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Protecting Your Pooch’s Paws

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We often give the protection of our dogs paws little thought but we should. Protecting your pooch’s paws is a good thing to do for such a faithful and loving buddy.  The pads on a dog’s feet are much thicker and well designed for the wild wolves they are descendant from, but in the modern world our dogs walk over many surfaces a wild wolf never has to contend with. Sun baked pavement and sidewalks can reach temperatures well over one hundred degrees, and this is just one surface many people walk their pooches on, so protecting your pooch’s paws should be a part of your care for all dogs you own.

Many dogs are not happy when you start messing with their paws and it can be a real struggle. Always be gentle and speak to you dog in a calm reassuring voice when touching their paws. The area between the toe nails is very sensitive and this is where most paw injuries occur so if you see your dog favoring a foot or limping, this area is where to look first.

Common injuries are cuts, burns from walking on the hot pavement, embedded glass or even small nails stuck into the paws. Protecting your pooch’s paws means never allowing your dog access to areas where there is a high probability of stepping on these items. This would include construction sites, areas around your home where you have sharp tools and nails as in a workshop, in parks where there may be broken glass bottles, and on the sharp ice during winter.

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  1. During the summer, I often end up taking my dogs on such a long detour. At one end of my road there is black tarmac that gets super hot in the summer – I’ve also seen broken glass there several times. It’s just not worth risking taking them that way!

  2. Avatar Of Nancy Brady

    Nancy Brady


    In the article about protecting your dogs paws, putting lotion on their pads was mentioned.

    Are there particular types of lotions or vitamin oils that are preferable or any to be specifically avoided?

    Thank you.

    • Avatar Of Ron Miller Ron Miller says:

      There are some medicated lotions and cremes that you can find at pet stores or online. We don’t recommend any particular one.

      I would only use them if your pup has issues with cracking paws. By nature, a paw should be hard and tough, especially if the dog spends a lot of time outdoors.

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