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Princeton Dog Trainer Charged with Animal Cruelty, Banned From Dog Ownership

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Dog trainer, Michael G. Rosenberg, faces up 9-years in jail. Photo courtesy of Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office.

As part of his post-arraignment bail restriction, a Princeton man charged with animal abuse is barred from contact with any dogs, including his own.

The alleged dog abuser, Michael G. Rosenberg, 31, a dog trainer, was indicted on two separate occasions for animal cruelty in the wrongful death of one client’s dog and then in the brutal beating of his own pet dogs.

“He calls himself a dog trainer,” Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor Doris Galuchie told The Trentonian. “He essentially picks the dogs up and throws them to the ground and that is his way of training them.”

Rosenberg was hired to train 3-year old German Shepherd-mix, Shyanne. Shortly after leaving the dog in his custody, Shyanne’s owner, Tracy Stanton, got a call from Rosenberg telling her to pick up her dog immediately, suggesting she take her to the veterinarian. Shyanne was unresponsive and stopped breathing during the car ride to the vet.

According to reports, Rosenberg violently beat the dog with a crop whip, picked it up and slammed it into the ground, and jabbed his fingers into the dog’s ribs, as a way to punish the animal for lashing out during a training session.

Shyanne’s necropsy report showed that she suffered from four broken ribs, one of which had punctured a lung, and hyperthermia as a result of her beating.

Rosenberg was indicted in February for the beating and death of Shyanne.

Shockingly, he was indicted again in June because he “purposely, knowingly or recklessly, tormented, tortured, or unnecessarily or cruelly beat his own mixed-breed dogs, Kaiser and Sanford.” According the animal control reports, Rosenberg repeatedly threw his dogs across the room and into a concrete floor. His dogs are alive, but have suffered traumatic injuries.

But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
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  1. Avatar Of Mooo







  2. Let’s just put the dog trainer down!
    It’s expedient, thorough, cost-effective, and will make it a safer world for dogs.

  3. Avatar Of Laurie Johnson

    Laurie Johnson


    I’m so horrified that I can’t even finish the article (p 2) But unless it reports the Life Sentence or lynching of that Monster……

  4. Avatar Of Wilbert Wilbert says:

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  5. Avatar Of Gary Embert

    Gary Embert


    Somebody has seriously screwed up by not having this idiot in jail. What if it was another child, then what? Maybe the criminals are not the stupid ones!

    • Avatar Of Alana



      Perhaps the “somebody” you claim to have “seriously screwed up” was the 14 year old girl and her family who chose not to put the girl through the emotional turmoil of going through a trial. They chose to offer the plea bargain of a suspended sentence. I think it’s unfair of you to put the blame of the dog’s death on the girl for not wanting to go to trial.

  6. Avatar Of Diane Livick

    Diane Livick


    I NEVER would leave my dogs with anyone without thoroughly vetting their background, references. I only use one boarding facility that my vet recommends. I stopped using a groomer when one of my dogs came back with eye irritation. I pay MORE than the going rate for my one dog to be clipped (vet’s does it) and I also use a pet sitter that is a licensed vet tech and works at my vet’s office. My dogs are my family and I treat anyone who interacts with them as I would anyone interacting with my children when they were younger. So sad, a senseless thing to have happen to result in the death of a pet. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOG WITH ANYONE for training. I don’t think any reputable trainer would do anything but work with the client and the dog together.

  7. Always said it anyone that can abuse an animal is unfit and not normal and will lead to other abuses as in this guy,sexual involved with a child too???sick doesn’t not describe him,he should of been put away from the beginning, but our laws still don’t punish these kind of monsters and if they had this poor dog would still be alive and who in their right mind would ever allow visitation rights to an abused animal ,this system stinks,BIG TIME!!!!!

  8. This man, if you want to call him that is a sick, meanperson who deserves to be injail for a lifetime, in a small cell with nothing but a bed!!! God will tend to him one day for sure!!!!!! How a person can do this thing to animals is just a mystery to me!!! I do know he will go to hell one day for being the way he is!! So much saddness this story brings to me, just tears me up, & for people to be so cruel!!! How much longer can this world go on i don’t know!!!

  9. Avatar Of Deanna Corey

    Deanna Corey


    Someone, somehow needs to leak all of this info to the other inmates in whatever facility he spends his time in!!!! Even inmates would see him as a P.O.S.! I think they would take care of him just fine…that would solve his opportunity to reoffend!!!

  10. Avatar Of Lisa Weaver

    Lisa Weaver


    Boy,a real winner!!Abuses dogs and sexual activity with a juvenile!!Friggin loser!!He needs the crap beaten out of him~!!!If that was my dog he had killed,I would probably be in jail!

