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Puppies Rescued from Hot Car in Mall Parking Lot

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These Two Were Rescued In Time. Others Will Not Be So Lucky - Please, Report Dogs In Hot Cars. Photo Courtesy Pbso.
These two were rescued in time. Others will not be so lucky – please, report dogs in hot cars. Photo courtesy PBSO.

A pair of 2-month old Maltese puppies sat trapped in the back of an SUV while their owners shopped and had lunch at a nearby shopping mall.

A good samaritan spotted the distressed pups and contacted a security guard at The Mall at Wellington Green in Wellington, Florida. The security guard called Palm Beach Country Police after waiting 35 minutes for the owner of the vehicle to return.

Meanwhile, temperatures inside the SUV reached a sweltering 123 degrees. The tiny puppies were panting heavily and were soaked in saliva and urine.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue personnel smashed the vehicle’s window and rescued the severely dehydrated dogs.

CBS12 News reports that both puppies were seized by Animal Care and Control and the owners were charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals.

Both puppies are expected to make a full recovery and will then be placed for adoption.

It’s astonishing how often this same story happens every single year. Luckily, these two survived. Others will not. Please, do not leave your dogs in a car, even for a few minutes. And, if you see someone who has, call police.

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  1. Avatar Of Luna



    I think the owners should have jail time. They probably would leave kids in the hot car too.

  2. Avatar Of Dan



    It’s real simple. Whatever we feel discomfort with, they do also.

  3. Avatar Of Bailey Katts Bailey Katts says:

    Idiots!! And this country has way too many of them. NEVER allow these people to have another pet! Lock them in the car and leave them bake in the hot sun for a while!

  4. Avatar Of Judy Zunk

    Judy Zunk


    I dont get it. But I will adopt these two babies to live with my little girl. We would never leave them in the car.

    • Avatar Of Npw



      My goodness. Why would you leave ANY animal in a hot car? why didn’t they just leave them at home? This is just terrible.

    • Avatar Of Mindy



      My husband & I would be very interested in adopting these precious puppies. We’re both retired & have the time, energy & love to give them. We live in Boynton Beach.

  5. Avatar Of Betty Schwartz

    Betty schwartz


    I report these type incidents too, but some people take things too far. I had a convertible tracker, windows down. Side and rear window removed…the roof then acted as a shade cover. Had a cooling mat, and six pack cooler of ice water. my dog was secured to the center of the car…but could stand up and move around. I waited until sunset and had to go to home depot. I didn’t get halfway thru the store, and was called out front to my car, (and a police officer was already in the lot when he got the call)…I saw him drive past my car…and turn around to respond to a call. It was cooler in the car than out in the open. People just need yo use common sense, my dog wasn’t even panting…even the cop knew it was overzealous complaint.

    • Avatar Of Rita Arnold

      Rita Arnold


      People leave your dogs at home. I don’t care what reason you have. Leave them at HOME…….

    • Avatar Of Devon



      Leave your dog at home..why even take the chance?…

    • Avatar Of Amy



      Still not okay Betty! If you can’t take your dog in, don’t take them with…ever. Its never good to do… ice water or not-that doesn’t make you a responsible pet owner. What if you had an accident in the store and couldn’t make it back to the car for hours or days? You do realize they have fur and whats comfortable to us may not be to them? There is just no way to reason yourself out of it. You think you’re doing good, but you’re not. Even a 75 degree car can get into the 90s in minutes, it simply doesn’t take much heat,or very long, to heat them up. I beg you, and anyone else… please please PLEASE leave them at home, with a sitter- whatever needs to be done to keep them safe.

      On another note- this should be a felony, all animal abuse should be a felony! It would be if they were children- and to many of us, they are. A misdemeanor is a slap on the wrist. If people knew it was a felony I guarantee it would happen less…not happening at all would be great. This id an incredibly painful way for anyone to die.

