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Preventing and Treating Ear Mites

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Preventing ear mites is a common doggy issue we all must stay on top of. The good news is detecting the presence of ear mites is easy and does not require you have a vet degree or be a brain surgeon. Like so many of the other health issues we deal with as dog owners this one falls into the category of you do not have to make an expensive trip to the vet to treat preventing ear mites in your best friends ears.

There are several easy to recognize symptoms a dog will exhibit if they have a case of ear mites. These include constant pawing or scratching of the ears, unusual amounts of black ear wax, and visible redness along with tender ears when your touch them.

They most common ways your dog has contracted ear mites can be from another dog in your family, other dogs your dog plays with in the park or neighborhood, and even from cats. These pesky little buggers easily pass from one animal to another, but preventing ear mites requires you do a monthly check of your dog’s ears.

For an initial read on discovering if your dog has ear mites do the observations described above and if any of these signs are present begin by swabbing the inside of the dogs ears. Do not push the swab deep into the ear canal as this is not necessary and can damage your dog’s ability to hear. After a good sweep of the ear with the swab look closely at any gunk that is on the tip of the swab. If ear mites are present you should see small white bits of parasites moving on the tip of the swab. If you observe this then our next step is a visit to the store for liquid ear mite drops.

You can also confirm your findings with a quick trip to the vet and this is highly recommended if you notice a very foul odor emanating from the dogs ears as this is an indication the problem might be more than a minor case of ear mites. Otherwise visit the store and buy a topical medication for treating the mites at home. This medicine is normally in the form of a liquid you apply with the included eye dropper. A few drops in each ear and then gently rub the ear so the medicine flows into the ear canal.

Wait a day and then swab the ears again. Repeat as instructed on the bottle. Soon your pooch will be rid of the problem and then month checks for preventing ear mites is all you need to do.

Have you had a dog with ear mites? We welcome your comments below.

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  1. […] Preventing and Treating Ear Mites – Like so many of the other health issues we deal with as dog owners this one falls into the category of you do not have to make an expensive trip to the vet to treat preventing ear mites in your best friends ears. There are several easy to … […]

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  3. Avatar Of Force9Storm



    Resorted to the vet. Cost just over £50. Gave me spot-on and Canaural ear drops. Dog is finally relaxing. Thank you for the ideas. If it happens again, I will try some natural remedies first.

  4. You sure do have a great site here and LOVE the information on treating ear mites – naturally.
    Didnt try your recipe but found a natural one online that works good. Probably helpful for those just wanting to get something effective and safe. Also, my dog ears were infected and so needed some antibiotic to kill that along with the ear mites. Poor thing, ears were so red and sore but we are ok now.
    I was reading here to find out more about dog ear mites and thankful to find what I needed. The ear treatment I use now and will follow up with is called Dr Dogs Ear Oil from drdogs247.com
    For everyone who sees this…..DO use natural treatment and DON’T use the poisons cuz they can cause permanent hearing loss in your dogs ears

  5. Avatar Of Ginger



    1. I had read all the posts from various sites including this one,and I can tell you from experience that some just may work. I tried the peroxide and borax method , only to find it dried my dogs skin out and made it worse . Now maybe youve had good luck with that. If so stick with it. BUT… what I want to share with you is this…..
    Mange is the irritation cause by mites that have followed the dogs hair folicles to its oily base where it feeds on the dogs natural ability to produce body oils .It dries the skin out and causes severe itching and will drive your dog to insanity.
    I have truly found what I believe to be the cheapest most effective cure “BAR NONE” and if I didnt care so much for the animals I would patent it
    These items can be easily found in any Walmart store.
    An oatmeal wash will do for starters to clean your dog and relieve some ofthe itch.
    Towel dry lightly, then … purchase the large tube “Equate” A & D ointment ( or if moneys not an issue , get the real A&D ointment.
    Cut the tube open and get an old empty jar … like for peanut butter or something similar ).
    Empty the contents of the A & D ointment into the jar .
    Next buy a large tube of Desiden ointment with zink (the Equate generic brand works fine!
    cut it open and empty the contents into the jar.
    Next purchase Cocoa Butter and once again empty that into the container.
    Add about one shot (no more) of olive oil . And stir the mixture till all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly.
    With a pair of latex gloves liberally apply the greasy mixture to your pet and massage it into the skin . Dont just wipe it on the coat and settle for that. message it in all over . including the tail and groin.
    Yes… your dog is going to look like crap …
    Change your dogs bedding ,vacuum out her kennel and wash it out .
    spray it with a bleach and water solution and let air dry.
    With a clean disposable throw away bed sheet on her bedding, lock your dog into its kennel for a few hours … ofcourse letting her out to go to the bathroom ,but then back in the kennel.
    Yes your dog will lick some off , but not enough to cause an issue.
    As I mentioned ,and you know, these are mites.
    and were gonna kill em!
    The A & d and Desiden with zinc will clog the pores and sufficate those mites in the greasy coat of your dog … Your dog will sleep a restfull sleep like it hasnt done in a long time because its skin has been moisturized and the mites are dying.
    Next few days watch the difference! After three days do the whole
    process again (you’ll have plenty of left over balm.)
    In one weeks time , youll be astonished that hair is growing back and the color of the skin is looking wonderful!
    Pay particular attention to scabbed areas and massage more into those areas and bust open those scabs and get that balm in there!
    Vets will make a fortune off you and charge rediculous amounts for dips and shots …. its all bullshit!
    This works! I mean… THIS WORKS!!!! BIGTIME !!! and dirt cheap!
    You can thank me later…. now… GO help your pet !!!

  6. Avatar Of Amanda



    Ear mites are a pain in the rear end. I work at an animal shelter and the mite treatment we use has been on back order for several months. It is easier just to run to a farm store and buy ivermectin. Mix it 50/50 with mineral oil and put a few drops in each ear. Repeat in two weeks.

    Depending on what heartworm/flea preventative you use for your animal, you may be receiving some protection against ear mites. Revolution is great for preventing ear mites, though it is not a good choice for some animals because it doesn’t have complete tick coverage.

  7. Avatar Of Gail



    It seems that three of us ended up with large vet bills. My Maltese had mites. Used store bought medication and he ended up with a yeast infection on top of it. It’s the vet for Marley from now on.

    • Avatar Of Millergal



      My vet told me to use a 60/40 mix of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar and that seems to work for my dogs and cats.

  8. Avatar Of Michele Beasley

    Michele Beasley


    My vet also told me white vinegar mixed with water (equal parts) will do the trick.

  9. Avatar Of Patricia Palozola

    Patricia Palozola


    you can also use mineral oil, baby oil or olive oil this sufficates the mites.

  10. Avatar Of Rita Mcloughlin

    rita mcloughlin


    First off, I think you guys do an amazing job, its really incredible.
    Thank you so much for all you tips, they come in so handy, as we have 7 beautiful jack Russells, each with their own personalalities, and vey bills can be tough. This info about ear mites is good, cos we know now what we should look out for. Thank you again guys, please keep thoes tips comimg. From a very greatful facebook reader.

  11. Avatar Of Mia



    I tried those over the counter ear mite treatments. They did not work. I ended up with a huge vet bill. The vet told me the store bought ear mite treatment caused my dog to get a severe yeast infection in his ears. I will never use store bought ear mite treatment again. I would rather have a vet treat my dogs ears and have it done correctly without any complications.

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