  11. Avatar Of Pw



    I wonder if he is a veteran. He needs mental health care. Prison will only ensure that he gets worse. Poor dogs

  12. Avatar Of Tracy Stanton

    Tracy Stanton


    This is a really great article that is factually accurate. And all comments are correct- if not stopped, this person will DO THIS AGAIN. He is a very sick person who has hurt so many souls in his reign of terror and manipulation. He is a sociopath and if not taken care of now, will more than likely, go on to do much worse. The prosecutors in these cases seem to recognize that this person is a serious threat and will be treated accordingly. Putting one’s faith in the justice system is scary but I am confident in these cases, justice will prevail and at a minimum, no other souls will have to go through what my poor baby did or any of the other many animals that he abused. Thank you all for your support!

  13. Avatar Of Tracy Tracy says:

    How could he have passed all the tests he was supposed to take, then all he gets is a five year sentence for the Death of an innocent animal???? He needs to get a lot more than that for also the Child Endangerment. We need stiffer justice for these “people”.

  14. Avatar Of Cathy



    Jan Bayern- you got it right…it starts very, very early. People don’t want to face that their child may or does need help, so they ignore it. This ‘thing’ is the result of that ignorance. Everyone suffers. Prayers to all of those affected by monsters like this. Children and animals need our help.

  15. Avatar Of Tina



    I am seriously in tears. Who the hell does this POS think he is?? My theory on child molesters and animal abusers is this: They have very small penises. Only to a child will it look big, and they can’t really stand up to a man and fight so they have to hurt innocent animals to feel like a man! Well while in prison I sure hope Bubba finds him real Purdy and shows him what a real man is!! I hope he rots in hell!

  16. Avatar Of Jenny



    This is just another Cesar Millan idiot! I am so sick of hearing all of this “train by force” bull! As long as people believe in Millan and his thinking, this will continue to happen. He encouraged this type of training for a very long time, and people blindly believed it. I recommend that you do your research before hiring a dog trainer, and if they train by force, keep looking! Dogs should never be used as punching bags. This is just sad.

    • Avatar Of Rebecca



      Are you serious? Millan does not advocate any such thing. He has never advocated “train by force”. Did you ever actually watch his shows or read his books? Nimrod.

    • Avatar Of Kathy Bontempo

      Kathy Bontempo


      Jenny, Where did you get the idea that Cesar is a BULLY trainer? Are you kidding me. His technique is sound. Its communicating with Dogs in Dog language. Ever heard of Monty Roberts? Watch a video and you may have your eyes opened. This piece of crap is just that…A piece of Crap probably a product of two abusive pieces of crap that never got help and could only take his anger out on something that was easier for him to dominate than a man his size. Hope his Cellmate puts a collar on him

    • Avatar Of Marty Marty says:

      I understand, Jenny. Sadly. most people are completely unaware of the actual world of dogs and dog training. They use don’t have the time to educate themselves beyond the TV. Hearing Millan described as the bully he is just has to sound impossible, wrong, shocking to them. For every single dog that maybe he saves or rehabilitates, there are thousands upon thousands suffering from what his philosophies have done to the relationship of us and dogs. Worse: the license his show gives to uncounted numbers of psychopaths and sadists out there. The problem is education, how else can people see through what seems so wonderful on television. What can be done when, as difficult as it is to get people to realize who Millan actually is, you cannot begin to get them to read a little about dogs, training, where Millan’s ideas really come from. The immediate shock, anger, passionate defense of Millan is so out of scale with any research, reading, study of the subject. The art of the con has always been like this.

  17. Avatar Of Linda



    considering his history, he will kill again!

  18. Avatar Of Sue D'Andrea

    Sue D'Andrea


    What a pathetic loser! The poor girl for the sexual abuse case! Poor Shyane, RIP sweet girl! For his own dogs, they don’t know what love is, yet they gave him unconditional love! If ever a pathetic excuse for a man much less a human being didn’t deserve love it’s him! Why was he not serving his prison time? WHY? Innocent dogs wouldn’t have died and been tortured! Hey Guido, here is a case for you! Kick some sorry ass! The loser is nice looking so I’m sure the prisoner’s will LOVE HIM! Show him the torture and pain of his ways, ie: a bat up his, etc. What goes around comes around and I hope you get 1 million times more than you gave you pathetic piece of garbage! Can I have 5 minutes with him, to teach him left hook, right jab, kicking in the middle where it counts most, etc. Burn in hell one day you sorry bastard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Avatar Of Jan M. Bayern

    Jan M. Bayern


    It’s been proven that those who begin a lifetime of perpetuating abuse on animals usually move on to abusing children. Those parents who are dismissing their children’s earlier aberrant behavior as childish pranks, or something that will be grown out of- need to be aware that much worse awaits them. For other parents, let it serve as a warning, so they can protect their own children from these influences. Abuse doesn’t suddenly pop up it’s head in the form of an ugly, dirty, old bogeyman. It begins as a child who tortures animals, or teases small children and worsens, gaining in it’s seriousness and danger. The very minute the behavior is noted, it should be reported, and continued to be monitored and reported until intervention and treatment has resolved the situation. Care too, must be given that the aberrant behavior is not simply pushed behind a closed door.