    • Avatar Of Christy



      I agree. If the car is over 75 degrees, they shouldn’t be in the car. But people get nuts about this! I had a similar situation. After spending the day playing outside at the lake with my dog, I decided to grab carry out on the way home. It was dusk, not sunny. It was 60 outside, windows were down, Madison had ice water and one of those cigarette lighter fans blowing on her. The seats in my suv were folded down and she was laying on a gel mat. I went inside to pick up take out that i had already called in. And in the 5 minutes while I was inside, the woman who had been parked next to me had pulled behind my car and flagged down a policeman and was trying to get him to take my dog. He knew it was bogus, he had been in the adjoining parki lot when I went inside. He told me that he disagreed with the woman, but had an obligation to listen. She insisted on filing a police report. Under the circumstances, I found that utterly ridiculous. Madison was fine. She was happy, she was cool enough. I insisted that if a report were filed that the temperature was noted and all of the provisions I had for her were listed. She very well taken care of. Sometimes people get totally crazy about it. Madison has a wonderful life with me and this woman was way out of bounds trying to take that away from her.

      • Avatar Of Samantha



        Your dog probably spent more time in the hot car during this ordeal than if she would have let you get your food and leave. She probably thought she was helpin so overzealous to be a hero that she created an even worse situation for your dog. That’s when I get angry about it. People have to be heros and the dog ends up suffering even more.

  6. Avatar Of Lynn



    I saved a dog two weeks ago from a hot car. I heard it screaming so I went in the store and had them page the license plate number and told them they need to get to their car now! The woman came with her baby. She had no idea that keeping your dog in the car when it is hot is dangerous for the dog.

    I too travel cross country and have to leave my dogs to potty. I park right by the bathroom and crack the windows, open the moon roof and start their battery operated fans. They have climate control matts under them too as well as water in their cups. They travel in wire crates so plenty of air circulates plus I am a fast pottier. I will not travel when it is really hot. I am glad breaking windows is not the first choice people take. My dogs love to come with me. I could not travel without them. The world is not black and white. Each situation needs to be considered.

  7. Avatar Of Carol



    The people that own the two toy poodles and leave their car “running with the air on” are really not in tune with reality…do they think the dogs enjoy sitting in the car…no they wanted to come with would they have any idea that they will not get out of the car when you do? I know what its like, I have 2 dogs as well they love car rides BUT I know that I could get distracted in the store and that they could get hot…what’s the answer?…take them for a ride later…when you will NOT be getting out….these are the same type of people that allow their dog to sit on their lap while they are driving…or are leaning across the drivers body with their head hanging out the window…guess what happens to a dog in this position when you get into even a small fender bender and your air bag is deployed…or if you get into an accident that causes the dog to be ejected..( if he hasn’t already been killed by the air bag) use your heads people!!

  8. Avatar Of Laura Mitchell

    Laura Mitchell


    Sorry, never, never, ever leave your pet in the car without a human with them…summer, spring, winter, or fall. Anything could happen that would never be expected. I prepare for the worse, plan my route ahead so I know all the pet friendly places and hotels and then enjoy my trip. My pup did not ask to travel with me, if someone can’t safely and properly care for their pets when going on a trip or running to the store…board them or leave them aft home. If you wouldn’t leave your grandmother in the car don’t leave your pet in the car. Just my opinion.

  9. Avatar Of Melissa



    35 minutes……really? What were we afraid of? Pissing someone off? The very damn moment you see an animal in a closed vehicle with no other human being, adult for that matter, around……is when you BREAK THE GLASS! Idiots! They are so lucky I was not the one to find this. I am telling you I would have went to jail.

  10. Avatar Of Renee



    ahhhhh yes! more idiots who aren’t worth the air they breathe! misdemeanor cruelty? there is your biggest problem. we need to make it mandatory jail time for udder stupidity!

  11. Avatar Of Pam



    They should leave them in ahot car so they can’t get of it. And see what happens to them. These people r S ICKO.

  12. Avatar Of Linda Brooks

    Linda Brooks


    I can’t believe in this day & age anyone would do this! I would have smashed the window immediately, not stood there watching them suffer for 35 minutes – people think if they leave the window cracked an inch or so, it’s OK – it’s NOT!! Unless you’re driving to the beach, a friend or relative’s house, a dog park or some destination involving recreation for your dog, LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME! Dogs don’t sweat – they can only pant & drool, & the loss of saliva doesn’t take long to dehydrate a dog. Let’s start a national campaign of freeing these animals by smashing out windows – I am going to start carrying a hammer in my car & I don’t care if i get arrested.

  13. Avatar Of Laura



    Why in the heck did they wait 35 minutes?!! Its a miracle that did not cause permanent brain damage! I wouldn’t wait 5 minutes in 123 degree temps. That’s what tire tools are made for!!!!!!

