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Protect your kids from dogbites

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Statistics reveal there are approximately one million people living in North America that will be bitten by a dog. Estimates are that at least the same number of dog bites goes unreported. Sadly the majority of these dog bite case are children bitten by unleashed dogs and in many instances the child already knows the dog. Obviously, you need to know how to protect your kids from dogbites.

Protect your kids from dogbites

It is hard to keep this problem from happening if we are not educated concerning the reasons a dog will strike out and bite someone they know as well as strangers. With knowledge you can help protect your kids from dogbites so let’s take a look at why a dog will bite even those they know.

Training your dog is key to helping prevent biting members of the family as well as friends, visitors to your home, and total strangers who mean no harm. Your dog does not train himself, so you need to make a commitment before adding a dog to your family to take the time for training him in acceptable behavior. If you are not willing to make this commitment do not buy a dog.

Dogs bite for many reasons. They will protect what they feel is theirs. This includes toys, chew bones and especially their dinner bowls when eating. By instinct a dog is an animal that will chase and attack. The last thing a person should do when confronted by a strange dog showing aggressive signals is turn and run from the dog. This is one reason so many children are bitten.

Dogs are territorial and will become aggressive to protect their territory, even otherwise very friendly dogs will lash out and bite when they feel cornered or under attack, and your normally playful social dog will become aggressive when they feel the need to protect their sleeping area, porch, home and yard. Never sneak up on a dog and startle them as this often results in a dog bite, and use care around stray dogs who are hungry, injured, feeling abandoned, and have been abused. Understanding these basic rules will allow you to educate those you love and protect your kids from dogbites.

Prevention rules to teach your kids and other adults are things like never approach a tied up dog they do not know. Leave dogs in automobiles alone, always ask the owner of a dog if you and your child can approach and pet the dog, and do not let puppies and young children play unsupervised.

Using these common sense rules will protect your kids from dogbites and not teach them to be afraid of these wonderful animals.

Have you been bitten by a dog? Comments are welcome below

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  1. Avatar Of Jackie Stafford

    Jackie Stafford


    National Mill Dog Rescue should win. They rescue all breeds no matter what. They go in and get these dogs to freedom and then to a forever home. They deserve to win.

  2. I love what they do to help these very innocent animals who can not do it themselves. No animal should live in a cage all their life. This organization help them get out of cruelty.

  3. Avatar Of Melinda



    National Mill Dog Rescue should win. They rescue all breeds no matter what. They go in and get these dogs to freedom and then to a forever home. They deserve to win.

  4. Avatar Of Kris



    When you ask a dog owner if their dog bits, and the owner answers “yes”, that means don’t try petting the dog anyway!

  5. Avatar Of Katherine



    Please help dispel the idea that a good way to show “friendliness” to a strange dog is to thrust your hand in its face “to smell you”. People do this to my very cute looking dog all the time walking by on the street, in elevators, at the dog park etc. He is not a vicious dog but he interprets this as a terrifying threat and snarls and snaps (has not actually bitten but will put his mouth around the offending hand as a warning!).

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