, which is likely to affect your dog’s skin and coat – therefore, it’s important that you adjust your pooch’s pampering routine accordingly.


That’s why in today’s post, the experts at Jaquar are discussing some practical pampering tips for your canine companion this winter. From ways to make bathtime a little more luxurious to creating your own healthy homemade treats and enjoying some one-on-one playtime, we’ve got you covered when it comes to pampering your pooch during the season’s cold chill.

Bath time

It’s to be expected that during winter, your furry friend is likely to get a little messier on walks than usual. Whether that’s because they decided to jump in a creek or roll around in some form of mud – your pet isn’t going to be looking their best upon their return home. This slippery coating is likely to leave your dog sliding around the tub – so, to protect against this, invest in some non-slip bath stickers inside the bath to make bath time a little easier and more enjoyable for both you and your pooch.


If your dog’s coat isn’t washed properly after a messy winter walk, it can lead to numerous skin issues – making it essential that your doggy bath time leaves their coat optimally clean. To ensure no further skin issues, use a special dog shampoo (not your own trusted brand) that’s non-drying and highly moisturizing to protect against dry and chafed skin. If you’re worried that the shampoo you’ve chosen isn’t moisturising enough, consider purchasing a dog conditioner for an extra layer of protection against the elements. A conditioner is also an effective way to safeguard against the drying effects of heaters and interior dry air, common in most homes during the colder months. The more moisture that bathtime can offer, the better – after all, a clean dog is a happy and healthy dog, too.

Healthy homemade treats

While making your own dog treats isn’t quite as convenient as popping into the local pet store, cooking up a storm is a great way to pamper your pup. If your dog has dietary requirements, this is also an effective way to ensure your furry friend won’t have any reactions to the treats and you can include all of their favourite ingredients.

From dog donuts to peanut butter glazed bones, there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to finding your pup’s perfect treat recipe. You could even coordinate them with the season, such as creating your very own doggy advent calendar throughout December or some snowflake shaped treats to get you in the festive spirit. Alternatively, if your dog could use a little breath freshener, whip up some minty fresh bones to keep their dental hygiene in check, all while offering a tasty indulgence.


Dog massage

Who doesn’t love a massage? Not only does massaging help reduce your puppy’s stress, but can also help you feel a little better too. It could be as simple as taking 10 minutes per day to give your furry friend some extra petting, which would aid any joint stiffness and soreness to help them enjoy their winter stroll.

Massaging your dog has endless relaxation benefits which will help your canine companion cozy up in front of the fire on cold winter days, but also it provides an opportunity to detect any unnoticed skin problems. From poor coat quality to tight skin or muscle swelling, these issues typically go undiscovered – so, knowing what feels normal for your dog is necessary in treating any health problems early.


Winter walks aren’t always something we look forward to, particularly if the weather isn’t looking great. However, there are ways to make it more fun, for both you and your canine companion and they can involve a bit of pampering, too.


If you find yourself with some free time on your hands, why not sign up to a dog sporting activity? It’ll help keep your dog fit, but it also offers something new and fun, all while teaching your dog some valuable new agility skills. Some dog sports to consider include flyball or competition obedience, which is particularly effective for training younger pets. Alternatively, if you’re snowed in, you can entertain your pet inside instead. A game of fetch is an effective way to burn excess energy or mix things up and try something a little different, like pooch hide and seek. Not only is this great fun for your dog, but will provide some valuable one-on-one time, and it’s a fun way to occupy both of you for a lot longer than a game solely made for your pooch.

The key to pampering your pooch this winter is regular grooming and lots of attention, which will leave them feeling loved and healthy during the cold chill. There are plenty of ways to pamper your pet during the winter months without breaking the bank, you just need to decide which activities your furry friend will enjoy the most to make those everyday tasks a little more special.

Alex Jones is a content writer for Jaquar, who specialize in complete luxury bathroom solutions — delivering everyday luxury to a global market.

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