  14. Avatar Of Lisa



    Fuckers! Stab em in the dick, dump gasoline over the dumfuk and set that shit on fire!

  15. Avatar Of Private



    They have got to get an IQ test before people can adopt a pet.

  16. Avatar Of J. Miller

    J. Miller


    I read someone’s comment to leave the AC running and lock the car. A local police officer did that with a K9 in the cruiser, was only away from the car for 15-20 minutes and when he returned found that the engine had stalled out and the K9 was not able to be saved. The officer was a personal friend, and I cannot tell you how devastated he was. So in my opinion, that is not an option. Always leave a human in the car or leave the pet at home.

  17. Avatar Of Patty



    We have 2 toy poodles that go where ever we go most of the time. The soultion is to leave the car running with the A/C on. The babies got to go which they like to do and they stay cool and comfortable. Of course we lock the doors manually with a key. Problem solved.

    • Avatar Of Jeannie



      Your car could overheat and quite running. Your air conditioner could start blowing hot air. Leave them at home or stay in car. I have a feeling you will do what you always do. I hope you don’t come to the car with dead dog s inside. As you said PROBLEM SOLVED

    • Avatar Of Teresa Teresa says:

      problem not solved cars can stall if you are not gona stay in the car the dogs should not stay in the car. They would appreciate it if you just left them at home.

  18. Avatar Of Mary




  19. Avatar Of George Chase

    George Chase


    Screw Publix, bust the window, save the dogs FIRST. Then call the police! Also, if you have to take a potty break, take the dog, maybe he/she has to go too!

  20. Avatar Of Denise



    I travel with my dog. I take him into the bathroom with me…as long as it’s a rest area along the interstate and not a restaurant, then yes, take them in with you. Even if they are not legally allowed, there isn’t time for someone to report it and someone to get there anyway. Trust me, woman in restroom with dog is not on the top of the police priority calls. I’ve never had a problem, actually it usually takes me longer because everybody wants to stop and pet him. Even so, the time it takes for you to run into a bathroom should not harm the dog to leave him/her but no longer than that and as stated before, you run the risk of having your baby stolen. Regardless, if an animal looks like it’s in distress, I am not waiting for the police…that window is gone and so is the dog.

  21. Avatar Of Corina Torres

    Corina Torres


    I don’t understand why they waited 35 minutes to do something….thankfully they saved them but I would’ve broken that window as soon as I saw them panting in distress!

    • Avatar Of Val



      I am so glad I was not the only person to think 35 minutes was extreme! I had this happen while I was at a store and called police and waited,but would have broken window if they had not come within 10 minutes.

  22. Avatar Of Vicky Overfield

    vicky overfield


    What’s with the misdemeanor charge? I though animal abuse was a felony now. Anyone who does this to an animal should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Thanks to the fire dept for rescuing them and to the person who cared enough to report it. When will people learn???????????????????

  23. Avatar Of Bonnie Haig

    Bonnie Haig


    This is just horrible. I am so glad that these two little pups were taken away from these idiots!
    And for the record Publix Supermarket in Cocoa Beach would not make an announcement over their speaker of a dog in a car b/c the car window was open about one inch on a sweltering hot summer day!

  24. Avatar Of Beth



    […] Please, do not leave your dogs in a car, even for a few minutes.[…] I used to travel long distances (nearly 500 miles) with my dog once or twice a year by car when I lived far from my family. Tell me, what am I supposed to do with my dog when I need a bathroom break? She’s not welcome in the stalls.

    I am VERY glad the author here is not encouraging people to bust out windows as a first resort, though, something that was going around last year.

    • Avatar Of Laura B

      Laura B


      I agree, only law enforcement or other security professionals should be allowed to break someone’s car windows. And there should be some provision for pet parents like you who will only leave your pet in the car for as brief a time as possible, or else there should be pet-friendly restrooms along the Interstates. My sister and family lost their dog when he was stolen from their vehicle while they were traveling cross-country (they stopped at the St Louis Arch, which I don’t think was appropriate for them to do; but it is still sad that a furry family member was taken, and it was not a security guard who broke into their vehicle).

