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Pregnant Dog Walks Into Fire Station to Deliver 8 Puppies

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A central Florida fire station didn’t have their own firehouse dog – until a pregnant pup wandered into the station and changed everything!

Apopka Fire Department/Facebook

Last month, a passerby spotted a stray dog in rough shape outside an Apopka, Florida fire station and alerted paramedic Lt. Renee Beasley, who quickly rushed outside to check on the pooch.

Beasley told Fox35 she “went outside and saw her and she was pregnant.” The dog was pregnant, malnourished, and clearly not doing well.

The animal-loving paramedic, who’d lived on a farm, took the dog to a local vet who confirmed she was pregnant, but clearly struggling to sustain life on the streets. “Even though she was pregnant with her belly she was extremely underweight. She also had about 9 to 12 nails in her stomach; probably from ravaging for food,” she said.

So, the paramedic stepped up to become nurse to the stray dog whom her husband named ‘Lady,’ delivering a full litter of 8 puppies, with 7 sweet pups miraculously surviving. And, when Beasley had to leave mama and her newborn pups to go to work, her team of firefighters at Apopka Station 5 rotated shifts as puppy dads to the new family.

Today, the pups are about 4 weeks old and are thriving thanks to the support of the fire department and their community. Most of the puppies have future adoptive families lined up to provide forever homes, but Lady and one of her pups will stay with Beasley as the departments’ unofficial fire dogs.

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