    • Avatar Of Deb



      You are so right! Proven fact, most serial killers spent their early years torturing and killing animals. Watch for signs in yours and your childrens friends!

  20. Avatar Of Betsy



    All I keep asking these days, is Who is raising dirt bags like this?” May Karma meet up with him soon—–you get what you give! Good luck the creep! My heart goes out to Tracey and Shyann—-may she rest well in the arms of the doggy angels and may she never know another moment of suffering—xo

  21. Avatar Of Dee



    What a piece of GARBAGE!! Someone should do that do him!

  22. Avatar Of Wendy



    we should do that to him the bastard ! rip shyanne !

  23. Avatar Of Patricia



    I am wondering first of all how the heck he avoided jail time with the child sexual charge? Second of all I believe that the penalties are NOT severe enough for animal abuse. What he did was shameful and disgusting. He beat his own dogs and murdered another. How many more do you think he has beaten or had a hand in injuring so severely they died?

  24. Avatar Of Ruth J Kymer ruth j kymer says:

    Perchance a day of alligator wrestling in the Glades would be a task for such a big strong man 😉

  25. Avatar Of Linda



    someone should pick him up and throw him on the ground, need a 400 pound man to do it, scumbag, you are the lowest form of pond scum,

  26. Avatar Of Anita



    if only i could hav 5 minutes alone with this worthless ba–less sob. he’d never hurt another dog. never ever.

  27. Avatar Of Julie Fracaro

    Julie Fracaro


    dear lord, the justice system failed terribly for the child and then the dogs. i’m beyond words how a man can brutally kill a dog, without any remorse, and is free. then beats the shit out of his dogs and is still free?!?! wtf?? clearly, he’s filled with rage…children and dogs are his targets and the judge says he’s not a threat? if anyone thinks he’ll abide by the court restrictions, they’re as dumb as the judge. shame on all who allowed this man to hurt a child, kill a dog and beat his own dogs. 3 serious charges and not in jail for people’s safety…great job judge in protecting your community from harm! try again.

    • Avatar Of Ellen Newell

      ellen newell


      This is horrible to read. The child and now the dogs. This man needs to be locked up and throw away the key. He is sick and disturbed. If he is not punished it will happen over and over again. The laws can not let this happen.

    • This man is a threat to all living creatures human and animals & should be put away for life. He has already killed an animal & hurt a child, what is the justice system waiting for ???????

    • Avatar Of Kathy Bontempo

      Kathy Bontempo



      Just had to say….Well said AMEN

  28. Avatar Of Rhonda Mazur Rhonda Mazur says:

    You want to know what I think??? I think this piece of trash, needs to rot in hell!!! How could they not slam this pot in jail and leave him there to let others show him how wrong it is. I hope karma pays this scum bag a nice big visit, and he’s never allowed near another pet as long as he lives, and I hope that’s not long.

  29. Avatar Of Robyn Burdick

    robyn burdick


    His a sick person that should be locked away for a long time…I hope the judge says he can no longer own any animals ……

    • Avatar Of Anna



      Locked away??? Why in the hell should taxpayers pay for one meal, one night of his stay ANYWHERE?? B.S. Torture him and get him off the planet!

      • Avatar Of Carola



        I agree with you and many others, Anna; we only need a concrete cage to lock this beast up for as long as needed so he can die in the very same agony he caused. We doglovers seem to forget that he also had his way with a child (probably more, as most of them don’t get official). He had a choice, I would be forgiving to f. ex. child-soldiers, but not to him.

  30. Avatar Of Marty Z.

    Marty Z.


    Seriously??? What a low-life creep! Use him for attack dog training…without protective padding.

  31. Avatar Of Romeo



    His punishment should be to have his face slammed into concrete walls repeatedly while in prison and see how he likes it. And let Bubba have his way with him, too, while in prison. What a sick piece of garbage. Once again, the NJ criminal justice system failed!

  32. Avatar Of Kay Davies Kay Davies says:

    This man should have the same done back to him . How evil can some people be . Treating defenceless animals like this . He’s one evil cruel horrible b…..d . People like him make me sick . I hope he never goes near another dog again . He should be shot for what he did . Evil scum .animals don’t ask to be here . And they are not here to be treated like this .

  33. Avatar Of Cindy King

    cindy king


    I hope you die a slow extremely painful death!!

  34. Avatar Of Reb



    What a total sicko. Prison is too good for him.

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