      • Avatar Of Richard Crowley

        richard crowley


        the poor doggies could have died waiting, smash the damn window, get the puppies out and then smash the owners. misdemeanor animal cruelty? either it should be felony animal cruelty. or misdemeanor child cruelty if it was a baby. cruelty and negligence are the same thing, regardless.

  25. Avatar Of Martha



    Animal cruelty is now a felony!

  26. Avatar Of Carol



    the punishment suould also include their names to chastise them in public! Only hope their Karma is just as bad!

  27. Avatar Of Marian Marian says:

    They Should Have Been Given Back To The Breeder. Who Obviously Had No Idea Who They Sold To….Shame On Tese People. They Need To Be Trapped In A Hot Car Till They Scream To Get Out.

    • Avatar Of Lcs



      Not back to the breeder who probably doesn’t care who they sell to and would be happy to make more money. Thankfully they will be ADOPTED out. Put breeders out of business.

      • Avatar Of Rhonda



        Exactly LCS, obviously the breeder didn’t choose wisely when these idiots showed up. I agree with publically calling them out so they are unable to get another dog. How is it that people are still this stupid in 2014?

    • Avatar Of Lisa S

      Lisa S


      The breeder was most likely a disgusting puppy mill!! Just shows these people are all around stupid and shouldn’t have a pet of any kind!! I hope they rot in jail.

    • Avatar Of Tiffany



      Give them back to the breeder? NO..Most breeders are just in it for the money. They should be adopted out to a family who will love, cherish and give a damn about their welfare!

  28. Avatar Of Jenna



    Pieces of shit.

  29. Avatar Of Spouled Rotten

    spouled rotten


    These people deserved to have those puppies taken away. Let them get locked in the car with the windows clised

  30. Avatar Of Becky



    35 minutes was too long to wait before calling the police. Temps can soar in minutes! And these were small puppies–even more prone to heatstroke than a larger adult dog. Should have called police within 10 minutes after making an announcement in the mall. Glad they’re OK, but it could have turnd out much differently.

    • Avatar Of Wendy Hinton wendy hinton says:

      Please re read the story….they didn’t wait 35 min to call the police. They called the police and then waited 35 min for the owners to appear.

      • Avatar Of Amanda



        No, it definitely says “The security guard called Palm Beach Country Police after waiting 35 minutes for the owner of the vehicle to return.” Meaning he waited, THEN called. It’s good that he was keeping an eye on the dogs, but 35 mins is way too long to wait, not to mention you don’t know how long the pups have already been there before being spotted.

  31. Avatar Of Ruth Ann

    Ruth Ann


    How stupid! I never leave my two dogs in a car by themselves.

  32. How can anyone be so stupid?

  33. Avatar Of Oh Great Lisa

    Oh Great Lisa


    Since animal cruelty is now a felony in all 50 states then lets hope this crime makes it on their permanent records. I hope they get a huge fine and ordered not to own animals again.

  34. sometimes I hate humans

  35. Avatar Of Patty



    I called the security at the shopping center last summer about a dog in a car and they told me that in Virginia it wasn’t a crime!!

    • Avatar Of Timothy Allen

      timothy allen


      they need to change the laws there then.

    • Avatar Of Rachel



      Publix supermarkets don’t give a rats you know what about dogs locked in cars in the heat. I had to break into the car. The poor dog drank two big water bottles full of water. I waited by their car and told them facts about what happens to temps in a car. Thank God they didn’t kill me but I treated them like they were students and I was a teacher. What I really wanted to do was take the dog away from them.

    • Avatar Of Lcs



      That cannot be true for sure. Whether they want to enforce the law is a different story. Next time call the local media and TV station and tell them the dogs are dying and animal control refuses to do anything.

      • Avatar Of Lcs



        I did find that all states do not have STATE laws on this, but there are local ordinances and laws. You need to check those where you live and if there aren’t any, then you need to be pro-active and get it done. Check to see if there are laws pertaining to children left in a hot car too.

    • Avatar Of Lcs



      Here is the link to the states that have STATE LAW.
      Florida doesn’t have a STATE LAW either, but this was a violation of local ordinance under Palm Beach County. You can do something to change it locally if there is not one on the books.

  36. Avatar Of S. Rider S. Rider says:

    This is not a harsh enough penalty. People who do this are totally self centered and need to sit in a hot car like they left those dogs. That is the only way they will get the idea. Baffles me at the stupidity of people.

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